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  1. Looking to book a large balcony for a European cruise. Anyone have suggestions a great room with a really nice balcony? I know the balcony sizes can vary. Thanks
  2. Guest Services. I should have run right over there but I let my family distract me!
  3. The Atrium is a busy area so lots to watch. We also enjoyed the Spice H20 bar during embarkation which had some really happy people who were ready to cruise! Always the pool bar and Shakers is a great place to sit and enjoy a martini and watch people walk by. They also have an outdoor bar which is nice. Have fun!
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    We did a tour to the ruins and Bacalar Lagoon through Native Choice Tours. I can't say enough about how professional they are. The van was comfortable and cool and out guide (Eder) was fantastic. He is so knowledgeable. He told us he took a course on the ruins and it showed. Group was small compared to the giant ship tours. The lagoon was beautiful and we had a great lunch and drinks-all included! Highly reccommend.
  5. I didn't get mine until about 30 days out.
  6. My family decided to try a western carribean cruise on the Breakaway since they were new ports to us. We have sailed NCL 3 times before including the Escape. My "kids" are 18 and 20. As in our previous cruise we had a mini suite, and although it can be tight, it works for us. Love the bathroom and we had excellent service from our steward except for no towel animals. I will say I felt the room was a little tired...there were a few things that weren't up to par but it did not ruin our vacation at all. We got the air through NCL. They messed it up at first. Had us going to the wrong airport, had my kids on a different flight... in the end it all worked out but I found the process a bit frustrating. It did save us money so that was good. We flew in a day early to avoid the anxiety of traveling on ship day (plus we had a layover) and we stayed at The Hampton Inn Bricknell. Excellent location and hotel. They gave us a complimentary drink and free breakfast. We used the shuttle from the hotel but the people trying to get on were crazy! Next time I might Uber to avoid people running me over with their suitcases to be first! Food: I found the service to be good to excellent in all dining venues. Yes O'Sheehans can be a little slow but it gets crazy in there. The MDRs were decent. I thought the buffet was very good and had a good variety. Cagney's and Moderno were excellent. Sherman was our waiter at Modernos and he was top notch. I thought the food at LaCucina was blah. This may also be due to the fact that we live in an area with very good Italian restaurants and are probably a little spoiled. Bar service: I know this is a big topic and many complain, but I rarely had to wait more than 5 minutes. If I did it was because it was at the pool bar on a sea day or at the Atrium during a show. Even then it wasn't long. The Meridian Bar is a great, and quiet, place to go and the servers there were awesome. We also enjoyed the Martini Bar---yum! Entertainment: We never made it to Burn The Floor but we all enjoyed Rock of Ages. We tried to get tickets to Escape the Big Top but I guess an hour after we got on the ship was too late. Syd Norman's Pour House was a lot of fun. We didn't make it to Howl at the Moon but went there on the Escape and it was good. We enjoyed some of the night time entertainment in the Atrium and loved spending time on the Waterfront. It surprises me how quiet it can be out there on a full ship! My kids enjoyed the slides and ropes course. The pool could be crowded on ship days but I expected that. Chair hogs didn't disappoint. Ports: With 4 stops on this trip we were busy. Roatan: We did a Monkey/Snorkle/Beach trip with Daniel Johnson Tours. This was a fabulous day. We not only got to hold sloths and play with monkeys, but the snorkling was a blast and what beautiful water. We had our own driver for the day ( Carla) and she made sure we had a good time and were back to the ship when we needed. Stopped at a beach club for a bit to swim and eat lunch. Las Palmas was very nice. The food was just ok but we had great service and hardly anyone on the beach! Great excursion! Belize: We hung out at Harvest Caye until a downpour caused us to head back to the ship. Beautiful place but the prices were high. NCL blew it on this island. When other cruise lines include things on their private islands it's hard to swallow paying $51 for 2 beers and 2 drinks...Oh well. We did enjoy the beach and pool. Costa Maya: We did a tour through Native Choice to the ruins and Bacalar Lagoon. I patted myself on the back with another good selection! You have to walk a bit out of the port to get to their place but it was worth it. We had the best guide and driver ( Eder and Miguel) who took excellent care of us all day. We had a group of about 12 in a beautiful van with a/c. The tour of the ruins were wonderful and informative and the trip to the lake was spectacular. The lunch was delicious and they kept bringing us more margaritas! I saw the ship tours at the ruins and they had a huge group of 50-60 people with one guide and they paid about $90 more a person for the same tour. Cozumel: We went to Mr. Sanchos for a beach day. The place was nice but very crowded. The pools were so busy we didn't bother with them at all. The food and service were very good, however, and we had great beach massages and my kids went jet skiing. The water was nice also. Getting on and off the ship was fine. Overall we had a fabulous vacation.
  7. I can tell you that I enjoyed several drinks with orange grey goose and it was covered. Yum!
  8. Just got off the Breakaway yesterday and I would say the staff was awesome! Some more attentive than others but all polite and some were exceptional!
  9. We book the mini suite mostly for the extra room in the bathroom. The rest of the room seems a little bigger but not much but the bathroom is awesome! With 4 people (we have 2 teens as well) it's worth the money for us. Have a great trip!
  10. Great review so far. We are also staying at the Hampton Inn in a few days. Glad to hear you liked it. Based on the Zen and Sid recommendation I have ordered Flyby. The older I get the harder it is to keep up with the drink package! Breakaway on Sunday!! 🍸🌴
  11. That happened to me also. I requested to arrive the day before since they had me coming into Miami at almost noon. 😲 It took weeks for them to get my docs and reservations straight and back online. Probably about 30 days out. Caused me much anxiety but I am happy with my flights now. Leave on Saturday!
  12. Disturbing for sure. Two misconceptions 1. That if you have money you are better behaved and less "dangerous" 2. That if you stay in the public area of the ship you don't have money and couldn't afford to stay in the Haven. πŸ™„
  13. I agree with you. You are paying a lot of money for that quiet, exclusive experience. I was just making a point that not everyone wants that and will be rushing to try and get into the Haven.
  14. Dripping with sarcasm. I understand the concerns but some of the replies sound pretty snobby. I all honestly I think the Haven looks kind of boring. I like my mini suites and hanging with the riff-raff in the fun areas of the ship. But that's just me.
  15. Maybe Haven guests could wear some kind of gold crown/tiara and others could have a scarlet letter pinned to their chest so it was obvious who belongs and who doesn't.
  16. I am on the Breakaway next week as well but am not in the Haven. No worries-I have no intention of spending $200 for my family to eat in the restaurant! 🀣 Much better dining options in my opinion.
  17. How can I not follow? We are on the Breakaway in 10 days, my husband and I are in our 50's, on our 4th cruise with NCL and 3 years ago we sailed on the Getaway and loved it!
  18. We didn't get ours until almost 30 days out. They had flights on my edocs earlier but they weren't complete-didn't even have my kids on the same flight as my husband and I. Of course this prompted me to call but it was several weeks to get it straight. I also requested to fly in a day early to Miami since the flight was scheduled to come in at noon. Too close for my comfort! The bottom line is it worked out but I had to make several calls. I ended up with great flights that saved me money but my advice is to stay on top of it.
  19. I didn't get mine until about 43 days out and they were incorrect. My kids were on a separate flight! Now 4 days later and am told they are all set but still can't access my edocs. Good luck!
  20. Reputable companies will make sure you are back in plenty of time. Check out Trip Advisor for reviews. The tours run through NCL are about double the price. When you have a family along that sure adds up!
  21. Sure hope I get my flights soon. 44 days out and waiting.
  22. We are a family of 4 cruising in June on the Breakaway. As part of the promo we got 2 specialty dining packages for 3 dinners. We have 2 adult children with us as well. Is it beneficial buy them the 3 meal plan as well or just go a la carte for their meals? What is included in the package-just the main course? My son can eat a lot! Thanks. If it helps we have reservations at Cagneys, Moderno and La Cucina.
  23. This is the cabin we book, and are booking again, for our 4 person family. The kids get the "bunks" and mom and dad the bed. My kids are older and it works out fine. The bigger bathroom is great. It can be a little tight with all the stuff I bring but it's totally managable. If you are like us we don't spend much time in the room at all! Have a great trip!
  24. I am sailing on the Breakaway in June but don't have the ability to book Cirque Dreams. Any idea why? Thanks
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