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  1. At our stop in ISP, I went on a bear tour and we saw several bears. When we got back to the ship, a group of whales were bubble net feeding in the channel. So we got both!😁 Enjoy Ron
  2. Please note that all those “pictures” with the ice in the background were not actual photos, but artists representations from the marketing department. We all know how well the marketing department relates to real life. For those sailing Lake Superior, here’s a song: enjoy Ron
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/carnival-cruise-ship-discharges-grey-water-florida-port Another fail.
  4. You may want to check cancellation policies, as Cabo is a tender port and sometimes gets dropped due to weather. You may not know until you get there if the port is too windy to tender. Enjoy Ron
  5. You might want to figure in that the sun doesn’t set until after 9:15 even on the last day of July in that part of Alaska. Twilight lasts past 10. So you basically are getting a daytime stop. Enjoy Ron
  6. I’ve done this route on Carnival a lot of times (I live 30 minutes from the port) and it varies. The cruise director and the captain decide. Most will do at least one time shift, some will do two to match PV. Very few do no changes. You won’t really know until Panorama starts doing the route. And then it can change with the CD and captain. enjoy Ron
  7. Baby monitors broadcast on all sorts of frequencies that may or may not be legal to use in different countries. The ship is responsible for all broadcasts from the ship. Since it’s impossible for the cruise line to know if that monitor is legal in the country du jour, they just ban them all.
  8. The fact that there is no casino is not due to the age of the ship, but due to the fact it’s illegal. Because it only sails in Hawaii, they have to follow Hawaiian state law on gambling. enjoy Ron
  9. Try Prime Time and Super Shuttle. They are the largest shuttle companies in the area.
  10. Plenty of taxis. There’s a lot of information over on the West Coast Departures board. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/ enjoy, Ron
  11. $18 a day. http://www.cruisecenterparking.com/rates.htm Enjoy Ron
  12. Anyone else noticed that the OP made their one and only post two months ago, and hasn't been back?😁 Enjoy, Ron
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