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  1. And to those who say the ship wasn’t used for over a year, the steel was still aging and it was still exposed to the stresses of being on the ocean. It still needs to be inspected. enjoy Ron
  2. So this one crew member likes Pringles? For that, you’re going to assume they all like Pringles? And that’s the problem with any food item; everyone has different tastes, no one food is everyone favorite. Including chocolate. If they have money, they can definitely buy what they like. Or send it home. They can do what is important to them.
  3. Eric’s has always said the song is anti cocaine. Plus it was actually written by J J Cale.
  4. Do not do what some people say and cut the patches in half for a half dose. These patches don’t work that way, and you may wind up with a heavier dose. This has been a public service announcement.
  5. A lot of us can attest that the Chief has been pointing this out since the first no sail order. You know you can click on the user name to find all of their past posts. A little research would keep you from a lot of embarrassment. The Chief has consistently pointed out that the cruise lines have made no effort to actually comply with the CDC requirements, and no matter how much the cruise line cheerleaders want to ignore it, that is why they are no closer to sailing again.
  6. Because the longshoremen seem powerful, a lot of people assume that all maritime unions are powerful. It’s the only one they ever hear about in the news. An aside on the longshoremen; one of the local dock operators was talking about the increase in longshoremen pay. Someone mentioned that over a certain number of years the pay had tripled. The operator replied that wages had tripled, but the tonnage moved had increased 10 times. Do the math. Enjoy
  7. According to the Wall Street Journal, Indonesia is allowing private companies to buy COVID-19 vaccines. Sorry, the link is behind a paywall. It is causing a lot of controversy. I wonder if any of the cruise lines will buy doses for their employees?
  8. I Just Googled ferry boat accidents” to see what the PVSA protects US citizens from. Remember, by international law, over 12 passengers makes it a passenger vessel and all of our ferry boats could be replaced if the PVSA were repealed. Here’s a couple of links https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/world/asia/sewol-ferry-accident.html https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/indonesian-relatives-wait-in-anxiety-after-the-ferry-disaster-1871787 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/13-dead-in-indonesias-second-fatal-boat-accident-in-a-week-1796369 https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/indonesian-ferry-accident-death-toll-climbs-to-63-1258977 Need more? Ron
  9. The city had an engineer who was to make assessments of the Queen Mary. He gave many years worth of assessments stating the damages and what needed to be done. The city’s response? They fired the engineer. Enjoy Ron
  10. They are going to need agreements with every port on their itinerary, which complicates it more. Each agreement will need a retainer to hold the medical care available, so it could be quite the financial investment. Nobody knows how much, as no one knows what the requirements are. Ten passengers? One hundred? The entire ship’s manifest? No one knows. Until the cruise lines start making advances and giving them to the CDC to approve, nothing is going to happen. Enjoy Ron
  11. Ok, what you are all arguing about happened in December. Escape did not have any passengers on board and wasn’t scheduled to board any. https://www.cruisehive.com/norwegian-cruise-ship-spotted-with-damage-after-hitting-port-wall/45601 https://www.cruisemapper.com/accidents/Norwegian-Escape-878
  12. Might be more than $5-7 million. That’s been the annual loss for the operating company. And the City of Long Beach played “Shoot the Messenger”. https://lbpost.com/news/queen-mary-tl Look at the list of failed companies. Of course, with the modifications made to keep the QM in place, it’s probably going to cost millions to scrap her!
  13. Just to be clear, these are false positives and they are not using the HIV virus, but a protein generated by the HIV virus to stabilize the vaccine. No one developed HIV from the vaccine. Despite some hysteria from uninformed people.
  14. The Chinese manufacture some of the highest quality products in the world. But only if the company ordering it specs it that way. They build exactly to specifications. Don’t specify and you will get the cheapest possible version. Pot metal instead of stainless, thinnest possible wiring, the cheapest. The problem is knowing who did the specs and how complete they did them.
  15. Maybe from the east coast. From Alaska, I think Russia might be closer than Greenland! enjoy Ron
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