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  1. Hi All. I have been an avid cruiser with Princess for over 20 years, but as my two sons have grown older they have enjoyed the Princess ships less and less. There just isn't much for the teenagers to do on the Princess ships. This past June, as we were concluding our Princess 2019 cruise, they boys begged me to book our next cruise on a different cruise line. Sorry Princess; we're still loyal! 🙂 Anyhow, I am thinking about booking a Caribbean cruise next March, 2020 on the Norwegian Epic, but thought I would see what others knew about the ship activities for teenagers. I read about the water park and slides, etc. I guess there is a bowling alley. Any teenager night clubs or teenager casinos, rope courses, etc. on the Epic? I welcome everyone's thoughts. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello All. I was fortunate enough to take this excursion with Allen Marines on the Coral Princess in June. It was worth every penny! I did learn, however, that sometimes they have to cancel the excursion due to icy conditions near the glacier. I don’t think it’s been canceled for any other reason than that. They made it very clear, and it was very obvious, that it could be dangerous depending on the icebergs in the water.
  3. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my post. I will be at Hubbard glacier on June 20th. I will pay it forward with pictures and a review of the excursion from Princess. I guess the Allen Marine Tour is really a go this year! We are certainly looking forward to it. If anyone gets there before me on the 20th, please take pics and let us know specifically about the excursion and whether or not it is truly worth it.
  4. tysmomm

    Juneau Car Rental

    I just ordered the milepost book. Thank you! the 2019 version releases from Amazon in two days. We spend a lot of time in Alaska on land. This book will be very helpful. One of the best books I have purchased for cruisers is the book entitled: Inside Passage Walking Tours by Julianne Chase Patton. Great information for each of the little port towns, including Juneau. I am going to compare prices between AVIS and Juneau Car Rental. If it is a small difference for a nicer car I will probably change over my reservation.
  5. tysmomm

    Juneau Car Rental

    Thanks everyone for this additional information. My Coral Princess ship will be coming in on June 23rd and docking at Franklin Dock. We have a Juneau Car Rental reservation. It doesn't look like it is too far away. My family is fit and it looks like an easy walk. Anyone know for sure? Also, we would love to hear more about the car rental itineraries that people took. We are planning Mendenhal Glacier first thing before the crowds, I'd love to see the old mining museum, the gardens, spend some time at the brewery and hopefully see some wildlife along the way. We shall see what we actually accomplish. Anyone know "off the beaten path" adventures we could do or see with the rental car?
  6. Did anyone last season actually get to take this new excursion that Princess is offering out of Disenchantment Bay during the Hubbard Glacier visit? There were several bloggers who booked it during 2018, but each and every one of them had the excursion canceled. It was something new, last season, that Princess was trying to get off the ground. I will be there June of this year and it is being offered by Princess once again. It is a bit pricey, so thought I would see if anyone ever did actually get to take the excursion and if so, was there much difference between viewing the glacier from the cruise ship? We are trying to figure out if the cost of the excursion is really worth it. Thanks in advance. Hope someone got to actually experience last season.
  7. My family will be at Hubbard Glacier mid June on the Coral Princess. We are going to go for the excursion too and hopefully the excursion won't be canceled. I too will let other travelers know how it turns out. :)
  8. Thank you all. I am beginning to understand that this is a new excursion so there doesn't appear to be much feedback regarding Princess passengers that have taken it. I don't usually go through Princess to book my excursions because the prices are marked up, compared to booking directly with the private merchants. However, it appears that booking the excursion through Princess is going to be the only option. I simply wondered if anyone had taken this Princess excursion in the past and could shed a little light if the price was worth the sights. If I am going to see the exact same stuff from my cruise ship then I will probably save the $1,000.00 and use it somewhere else. "fishywood," no need to reply since my "ranting" seems to irritate you so much. Ha!
  9. I am cruising Princess this June and our first port of call is Hubbard Glacier. Princess is offering only one exclusive excursion called the "Hubbard Glacier & Wilderness Exploration." Basically passengers can load a vessel directly from the cruise ship in the mouth of Disenchantment Bay. The vessel travels up close to the glacier and travels around the shoreline, and provides an opportunity to weave in and around the icebergs, see wildlife you couldn't necessarily see from the ship, etc. It is 2.5 hours in length. In typical Princess style, it is a very expensive excursion, and of course the one and only available since it is in the middle of the bay, and not a land port of call. They definitely have the market on the fares which are very high. Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone has taken this excursion. I am probably willing to pay the higher excursion price to get off the larger cruise ship and get up closer to the glacier, but thought I would check in with others who may have more information. I am not as concerned about paying the steep price if it is spectacular, but it irritates me that Princess basically robs their passengers with a very steep price for this "excursion" just because they know they can. No one is there to compete with them in the bay. Grrr.... Any information anyone can share? Worth it? Not worth it? Things I should consider before booking? Thanks in advance!
  10. tysmomm

    Juneau Car Rental

    Again, thank you everyone! This is super helpful information. I am contacting AVIS today. I definitely want the car rental because there are 5 of us, and buying roundtrip bus fares and paying for taxis will be more money than the one day car rental, also it will give us freedom to do what we want, when we want! Thanks again! :)
  11. tysmomm

    Juneau Car Rental

    Thank you both! I will definitely book by this weekend. Sbbquilter, how long ago were you there? My husband researched the car rentals and says that he was told only car rentals are at airport. It doesn't mean his research is accurate (ha!) which is why I asked how long ago you were there. I was thinking maybe that location has closed down.
  12. tysmomm

    Juneau Car Rental

    Hello. My husband and I will be in Juneau this upcoming June, 2019. We were thinking of renting a car and seeing the sights ourselves. However, it looks like you can only rent a car from the airport. Is this true? If so, is the taxi ride to and from the airport worth it? We will be in port on a Sunday and we dock at 6:30 am and leave at 5:00 p.m. so I don't think we have a great deal of time to rent the car, return it, do the sightseeing, shop, eat, etc. Also, it is a Sunday so I am assuming the attractions and sights, stores, etc. may open a bit later than usual? Maybe we are better off to just walk around and perhaps take a taxi out to Mendenhall Glacier. I see that Juneau is a rather large city compared to Ketchikan and Skagway. That's why we were thinking of renting the car in Juneau to get around vs. the other two ports of call, where we can clearly walk around and be entertained. I know about the tram and the museums, but I think we would like to go to Mendenhall Glacier this trip as we have not been there before. Looking for advice on a car rental or not. If not, can we take taxis easily enough to and from the things we want to see and do outside of downtown? Thanks in advance.
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