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  1. I think it's likely you'll make your flight. MIA is very busy on weekends and security is slow. If you're OK with a little stress and can roll with the punches if you miss your flight, go for it. You'll need to get in line early for disembarkation.
  2. Posting negative comments of staff by name is at best tacky. These are human beings folks and just because you had a problem with a staff member doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the one with issues.
  3. I always enjoy the outrage of passengers when their cruise fare drops after final payment and they expect a huge refund. Imagine how they'd howl if the price went way up and they were forced to cough up more cash for a cruise. You book with a set of rules and you need to adhere to those rules.
  4. ^^^^^^^^ A good example of why it's generally a good idea to block people here with >5000 posts.
  5. We always avoid O'Sheehans, so I haven't noticed. I've always 'thought the servers are scheduled there as punishment, the food is mediocre, and found nothing to eat there since they got rid of the chicken pot pie. After a visit there, typically after too many cocktails, I'm in a shame spiral for at least a day.
  6. FYI, recent cruisers report that the Cagney's entree limit for Plat + dinners is now $25.
  7. Big enough for 2 kids. It would be possible to fit 2 adults in there, as long as I'm not one of them. When the couch is turned into a bed, there's very little room left over. Also, there's not much storage. Google NCL Jewel 2 bedroom haven for videos and pictures.
  8. I don’t remember, but it must have been so good that there never was any left.
  9. That booze perk makes me so angry that I want to pay the extra hundreds of dollars it saves us just to stick it to NCL! OK, maybe not...
  10. We don't bring pill bottles but do store pictures of them on our phones just in case. I highly doubt anybody anywhere is going to take away your medications. In the 20 or so cruises we've taken, we've never been questioned about any pills in our luggage or carry-on's.
  11. I haven't noticed this with NCL. Other than the long haul down from NY to the Caribbean and anything to Bermuda, I can't think of any 7-day cruises I've ever seen with fewer than 4 ports. Examples please.
  12. We've done both and think the price point is better outside the Haven area. This is especially true with the forward-facing suites on the big ships. And, although the aft-facing suites are a hike, we're big fans on those cabins. We've never had an issue with feeling like "outsiders" or thought that our butler ignored us. Also, we travel with friends often and would never hide away in the Haven when they're not staying there also.
  13. A few years back, we were on a cruise with a big group. One of the guys was blue collar and always wears a baseball cap because he's self-conscious about being bald. He wore it at dinner, including Cagney's. The thing is he's so self-conscious that we wouldn't have joined us without it. In fact, we've never seen him without one. So, don't assume that you or others are being disrespected because some guy's wearing a baseball cap. None of us are perfect or live up to everybody else's expectations of what's right and wrong, especially when the only harm done is to your sense of what's proper.
  14. No, walking out on those things isn’t rude IMO. None of them qualify as artistic performances intended to draw in a audience looking for the opportunity to be drawn into an experience, not be stepped on as others exit. If you need to ask, you probably shouldn’t bother attending. If your child or grandchild was performing at a piano recital, how would you feel about a mass exodus while they were playing?
  15. People walk out on these shows because they are not theater goers and don’t know or care that when they do this they are negatively impacting others’ enjoyment and being rude and disrespectful to the performers. There is hardly anything more annoying on a cruise than this behavior. Find something else to do if you’d even consider doing this.
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