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  1. Great pix. Thanks! We love that ship.
  2. Not exactly sure what "gagging" a price up means, but the 3rd and 4th guest free option should only increase the fare by required taxes and port fees for the additional guests.
  3. OP, sorry to hear about your situation. NCL's policy is just wrong. The country which issues passports does so for many of its citizen who do NOT reside there. Plain and simple. It's as wrong as assuming that holders of non-Chinese passports won't be capable of transmitting the virus. Best of luck getting this resolved and, as little as it will help, my apologies for the abusive comments you're receiving.
  4. We were on the Epic out of San Juan the week before Christmas. There must have been a complete staff and food turnover because we were pleased. Staff seemed helpful and friendly. Dining rooms and specialties good. Can’t comment on the buffet because we avoid it on all ships. The Epic is our least favorite ship but we chose it for the itinerary and some bonus days in Puerto Rico. We too are Plat+ and.
  5. We did this same itinerary last month and I agree with most of your observations. This was a very well run cruise, the food was pretty darn good, service good, great shows. We too had a dud for a steward, which is the first one we've had in about 20 NCL cruises. Glad you enjoyed your trip!
  6. Med cruises are typically so port-intensive that you don't spend a lot of time on the ship. November Med cruises won't have a lot of kids. If faced with this decision, I'd select one based on the itinerary and costs before the ship unless you dislike the big ships so much, that's a big factor for you.
  7. We’ve had 3 great Med cruises on the ship and are looking forward to a fourth in Asia in April. The changes look great!
  8. I haven’t noticed a new sadness trend. You’ll always encounter cruise staff who don’t seem happy but it’s been my observation that if you treat them with respect and give Them a smile, the vast majority are great. It amazes me how positive they are despite all of the awful guests they have to put up with.
  9. I too hope it comes back because I miss all of the posts about how unhappy folks were with their free/almost free flights. 🙂
  10. Unless you like 4 sea days and a stop in Port Canaveral, NYC is a lousy departure port for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. This is especially true in cold weather months, but, for us, also true in summer with a lot of potential drama during hurricane season.
  11. We left our hotel at 2:00 and got out of the taxi an hour later. There’s a 1-lane road in and traffic was bad. 10,000 or so departing guests with the Epic and RCL ship makes for slow going. Luggage drop off and check in took 10 minutes and we were onboard right away. The only issue was that the Haven restaurant had stopped serving lunch and the only open option was the Garden Cafe, a venue we avoid like the plague. NCL should have extended Haven lunch service. Except for that hiccup, service, dining, and the cabin have been great!
  12. We’re on the Epic now in a Haven 2 bedroom. Happy to report no construction and great service. The Maitre de (sp?), servers, butler, concierge, steward are all very friendly and helpful. No complaints from us.
  13. We boarded on Sunday and it was slow getting through the traffic, but check in was a breeze. NCL sent an email and a text telling us not to arrive before 1:00 so we got a taxi from Condado at 2:00. It took about an hour to get to the ship. I think it will just be that way as long as the Epic and Freedom of the Something both deport from the Pan American cruise terminal. The road in goes down to 1 lane and there are almost 10,000 people boarding. Lots of families on board but we’re in the Haven having a great time!
  14. We're in the Haven on Epic this Sunday out of San Juan. It will be interesting to compare our experience to our first time in Epic's Haven 4 years ago. The layout, Posh, and the sheer enormity of Epic's Haven make it the best one in the fleet IMO. Just hope they don't even consider closing the bar early!
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