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  1. We hired a driver and went all over town. We felt completely safe. I'm not sure that I would walk it though.
  2. Yes, I do and it can sometimes be a real pain.
  3. Paraadise Tattoo, those are great bags!!
  4. I can SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relate to this. In October, I spent about $360 at Pacific Fabrics. I've made a lot of it but still have 4 things to make. And I've bought more material since then. :rolleyes: My husband has 'decreed' that I can't buy anymore materials until I get what I have made. So I bought some yarn to crochet. :D
  5. Those are beautiful dresses!! I still haven't had time to post any of mine. I did wear a sundress that I made to work yesterday. We've had unseasonably warm weather this week. Back to normal, cooler weather tomorrow.
  6. This weekend, I finished hemming the formal dress. Then I cut out a blouse and nightgown. I finished the blouse except for buttons and button holes because I haven't purchased the buttons yet. It's a casual, tropic shirt. I came close to finishing the nightgown but I have one arm hole and the hem to finish. I really need to get some pictures on here! :o
  7. Thanks for the help. I will try to do that this weekend.
  8. You're doing better with pictures than I ever have. I usually send them to a friend who posts them for me. :o
  9. I haven't had any trouble at all. In fact, I've had great service. I'm just sensitive, not celiac. Once you tell them that you're GF (in the dining room), they won't allow you to "cheat". I think that it's better if you have traditional seating but they can take care of you anywhere you choose to eat. We did the Chef's Table on our last cruise. I called them the morning of and let them know I was GF. Most of the food was GF but I had a couple of special items to replace what I couldn't eat.
  10. I have two :o stories to tell... Last year I made a formal dress that turned out to be too big. So I cut my dresses out this year one size smaller than last year. (I've also lost some inches from exercising that I wasn't doing last year.) Can I just say that I HATE patterns where you have to practically make the entire dress before you can try it on?!?!?!? When I tried my dress on yesterday, it's too small! :eek: Maybe I can lose the inches within the next month and maybe I can't. :( I started my next formal dress and surged something before I was supposed to and it took almost an hour to gently rip it out. I still had a couple of very tiny holes but managed to surge it back without them showing. Hopefully, this one will fit.
  11. I'm so envious - I really want one of these. I LOVE your way of having a trade in! I finally started sewing again this weekend because I only had 6 weekends left to sew. Now I'm down to 5. :eek: I'm working on a formal dress. It's one of those where you have to be practically finished with it before you can try it on. I hope that it fits.
  12. I'd love to cruise with you sometime! :D I agree with Lois on my behavior and clothing selection.
  13. My experience is the minimums are $10 in the evenings. Sometimes you can find a cheaper table during the day on sea days.
  14. I finished the 2 sundresses today. Up next is a formal dress. But I return to work on Wednesday so I only have one more day. I have a massage appoinment tomorrow afternoon so I might not get very far.
  15. I finally started sewing again yesterday. I finished a shirt for my DH to go with his Seahawks lounging pants. (Prior to the game) I will be working on my sundresses for our Jewel cruise in 2 months. :D
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