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  1. Due to political rioting the Prime Minister has cancelled all cruise stops to the island until further notice.
  2. Thanks for checking in and posting your boarding times and experience. We wll be on board in 12 days in an SS category as well (6096) and found that information very helpful. Could I bother you for these details as well; Who is your cruise director? Is the pool area overly crowded on your sea day and are the cabanas around the pool being used? -Wife loves to spend all day at the pool on sea days and we are trying to decide if it is wise just to spend some additional monies for some guaranteed space (cabana) up on the pool deck. Thank you in advance for this and any additional info you can provide. : )
  3. - The package offered/posted was purchased and then the $50pp OBC was added onto my documents under guest information on our guest booking confirmation.
  4. FYI. Just was offered Club Orange on our December 7th sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam @$350 for the week, with $100 of that being OBC. This breaks down to $17.86 per person, per day for the cruise.
  5. I just watched a video showing that the Lobster Shack on Half Moon Cay was closed. Does anyone know if this is a permanent action or just something that happened that week/that individual's cruise? Thanks in advance.
  6. I find the NCL info very interesting... Thanks for the heads up on that! The July/familes angle is something I hadn't taken into consideration as well.
  7. Pre-paid our parking with Park connect. Super easy booking. Plug in your cruise date and it confirms your days away. 7 nights parking was $49.00 for our July 12th Carnival Miracle cruise. The parking garage is they direct you to use is the Channelside Parking Garage which is directly across the street from the terminals. (369 S.12th St is the address) Our boat was docked at terminal 3 so it was maybe a 2 minute longer walk from car to boat compared to if the boat was at terminal 2. I dropped off family and luggage, parked and was back with them in 7 minutes. On the return you go to the gate, hit the call button and tell them your order number and the gate opens and you are on your way. - Very easy process from beginning to end and the rate for how close you are to your boat really is respectable.
  8. Have read so many different times of day and things regarding this excursion I thought I should document our day: Highly recommend this tour through Carnival. Here is the lowdown Exotic shore excursions is the company that Carnival charters. Fantastic service. 7:30am meeting in theatre We were on 1st tender loading starting at 8:00 pull away from ship, 8:20 Belize City, 8:50 had to wait for guests who couldnt get up in time for the 8:20 pull away :/ so the 50 person boat to Cay Caulker didn't leave till 9:35 Cay Caulker, 10:25 food order put in for when you get back, bathroom break and equipment pick up at the lazy lizard done at this time. back out 11:00am 2 stops for rays and sharks about 20 min total out and 20 back 1 hour and 20 minutes snorkling. heavy currents in ocean. back to lizard @1:00pm lunch at 1:30 loading boat back to Belize City 2:15 pull out 2:30 Back to Belize City 3:20 shopped for trinkets for 15 minutes tender boat back to ship 3:35 back on boat 3:55 last tender was 4:15 - 10 of us went on this excursion. 2 of us stayed back on Cay Caulker (my wife and I) All 8 said the reef tour AND the staff were unbelievable. Jose, Edna, Louis, Kareem and Henry. Edna stayed with the youngest one in our group (11) the whole time in water. Fantastic service she was give is what I was told. My wife and I stayed and explored what I would consider one of the last truly untouched islands in the Caribbean. Rented a golf cart (delivered to us at the Lizard) for $12.50 US an hour (kept it all 4 hours-$50 cash, bring a drivers licenses) so when my friends came back from their snorkling they could take a quick runabout of the island as well. Went and had crepes at a little breakfast shop and drove around while the others were on reef. Youtube can give you a vibe of what a laid back, simple island in the middle of nowhere is to see if it is something that interests you. We also did this to decide if this is an island we would like to come back to and visit for a few days in the future. We are quite the adventurous types and have done many excursions on our own. I would only recommend getting to Cay Caulker on this Carnival run tour. There are to many variables that could go sideways through this longf day for you to not get back to the ship on time. Besides, the staff is fantastic and very knowledgable. Lunch is not included in your fare but once you see how long it takes and the fuel they burn up getting you out and back from these reefs it is actually a fair rate in my opinion. Should mention- Our weather was perfect all day which really helped with the colors of the reefs and water. An overcast or rainy day could really hamper this excursion. I couldn't imagine riding out to the reefs at the speeds we were doing and getting hit by rain. hope the info was helpful
  9. Just got back from our July 12th cruise. Booked a decent casino rate with some perks but what a letdown. - Craps table had 2 night's that were fun with some people playing for about an hour but my game of choice is 3/2 blackjack. - Only one table available every evening and I had to ask to have it opened. They didn't seem to mind but after awhile it was wondering, do they even want my action?! I ended up being the only player on that table all week. (their words) There are benefits to playing straight up but let's face it, hand counts rack up pretty quickly and at $25 a hand bankroll management must be controlled. So I am curious, has anybody else had a similar experience like this lately? ($25 tables with no action)
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