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  1. I wonder if DeSantis will show the same venin towards RCL as he did to NCL over the vaccination requirement. Presumably RCL won't be able to sail out of FL either, due to his ridiculous political posturing. Our pro-business, pro-job governor seems to be more interested in maintaining his tough guy image than doing what's right for FL businesses and workers.
  2. If this restriction is one of the requirements to start sailing again, it's not something I'd ever complain about.
  3. Why is this even a controversy? If you're vaccinated, your chances of getting infected are almost nill, as are the chances of you infecting others. If you're not vaccinated, you can infect others if you board infected or become infected during the cruise. And, in doing so, you infect others. Other than an all-night rave with drunk and drugged out-people, name one other venue worse than a cruise ship for spreading a virus. And if you think it's not a big deal to become infected or infect others, kindly keep you opinions to yourself.
  4. Kidless cruises with vaccinated adults would definitely sell. Ever sailed in off-season? A transatlantic? Non-US based NCL cruises? With all the pent-up demand, they'd sell out quickly. It won't fill up all the ships but the cruise lines are going to reopen gradually anyways.
  5. This is great news. Yesterday, the mayor of Miami said to expect revised guidance from the CDC for cruising. Fingers crossed, they'll allow it to open up for vaccinated folks soon.
  6. Sorry, but I've never lived through a different pandemic, so I have no position on what doesn't exist. If another pandemic rolls around, I and my family will respond the same way we did with this one: in line with guidance from scientists. And Covid-19 guidance from the scientists did not include shuttering oneself in their home and never leaving it. Adhering to that guidance resulted in us and our immediate family luckily evading this virus. As for who should stay home, it's pretty obvious that the persons who are too frightened to be jabbed by a needle should do so, not those persons wh
  7. For those of you who are minimizing the seriousness of this pandemic, there's no way to change your mind and there's no sense in trying to convince you that opening up cruising now is a bad idea. So I won't bother. For the rest of you, I think that reopening needs to have the caveat that until this virus is pounded into oblivion, the CDC should allow cruises to operate out of the US only for those persons who are vaccinated. If that means boycotts and bellyaching, so be it. The cruise lines will have to reopen incrementally anyways, so why not pack those first cruises with passengers who a
  8. Perhaps, they'll run fewer cruises and focus on destinations that will fill up due to popularity or easy access. Caribbean and Alaskan cruises, for example. They could put additional ships into service if/when the virus is under control or we achieve "herd immunity."
  9. Really? Do you think even this super yacht fiasco is going to result in any more cruises? When’s your next cruise departing?
  10. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem with resuming cruises. Until a vaccine is available and required of all passengers, cruising ain’t gonna happen.
  11. Not exactly sure what "gagging" a price up means, but the 3rd and 4th guest free option should only increase the fare by required taxes and port fees for the additional guests.
  12. OP, sorry to hear about your situation. NCL's policy is just wrong. The country which issues passports does so for many of its citizen who do NOT reside there. Plain and simple. It's as wrong as assuming that holders of non-Chinese passports won't be capable of transmitting the virus. Best of luck getting this resolved and, as little as it will help, my apologies for the abusive comments you're receiving.
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