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  1. I guess I'm just being very impatient... I do have over 200 days until we set sail... LOL But i'm excited! 😊.... I was curious to hear about when past cruisers received their room assignments - and if NCL really does wait until 48 hours before?!?!
  2. Anyone know when NCL usually assigns GTY rooms? We aren't sailing until December 2019 on the JOY - I was actually surprised NCL was even offering bookings for GTY rooms - these bookings are the GTY rooms which come with the free at sea perks. I always thought GTY rooms only became available to book closer to sailing date. Last year we booked to GTY room on the Bliss and was assigned a room the next day - however we booked 6 weeks before sailing. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the info - I kinda figured - but was hoping for them to be included!!!
  4. Thanks for the info - I kinda figured - but was hoping for them to be included!!!
  5. Last year we took our first cruise as platinum status and booked the lowest GTY balcony cabin (which included the "free at sea" promo) on the BLISS. This was our first time booking a GTY cabin and with only 6 weeks until sail date. We were assigned a mid ship balcony cabin on the 13th deck like two rooms away from the stairs / elevators. So we lucked out - not sure if it had to do with platinum status, the fact we booked so close to sailing, or just the luck of the draw. Also our room was assigned to us two days after we booked. We booked two separate rooms (we were cruising with my brother in law & his partner) and they ended up one cabin down from us, so we really lucked out! Good luck - if the price is right I would gamble for a GTY room again!
  6. Has anyone used a "tax free" promo on Panama Canal cruises? I'm just curious... seeing as how the port fees / taxes are so high on those cruises.
  7. Last year when you say they offered "free tax port fee" Was the free at sea promo going on at the same time and you had to pick one or the other?
  8. Hi everyone, It has been years since we sailed RCL. We usually sail NCL - however I am looking for a itinerary change up. So looking at Freedom of the Seas 12/1/19. How does Royal's Drink package pricing work? From what I could find on their website the price they state says $63 - $70 per day. I would like to know what the package is going to cost me before I decide on going on this cruise or not. Is there a way to find out without calling or fully booking online? I assume pricing is based on sail date and ship, is that correct? Can anyone give me an idea of what they paid for their upcoming cruises? I am aware there is an extra gratuity, is this 18% or 20%? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Yes I was offered an upgrade soon after I booked... I believe it was just a day or two. But I did book a month away from sailing. We passed on upgrading... figured we got a good enough deal as it is.
  10. Thanks for your responses... I wasn't aware Jost was still in bad shape. We are in port 7am-3pm. I have read in a few other post there are alternative ways to get there... but they didn't seem as simple as getting in a cab and going... think you had to catch a ferry (which only ran a few times a day), then a cab? I kinda wanted to book with the ship because I have a horrible fear of not getting back to the ship in time. I'll just keep my eye open in hopes spaces open up - if not sure we will find something else exciting to do. Thanks again!
  11. Anyone know if they only allow a limited number of spots to book excursions online, then open more spots to book once you get on board? I am asking because I booked the Bliss a month before sailing and was looking to do Escape to Jost Van Dyke however it only allowing me to reserve space for one person. I know it's a popular excursion and probably books fast - just seeing if anyone has experience with more spots opening up once you board? Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I didn't realize it could possibly take that long. Maybe I will just play it safe and stay near the port of Miami again. Just was kind of looking for a cheaper stay with beach access. I could take a look at Hollywood - but I guess I could possibly still run into traffic issues getting to the port of Miami the day of the cruise. Thanks for your insight!
  13. Anyone ever stay at Sea View Hotel, Bal Harbour, On The Ocean, Bal Harbour? Flying into FLL day before the cruise out of MIAMI. We have done South Beach twice, and stayed by the port of Miami once... so looking for a change up. Seems to be a reasonable price for a good looking hotel. Figured I'd ask to see if anyone stayed here before? Thanks! Sea View Hotel, Bal Harbour, On The Ocean, Bal Harbour 3.5-star 9909 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL, 33154, United States of America, 866-661-6208
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