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  1. We have cruised there so we know the beauty of that part of the world. It is a real shame that a small minority of people (Environmentalists) can deprive the greater portion of the population the opportunity to experience such beauty. If they had their way we would be walking and cooking on wood stoves. Just two opinions Ruth & Jim
  2. Part of the sofa turns into a bed in tyhe suites. It can accomodate 4 people but you had better be real good friends as there will not be a lot of privacy and it will be a little cramped. The large balcony and the table outside will make things a little easier if you have good weather. Have done it once on a 7 day cruise. Ruth & Jim
  3. It is possible to get them early, unofficially. We will go over 700 days on our April 2011 cruise. We were given a set of platinum medallions so they can be awarded to us if that particular ship is out of stock of them. Ruth & Jim
  4. They are still giving out the mdallions until they are all used up. This was verifgied for us on our last cruise. Ruth & Jim
  5. Most of the ports have an internet cafe at or around the dock area that will save you a lot of money Ruth & Jim
  6. We live in a free market society and pricing can vary. Maybe you need to look at it from the point that your friend got a great price and you got charged the regulat price....... Ruth & Jim
  7. We have been using La Quinta for years and have been very satisfied. They have a free shuttle in the am to the docks. You can also park you car there for free for up to 30 days if you stay one night at the motel Ruth & Jim
  8. Thank you for taking the time to write a review. It seems to me that people were smoking in only those areas which are designated smoking areas. As long as they played by the rules of the ship they did nothing wrong. Maybe me thinks you do protest too much....... I smoke and my wife does not..... (just for your information) Ruth & Jim
  9. Ruth and I have sailed the whole fleet except for the Nieu Amsterdam which we are booked on in November 2010. We do not get any special recognition for having done so. Occasionally when they introduce us at the Mariners party they do mention that we have sailed the whole fleet but there is no special award for doing so. The only benefit is that we have spent a lot of vacation days on the seas, met a tremendous amount of great people, visited a lot of strange places, and have acquired memories that will last a lifetime..... We have met a lot of great crewmen from Captains to waiters and have developed some lasting relationships over the years and many cruises with these people. Ruth, on the other hand, has acquired a jewlery box and safe that would be tnbe envy of every woman on this board and has truly caused great damage to our savings accounts. I just say YES DEAR and she keeps acquiring more, and more, and more....... The reward is not in recognition it is in the memories that we carry with us...... Ruth & Jim PS, She is feeling a lot better and getting around easier.....
  10. Ruth and I have solved that problem. We have breakfast delivered to the room and get a large pot of coffee. After breakfast we rinse it out and take it to the Lido and fill it with hot water. It will stay hot enough to fix tea for about 6 hours. It works and we have fresh tea 24/7 without the need of an electric tea pot. OR you can order hot water from room service 24/7 Ruth & Jim
  11. Welcome to the world of every level of government squeezing us without mercy. In Florida anything you purchase on the ship before it is out to the three mile limit has florida sales tax on it. Our beloved legislatures need new revinues to fund their pet projects and there is nothing we can do about it except vote our hears next election and put all of them in the unemployment line. Jim (without Ruth)
  12. Welcome to the world of BIG Government that can do anything it wants, or charge anything it wants, and we have no way to contest the charges...... NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT BUT: This country spoke its opinion in the last election and it has gotten what it asked for..... Jim (without Ruth)
  13. I was tempted to get extra to have some left over but he wanted to use a regular appetite enhancer like Megase that has none of the side effects that I was looking for. At least he gave us a script for 60 days with 3 refills...........NICE Have a great summer up in the tindra..... Ruth & Jim
  14. I never go on a cruise with the intention of loosing weght but I somehow manage to loose a couple lbs on each cruise. I am not overweight 172.5 lbs and 5'10" tall. with 15 lbs of my high school weight. It is just that I eat a better and more regular diet with a lot of salads and it seems to work. I am too lazy to fix fancy salads at hoe so I really enjoy them on cruises. Good luck Ruth & Jim
  15. She was on Zyvox and two other ANtibiotics IV in the hospital. SHe came home on all of them po for 10 days. All of them were really killing her gi tract so they put her on Vancomycin po and asidopholis (?) and it seems to have solved the problem. The diarhea is almost gone and only one lobe of the lungs is congfested now. I may be a nurse but I am smart enough to know what I don't know and I picked a team of doctors that I have worked with for years to take care of her and they have done a fabulous job. Dr Esat, Infectious Disease, did a great job with her. She was in the ER at midnight the day she was admitted ordering tests and getting the IV's set up. She called me daily to give me a report on Ruth and ask is there was anyting I needed. Granted I have been a home health nurse in this area for 25 years but all of these doctors and the Physicians Assistance went well above the expected in taking care of Ruth and it has been greately appreciated. We saw our Family Practioner taday and he is happy with her progress. He took my advise and prescribed Marinol 5mg, PO tid for Ruth. I am hoping that this will give her the muchies as well as the other side effects that can be expected form this drug. If you do not know what it is look it up on Wikopedia and you will see why I wanted it for her.... Keeo your fingers crossed Got paperwork to finish. Everyone's concerne is greately appreciated and Ruth has got a kick out of reading this thread. Ruth & Jim PS Ruth is the spoiled one
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