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  1. I have been emailing with them, but the price has more than doubled since I used them last. I am looking at other options.
  2. I booked a cruise under my casino offer and received 750 OBC and DOU while playing in Casino. Where does it show the DOU on my cruise planner? I don't see it anywhere. The OBC is clearly there. Does anyone know?
  3. I am booked at the Tremont for our Jubilee Cruise in March 2024. If we have overpacked, as usual, I was considering taking 2 walking trips with our luggage to the terminal. We could walk with our bags that we are checking and drop them with the porter. We would then walk back .3 miles to the hotel to get our carry ons. Has anyone done this? It seems like it would work easy peasy. I have never cruised out of Galveston before.
  4. My assigned check in time is 10:30am for our cruise in March.
  5. I just downloaded my cruise documents and it says that you must use the package on Day 1 or 2. Is this enforced? What happens if you don't? Thanks,
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