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  1. 13 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    Depending on the category you booked they may have group space held at a lower rate and some will offer additional OBC for transferring the booking to them.


    You have 30 days from the date the booking was created to transfer the booking

    Ken, you seem to be the RCL expert! Where would I go about finding a travel agent that would be offering transfer benefits? I assume they arent allowed to solicit here..

  2. My June 2021 Bos>Bermuda on the Gem disappeared from my NCL. The only thing under "My Reservations" is this :DEFAULT ITINERARY NAME and nothing else. I hit up customer service and asked if it was cancelled and they reported this: We are working to determine our next course of action. While we evaluate the opportunity to resume with sailings, we have temporarily frozen voyages that might be impacted should we need to delay sailing further.

  3. 6 minutes ago, david_sobe said:

    Cruise line security is a courtesy security force.  They are NOT police. They are not going to carry weapons. Police get sued for using weapons on hardened criminals and people protest the police.  Cruise lines would NEVER entertain such liability no matter what.  They got the just punishment.  Pack and go the next day and btw, pay for your hotel and flight back.

    They carry batons & pepper spray on Great Stirrup Cay but I assume they must be contractors just for the island.

  4. 12 minutes ago, dexddd said:

    I'd say let it go and don't waste your time.  I rarely (maybe once every four years) decide to write to a company about their product which had a repeated issue.  Yes, maybe I'm only out $7.50 but at some point it just gets aggravating and wish they'd fix it since it is a good product.  I spend more than $7.50 of my time writing the letter, taking pictures, providing lot numbers, etc., but I just want it improved going forward and to let them know of the issue.


    Those companies typically give you a form email reply within 24 hours and a follow-up response in one week, typically with a coupon for some of their product to cover what was wasted.  I'm NOT contacting them to get the free coupons, I just want the product fixed.  The coupons are  a nice gesture though that recognizes it took me some time to let them know of the problem.


    I had to contact NCL a couple years back about an issue and the department never responded.  I contacted them again and no response.  So I wrote a letter to the Executive Office where I got a letter back clearly not understanding what I was asking about and referring my issue back to the department that would not respond to me.  Guess what, couple years later, still no response from that department.


    So, as Plat Plus who spend thousands on the NCL product, you'd think they'd take following up with customers a bit more important.  Obviously the companies that I buy a few hundred dollars of their product think it is important from my experience contacting them.

    Absolutely agree, I've had better customer service at Applebees. We are Platinum level and apparently that means nothing to them!

  5. Let me just start by saying I absolutely love NCL and sail on them exclusively. For the first time in many cruises, I had 2 issues on the Sun in August. (Didn't get my 2 premium dining meals, and housekeeper wasn't cleaning room & hiding dirty laundry under our bed from her bosses...) On board, all they did was provide me with a business card to the main office back on land. When I got home I reached out to Customer Service who would "get back to me", In September I reached out again with my case number and was told someone would be in touch. Now 2 months later, still nothing. Am I just wasting my time at this point?

  6. Greetings Fellow Cruisers -


    Looking for recommendations for highlights in each port. Trying to piece together a self-guided touring plan that does not include any bookings through the cruise line.


    We are late 40's travelling with older teen boys.


    Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.


    What date will you be in Boston? Will really help narrow down what's going on!

  7. NCL is our favorite line now, but there's always room to make it even better.


    What changes would you like to see?


    I'd like:


    More options in the gifts selection, especially floral. I'd appreciate a single red rose in a mini vase ($10) and a mini arrangement ($20).


    A coffee card for pre-purchase (like Princess has)


    More choice in the bottled water for pre-purchase (not just 1 liter bottles)


    Really like the idea for more, smaller gift options!

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