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  1. It is what you have time and money to do. If you can, the land portion or any land trips are great because it is much different than the cruise portion......give you much better understanding of size and beauty of Alaska. However, we have heard some people turn down a trip to Alaska because they didnt have the time or money to do cruise and the land portion. My recommendation is to do some good homework, compare prices and reviews, use this board for great source of research on specific topics.......and then get you a trip together and go. We have been 4 times and take different land opti
  2. We also have 2 cpaps and now let HAL have our extension cords and gallon of distilled water. So simple and very little money to not have to lug around distilled water. Plus, depending on where the outlets are they will take charge of setting up electrical cords. I am trying to remember if it might have been Nordam we were on in a standard veranda room that did not have outlets by/behind bed and they had to run them across room toward vanity and they put down a towel on top of cord to remind us to watch out for cord........but most ships have outlets near bed
  3. A little extra space in cabin and bathroom..........
  4. We always like a variety of shows.........musicians, comedians, dancers, .......but HAL sufferers greatly. We have gone HAL on last few trips because of the cost and the ship had been recently updated and food is about the same, but otherwise we would choose Princess
  5. We agree. After 9 cruises we choose HAL only if the price and iternerary beats out princess. The entertainment is very poor on HAL compared to other cruise lines. We dont need waterparks, golf, ice skating and 50 shops on board like some people do but we do like to visit the theater at night for a nice show........and HAL has really gone down in this department.
  6. We sail HAL and Princess.......for entertainment we would give Princess the edge up. We choose first based on itinerary, then secondly on cost and how recent ship has been refurbished. But if all things were even, we would go princess due to night time shows. HAL lacks a bit on night time entertainment to us
  7. We have driven to Girdwood first day of arrival. Since it gets dark later we still had a lot of good viewing before dark. We even had some of our luggage lost by airline and they secured luggage and brought it to our hotel that next morning very early. We had already been to anchorage a few times and wanted to get our road trip started early and glad we did
  8. I am another one who vote for princess or holland america as cruiselines for Alaska. Balconies are great if you can afford, just know that you might not use it much if weather is unfavorable but they are wonderful for early morning coffee, viewing coastline and glaciers in privacy and watching some quiet sunsets.......yes weather is different than Caribbean but still love our balconies. For us it is usually itinerary first and ship second but prices usually are better with holland.......we prefer princess a little more due to night time entertainment but we sometimes go holland for the price
  9. We have done it with great niece and it was a bit of an adjustment and challenge but it is doing with a plan and realistic expectations. Our niece and her husband were smart to discuss a plan ahead that included who would be primary responsible parent which day so the other one had a period of relaxation and it was predetermined if little one was fretful at dinner who would take them out ......DONT LET A BABY OR TODDLER INTERRUPT OTHER DINERS WHO HAVE PAID ALOT FOR THEIR VACATON AS WELL. Packing is a bit tricky if you are flying and cruise ships dont have many baby supplies but a lot of por
  10. Not elaborately spacious but better than lesser accommodations.......it would depend on fare as to how much more I would pay.......my real concern is a minor silly one to many people.......my main concern in the location of the TV behind the sofas.........I upgrade my room for both floor space and the additional seating.......but when the sofa is under the TV it eliminates that as a perk.....
  11. We have never run a cruise line so I am not an expert..........but after 8 cruises I would say things are going down hill a bit with regards to services and entertainment. You can have all the new bells and whistles you want to keep modern or contemporary to meet society demands but if you dont have that solid service and professional entertainment then you have lost the whole reason we like holland.......
  12. yes.......inside public space like dining rooms and theaters we always needs sleves....
  13. Things like this is not a great value to us. In fact, the pricing of cabins on Princess altogether is getting a bit more than we can get in equivalent accommodations on some other lines......
  14. Congratulations..........we have done this with family and friends on 3 of our cruises and it is not easy........do-able but not easy. Based on our experience I would recommend you to think and discuss ahead a few things........time differences effect them with their naps and eating so there needs to be a prediscussed plan and back up plan about who stays with little one if the others are in main dining room or theater when baby gets fussy.......not nice for other passengers who have paid so much money to endure an upset whiny baby......nor for 2 parents to argue or debate who is going to t
  15. Yes they watch quite well........they even stopped our luggage from coming to room for odd shaped item that turned out to be my curling iron........called me down to security and asked me if i had “contraband” and I said “no” but was getting concerned and wondering what had been put in my luggage........had me to sign form in front of camera that the luggage was mine and then got me to open the bag and all the while by BP was getting worked up and then I move my pajamas and they see it is my curling iron !!! When I took pocession of my luggage the security form had a statement about a barre
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