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  1. I'm trying to go the refund route now. I have over $5000 in PCC's which I don't want. NCL told me to go pound sand, so now my State Attorney General has agreed to take my case and will fight for me.
  2. My June 2021 Bos>Bermuda on the Gem disappeared from my NCL. The only thing under "My Reservations" is this :DEFAULT ITINERARY NAME and nothing else. I hit up customer service and asked if it was cancelled and they reported this: We are working to determine our next course of action. While we evaluate the opportunity to resume with sailings, we have temporarily frozen voyages that might be impacted should we need to delay sailing further.
  3. Wait the US Population is just over 300 million, and the the world is just over 7 billion.. https://www.census.gov/popclock/
  4. They carry batons & pepper spray on Great Stirrup Cay but I assume they must be contractors just for the island.
  5. My parents are trying to cancel our family trip with 3 couples total for April. Its NYC >Bermuda. I don't agree with cancellation as even with insurance we will lose like 25% of the $$$..
  6. Crazy to think they don't have tasers or even pepper spray!
  7. Absolutely agree, I've had better customer service at Applebees. We are Platinum level and apparently that means nothing to them!
  8. We got them as a bonus with booking, when we tried to use them they wouldn't show up on the reservation computer for some reason. Despite having the booking paperwork with the promo on it, they insisted they couldn't help.
  9. Let me just start by saying I absolutely love NCL and sail on them exclusively. For the first time in many cruises, I had 2 issues on the Sun in August. (Didn't get my 2 premium dining meals, and housekeeper wasn't cleaning room & hiding dirty laundry under our bed from her bosses...) On board, all they did was provide me with a business card to the main office back on land. When I got home I reached out to Customer Service who would "get back to me", In September I reached out again with my case number and was told someone would be in touch. Now 2 months later, still nothing. Am I just wasting my time at this point?
  10. NCL Sun Port Canaveral 8/9 Great Stirrup Cay 8/10 Nassau 8/11 Port Canaveral 8/12
  11. PelicanBill, thanks for the updates. We are out of Port Cav. on August 9th.
  12. Hi there folks, I'm cruising with a total of 8 folks this summer. We all have 2 free Specialty Restaurants as part of a promo. When I go to make reservations online it's making me pay for the specialty reservations. What is the work around for this? Thanks in advance!
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