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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I was undecided between this one and another. Were you able to hold the sloths? How long did you have with the driver
  2. I tried calling to change mine They told me once confirmed you can not change them I explained to the them the flight I wanted was cheaper then what was ticketed They told me the price has nothing to do with it and I would have to cancel the promo and rebook my own flights. My flight are actually fine but wanted nonstop going down.
  3. Are you sure these are confirmed When I first got my Flight they were not confirmed 33 days out I got confirmation and was able to pick my seats on American and Delta. The flight they original gave me was different then ticketed.
  4. Positive for me The flights I received were great. There is a thread somewhere on here that shows you all the flights people have received. I would do it again
  5. We didn't receive our flights until 33 days prior but all 3 of our cabins are on the same flights. NCL told me not look at it until they are ticketed.
  6. Home Departure City - PITTSBURGH Arrival/Destination City - MIAMI Airline(s) used - AMERICAN AND DELTA Number of Connections - 1 on the way down, NONSTOP coming home Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 6:50 AM-1:05 PM (ONE STOP) Return Flight departure/arrival time 1:35 PM-4:00 PM (nonstop) Did You Pay for a Deviation (before or after cruise)? Yes, 1 day prior PLEASE ALSO ADD: How many days out when you were ticketed- 33 days out of cruise Traveling the day before Super easy to pick seats online
  7. No Breakaway I have half us going on southwest and half booked by NCL I have a feeling I should have just done us all on Southwest. Ill see what happens
  8. I totally understand I just wanted to make sure I was not the only one.
  9. It has come to my attention I misspelled a word Not sure how to change it
  10. Yeah I was just surprised it was two days in a row I am hoping that means they are putting the flights
  11. We are cursing October 27th EDOCS not Available They were last week but just checked to see if the flights were up yet and now nothing. Anyone else having issues. I thought maybe it was just yesterday but its also today.
  12. same here I pay the deposit and do not pay the final until the day it is due I found calling at 8 AM eastern when they first open is the best
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