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  1. I am booked at the Tremont for our Jubilee Cruise in March 2024.  If we have overpacked, as usual, I was considering taking 2 walking trips with our luggage to the terminal.  We could walk with our bags that we are checking and drop them with the porter.  We would then walk back .3 miles to the hotel to get our carry ons.  Has anyone done this?  It seems like it would work easy peasy.  I have never cruised out of Galveston before.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Skier52 said:

    To avoid shade from the overhang it is best to be on a hump, which is where 10238 is. However it only has a standard balcony of 44 sq. ft. To get the biggest balcony possible you need to look at cabins that are next to the hump wall eg  10178 / 10278 BUT, these have a problem in that they only have a 90 degree field of view and will be shaded on occasions by the hump wall.

    For an even bigger balcony you could enquire about booking an 'H' cabin eg 10083 / 10110 again these are next to a hump wall. These cabins are not always available for booking well in advance as they are reserved for special needs guests., and , if you do manage to book one you are at risk of being bumped out if a special needs guest requires it. They also have  different fixtures and fittings tp accommodate special needs and some  find them  inconvenient.

    I don't  believe the Aurea balconies are smaller than the Fantasica balconies.

    Finally I keep my eyes and ears open and visit the MSCV web site and do a dummy booking on a very regular basis just in case an Aft balcony becomes available.

    I hope this  answers some of your thoughts..



    Thanks Pete!  I too check regularly for a better cabin.  Thank you.

  3. Skier 52 - Do you have any insight on what decks would be best on the Meraviglia?  Specifically, we don't want shade on our balcony from an overhang and we like the biggest balcony possible.  We have cruised twice on the Divina in the aft balconies and loved them.  That doesn't seem to be an option on our Meraviglia cruise so we have booked 10238, a fantastica balcony. they look bigger than the Aurea balconies.  What do you think?

  4. 12 hours ago, ready2cruzagain said:


    Last December Medical on the Divina did not provide distilled water. Said that they don't have enough room on the ship to supply it and told me to buy some in Jamaica.  I was like where at in Jamaica 🙄 Complained to an officer and they provided me with distilled water.  DO NOT count on MSC providing it.

    We were on her this past December and we purchased it from Medical. That is what my travel agent told us to do before we left. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, tcmagnum said:

    New to MSC and looking at booking a cruise in January to escape the cold/crappy weather (hopefully).  My husband had tentatively agreed to this cruise even though he had a bad experience his only time on a ship.  I think it was just a bad cruise to try him on and he's agreed to give it another shot.  I am 50 and DH is 51.  I've cruised many times - usually Celebrity and RC & usually in the Med/Europe.  DH doesn't do good in huge crowds.  


    I'm looking at booking a Suite to give DH a place to escape if the crowds get to him too much.  Also looking at doing the Aurea experience - private sun deck and spa package and priority boarding should all help.  The Easy Drink Package is also a huge plus for us - we aren't huge drinkers, but like to have a few by the pool and at dinner. 



    1- Easy Drink Package says 'select drinks up to $6'....'house wine by the glass (I'm not a picky wine drinker)'...'select spirits and cocktails'...Will DH be able to get a bourbon on this drink package without an extra charge?  Mixed drink?


    2- If you've been on this ship before - Did it seem crowded to you?  At buffet?  Dinner?


    3- I can get a 8 day (7 night) cruise in a suite for both of us with Aurea package for just under $2500 (with tax).  Does this sound like a good price or am I missing something?  I realize tips/service charge is added while on board.

    Easy package includes some well mixed drinks.  Seagrams is the only whiskey.  No bourbon.    I am upgrading from the easy package because of the choices.  Also, no frozen drinks unless you order them virgin with a shot on the side.  

    It's always crowded on a cruise, but I think MSC is better than most.  2500 is a good deal.  I guess for a suite.  I am booked on a 12 night cruise in January in a Fantastica room with Easy package and internet for $2900.   We are Aft facing on Deck 10

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  6. 18 minutes ago, missemo12345 said:

    Same here have 11/2020 booked but was hoping for some kind of sale to rebook or select another date with promos...What kind of sale did they offer last year??

    It was a bella balcony room with drinks on us for the price of an interior room.  Cheap!!

  7. T

    1 hour ago, Mattnvick said:


    Thats what we are waiting to do. We have Meraviglia booked for Dec 2020 but nothing came with it at the time. We booked it because they had aft cabins available so we jumped on it.

    We love the aft balconies!  We have one booked on the Divina for Jan 2020. 12 days!  

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  8. On 4/9/2015 at 10:23 AM, blue_water said:

    The most extensive and nicely appointed cigar bar I’ve seen in all of our travels was in West End. They had individual walls from different areas (Cuba, DR, Nicaragua and Honduras) with many options from each area. What a magnificent place to find while on vacation!!! 😉


    Unfortunately during our visit last year it was closed and being revamped, not sure if it will be reopened. It’s definitely worth taking the time to post this question to the experts/locals on the Roatan forum on tripadvisor to find out if it will be or not. If not there is a good cigar store (good humidor storage) in West End across the street (on the beach side of the road), I bought some nice Cubans there for a decent price. Also a couple of excellent Honduran cigars that I really liked. Beware smaller or less reputable shops in town, and never, never but from vendors on the beach as I’m sure you know…


    AS an aside, West End is a great place to get dropped by your guide or taxi and take a $2pp water taxi over to West Bay.


    Some other western Carib destinations have good options and some do not. I believe I saw this post for Costa Maya, there I would come prepared and bring a cigar with you to wherever you’re going.


    Enjoy! 🙂

    Blue water, do you know if this shop opened back up?  What is the name?

  9. 1 minute ago, crewsweeper said:

    Read the recent reviews on LFK.  Seems to be having some issues. Some still have a good time, others not so much.

    When DW and SIL went there 2 or 3 years ago, they had a great time. Easy to get to from Mahogany Bay.  But that was before all the uproar over "animal rescue" raids and a fire

    Thank you.  I may stick to West Bay.  


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