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  1. Not stressed more annoyed. I have used this agency numerous times. However, it does seem time for a change. Thanks for the all the info. P
  2. I called Oceania last week on two issues. First issue is lack of cruise docs two weeks from cruise. The second is two different rooms on b2b cruise. Called cruise line direct first. Oceania informs me travel agent must request if you want same room and travel agent has all documents. They are unable to do anything with reservation. I call TA she tells me requests have been made but will look into it and call me back. End of day she returns call said documents were returned to cruise line and she doesn't know why they didn't inform her. They are resending now. As for cabin situation nothing can be done at this time so late. Not sure who is at fault or if I have any recourse. Has anyone had these issues? Or if anyone has suggestion on what I should do. Thanks
  3. I did use my kindle on ship but used hotspot in port to avoid ship spendy Internet when I did download new release on Tuesday. Ship internet is slow and expensive. I did keep my kindle wireless off except the one time to conserve battery. We had balcony 6048. There is a light out on balcony overhead but as the weather was cold and wet didn't sit out there much. Hope this helps.
  4. Just back from 06/15/12 sailing to Alaska couple of items to report. We were a party of ten and had 5 cabins throughout ship. One was the handicapped cabin 6105. Our passenger is a quadriplegic. There are different levels of handicap and this is from the quadrupegic standpoint. Infinity did a good job with roll in shower much better than the waterfront Marriott who gave us a totally inaccessible room the night before. However the ledge up to balcony made balcony unusable. The step was taller than the one in cabin 6048. Turned out not to be a big deal as our weather during cruise was cold and wet. One disappointment was the excursion in Juneau was inaccessible due to ship using tenders instead of docking. It seems they are only docking every other week to cut expenses I guess. So anyone who is unable to walk at all cannot leave the ship. So the excursion for handicapped and families is out if you are on the wrong week. The 15th to 22nd was the wrong week. Overall had a great time with family and friends weather was uncooperative but it's Alaska!
  5. I noticed there were no replies to your post. Have you cruised yet? My brother is booked in this cabin in June. He is quadraplegic do you have any info about ship or room to share? thanks for help. Tizbensinj
  6. I would agree with YLTraveler about the red light tour. Totally would skip that and stay on the ship. We had a wonderful evening the night before at the captains dinner and were all upbeat until that tour. It was crowded on Saturday night with an element that would wish to partake of that climate. At times it felt intimidating mainly because we were so outnumbered by the revelers. Our guide explained it was still early and would be worse. By the time you were through you wanted a shower. There are open urinals for the men and they were over used. By the time we retuned to buses we were all pretty quiet at what was witnessed. Mostly due to the young girls we had seen in those doorways. I felt it was a depressing way to end what had been a very fun week.
  7. I am replying to your question about low sodium diet. I am also on a somewhat restictive diet. There is plenty of fruit everyday usually a fish was served with dinner. You can make requests of the chef if you need low sodium. They did serve prunes on the cheese tray with lunch for potassium intake and bananas. There was always a fruit plate option for dessert in the evening. One thing I did notice and haven't had opportunity to clarify. Almost all the bottle waters were mineral waters and contained sulfate. I was going to check it out when I got home. I did not like the taste of the bottle water and was always checking out the stores in the towns. As for exercise room it was a small room with treadmill as far as I could see I did not go in and never saw anyone in there. We walked so much no one felt like exercising. Hope this helps.
  8. We just did this in the Basel main train station. For 8 francs you get a locker downstairs by the McClean. Bring lots of money if you plan to spend anytime in Switerland it is super expensive. We were there one afternoon waiting to get on our boat stopped at McDonalds and had one small fries and one small coke it was 8 francs.
  9. Great thanks for the heads up. pat
  10. Is this excursion okay for kids? It sounds like fun.
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