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  1. I'm guessing that NCL's banned passenger list is not very long and it takes effort to work oneself onto that list. I can see how a passenger's "persistence" could be perceived simply as a matter of NCL not wanting that person as a customer. I've seen and heard enough of such people on-board and would gladly help them expand this list.
  2. They’re not posted yet. Based on on their pricing and how most of them sell out quickly, they’ve got to be very profitable. We’re booked on a 15 day cruise from Singapore to Tokyo in a balcony next April. The total is around $8500. That price jumped to over $10,000 and is now sold out 8 months in advance.
  3. I doubt that this is true, unless guests are asking for piles of free stuff to be brought in. Butlers live on tips are are motivated to help. We’ve had a handful of small gatherings in a suite, but have only requested glassware, napkins, a bar set up, and munchies which we purchase. Good times!
  4. We always send in our laundry and have pleased with the results. With the weekly special and 2 Platinum + bags, we never run out of clean clothing. EZPZ. They come back neatly folded and I damaged.
  5. I hate to be jaded and I'm grateful for the P+ perks, but for us they're no better than Platinum. And please don't get me started on the concierge benefit. We're half way to Ambassador and with 50 more weeks on NCL cruise ships, we'll get a free 7-day cruise and 40 more free internet minutes!
  6. I agree with most. Step away from the keyboard if CC posts are making you second guess your decision to book a cruise. It's been my observation that these boards are dominated by those who either have some personal gripe to air, those who love the attention of provacative/controversial posts, or are just plain unhappy people. Once you get on board, you'll hardly notice these folks because they'll spend most of their time in line at Customer Service.
  7. Why bother doing this every day? Most (all?) ships now have this info available online, either via the TV or NCL app. I’m on vacation and have better ways to spend my time.
  8. The only time I ever feel robbed on an NCL cruise is when I get up from the Black Jack table.
  9. We haven’t noticed this over the 15 years we’ve been sailing on NCL. Caribbean cruises are not the only cruises they offer, but are certainly the standard by which most folks on here and most cruisers tend to base their cruise line choices. We do maybe one Caribbean cruise each year and always do so in the winter only because we need to escape winter. Try other destinations and you’ll probably think differently about NCL’s product.
  10. Does this thread really have to be a forum for one redneck's personal opinions? Just asking
  11. OP: We have about 20 NCL cruises under our belts and, with the exception of the $7.95 charges for room service, none of your issues sync with our experiences. That applies even to the Epic which is our least favorite NCL ship. My husband requires a special diet and we have never had delayed service because of that. Not once. I’d advise you to stay away from NCL because the experience was obviously not to your liking.
  12. Were workers in the buffet filling plates and/or providing condiments? Washing menus after each use? Those are tell tale signals that norovirus is an issue.
  13. http://wlos.com/news/nation-world/pregnant-whale-washed-up-in-italian-tourist-spot-had-88-pounds-of-plastic-in-its-stomach
  14. Our Asian cruise has gone up almost $900 pp since we booked. I called NCL and told them I wanted to pay the increased fare but they refused! What should I do?
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