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  1. Thanks everyone. I have sent in the PVP request. I hope they can help. I just want the OBC and the $800 from previous cruise applied to the booking I made. The rep. transferred me to resolution at 9 this morning and that who I was holding for. I have plenty of time to resolve and get everything straightened out. I am sure a PVP will help. I was hoping to get to to Platinum with Carnival with this and one more cruise. I am sure everything will be fine. Thanks for the responses.
  2. wemjam Thanks for the PVP idea. Never used one before. I sent a request. If they can help me with this, I will definitely use them for future bookings.
  3. I understand, I will try again. It just seems like you could email them and a lot of the minor issues could be handled without tying up a representative. I have plenty of time, I hoped if a few people let them know their frustration they might give us some more avenues to at least get recognized.
  4. 2 hours and thirty minutes now, I am giving up. I guess if they don't apply the credits I can always cancel and just not cruise Carnival anymore. I have been over 60 days with Carnival and always bring at least 6 to 10 other family members with us. I feel they could take a number and call back as they can or text with a date they will call you back.
  5. I have booked a cruise to replace my Ecstasy cruise Carnival cancelled Monday. Trying to get my cruise credits and what I have already paid applied. The Carnival resolutions is where I was getting transferred to. It's been 2 hours and I am still on hold, talked to nobody. How long is the wait? Any help is appreciated.
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