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  1. I have heard from many who never have a problem and we didnt either on the first 8 cruises and then on cruise 9 there was a breach of security at the cruise port and it was a long and they were checking all carry on bags and even people’s med bags and planners??. When they saw ours in our original bottles they immediately sent us on through. So between that incident and unforeseen issues with airport security I will take my med bottles just to be safe.
  2. We were in signature suite on westerdam and our room and bathroom was more spacious as noted in earlier comments. We had 2 sinks and plenty of storage and nicest shower we ever had. We were just disappointed that in our cabin the nice large TV was on the wall behind the TV........you could not sit on couch and watch TV??? So my husband sat in smaller chair and once again I sat on bed to watch TV.
  3. It has several months since we were on westerdam but we enjoyed the ship. It had been freshened up in many areas but we heard from some “inside” cabin passengers that their areas were not freshed up as our signature suite had been. We loved the space in our suite and except for the placement of some of the furniture and TV we think this one of our better rooms. Service level was very good but appeared to be limited in some areas with some stewards doing double duty. Shows pretty good. Shopping about like normal for holland. We did not have Protestant pastor/leader for sunday service but they let us meet and had a volunteer. Love the size of this ship. Furnishings getting a little mod/contemporary for my taste but still overall very nice
  4. Loved our signature suite on Panama Canal trip because of the extra space.
  5. We have been on 8 cruises with 5 princess and 3 HAL. Our decision is based on the following: itinerary and price........the lines are very similar. There are a few differences as mentioned: you can usually get a room with mini sofa or better seating in HAL for less money than princess, we have enjoyed entertainment on princess better, HAL usually has minister for church services on board or at least more often than princess. We have also done royal and Caribbean and do not prefer those brands at our age/stage in life due to the noise and non stop business ........we are in 60 and 70’s and go for relaxation and dining and sight seeing but not needing the pool parties and karaoke bars and water park features and non stop games. With both cruise lines it can depend on the ship as to whether the service and furnishings are as pleasant as we hope........but i would go with either if i can get good price on room with small sofa and balcony.
  6. On our trip there was 2......first one was our 2nd night at sea and the 2nd one was key west night if I recall?? It wasn’t our last night so it must have been Thursday night leaving key west. But yes we had 2 nights that were formal nights
  7. To sunlover2...... not sure if JS 8546 will be effected or not, dont have layout of ship at close hand but yes earplugs are easy to pack so that will be ounce of prevention....primary problem for us was pool and buffet area above. Some have commented on noise in atrium during times of music and entertainment but we did not experience much of that storage space in junior suites was great in closets......bathroom space is sufficient but I would have taken a little cheap small plastic basket (1.00 at dollar tree) for small items that roll around as most of bathroom is narrow flat space yes hair dryer was located in a drawer near vanity area there were robes in closet there was only one outlet in our bedroom area which meant a lot of moving devises around if you have cpap or things that need to be charged.......if you by chance have cpaps let me know and i will give you some more update on our situation with that our balcony we good size with t table and 2 chairs TV channel selection was not great but then I realize a lot of people dont watch TV.......as senior citizens we do like to take some breaks and have some down time and at night sometimes after dinner we prefer to go to cabin rather than do shows and nightlight.......we were spoiled on other ships with a selection of channels and interactive TV that had movies etc. this ship does not let me know if you have any other questions
  8. Yes we got that message. Either way, the parking and driving around cruise port is crappy right now. We thought it was just us but we heard from several people who are used to the port complain throughout our cruise and now today we hear from friends who said several almost missed ship on Saturday due to problems at port with parking and closed lanes. Maybe they will get it straighted out soon and it will be great looking but we wont be going back there anytime soon
  9. Agree with recent poster that sometimes we just need information ahead so we adjust our expectations accordingly. This cruise was reasonably priced but have had other reasonably priced cruises as well on ships with less age, recent refurshments and more amenities. For us it was a way to get to see key west, sail out of a port that we could drive to and try out a new cruise line. The great thing about cruise critic is that you can read numerous comments and formulate your own opinion and base your plans accordingly. We are home, clothes washed, ready to enjoy my own comfy bed and glad for the memories. Since this was my first live posting while on a ship I appreciate your kindness with any of my missteps along the way.
  10. Regarding daily activities and shows in the centrium (center atrium part of ship open for all to see): A variety of activities occur in centrium and a number of them are played back on the in room TV channels which really gives a great view in the event you cant get close enough to seating or rail to see a good view of activities. Several of these show up llater that night or the next day. They had a dance contest that was quite humorous last night that we could not see very well. Select officers on ship were paired with some passengers to do a short dance off. Looking at it now on TV is even better than it was last night because you can hear and see so much better. So just FYI in case your dining times or other activities conflict with the times there is something going on in centrium.
  11. Yes we knew to use magnet system and spoke to them upon arrival but as noted we had a specific issues with a few cabins on deck 8.........at least 4 complaints from other cabins per customer service notice to us as to why they reassigned the staff ......
  12. As noted by earlier poster RC does have the high pace energy and games and activities and noise level that is preferred by many, particularly younger families with kids and teens. But for couples or seniors who dont prefer the noise and occasional dining room melt downs with kids and just prefer a calmer more subdued environment then RC is a bit more than they desire from that standpoint. Yes i agree with posters that food on princess and holland america has been somewhat better overall but that is subjective. I think it is great how this travel site can allow people to read other people’s experiences and observations and make good decisions how to plan their own travel. And sometimes the tips and suggestions actually help people enjoy their experience better from the beginning because they know what to expect and what NOT to expect. Today we stopped in key west with a beautiful day of weather, a great hop on-and-off tour, a little shopping and some great key lime pie. So now a final day at sea and back to New Orleans. I have to say today has made us a bit happier with overall cruise. Just have to be honest that Nasaua is just dirty and infrastructure is just not enticive to us to visit again with all the other beautiful ports of call that are available.......but a lot of people like it. Again, just to have people give some comments ahead about ports of call is helpful for people to have reasonable expectations of where they are going.
  13. Yes we have found French fries to be very good and family has said soft serve ice cream very good. Hotdogs and hamburgers pretty good but not quite as good as some cruise lines who have special areas around pool with real grills making them fresh.....i have not found the pizza as good on vision as with other ships but there is a variety of staff items that should please most people who love salads. I was asked about price of alcoholic beverages and it appears that most are saying prices are equal to or greater than other cruise lines. I can say that the few drinks that our crowd has purchased it has been slightly more expensive than the 15 day cruise we took on holland america last December. But all of them still agreed it was still cheaper for them to buy individual drinks than committing to any of the beverage packages...... we went to chops last night (compliments of our travel agent) and found the meal very good. Steaks were wonderful, shrimp large and of course the quiet elegant environment is an added benefit away from the busy, sometimes noisy dining room. Our family would not cash up and pay for these meals but nice when you get them thrown in as a thank-you by travel agent regarding questions about shops: yes there are periods during day that shops are not opened. Last night we went by to take a stroll through prior to dinner and they were closed until 6:30 and the staff member nearby mentioned that it was opened and closed at various times. I guess i missed that notice but it was no big deal...... regarding medical services: yes medical services are noted in the daily schedule and mentions specific times that medical unit is open and closed......yesterday it was a few hours in morning and then a couple of hours late in the afternoon regarding cabin services: yes our services have improved since they did whatever staff changes that took place on our 2nd full day for several of our cabins on the 8th deck. I think it important to note that it is always good to ask cabin stewards on the first day any questions you might have. (how to operate TV, how to secure certain items or accommodations that you had requested that are not in room, how often you prefer ice). Some cruise lines have their staff take the time to specifically address this when they come to room to introduce themselves and others do not. For example on several of our Princess and Holland American cruises we have often had cabin stewards to greet us at which time they ensure they know how to pronounce our name, ensure the items that travel agents have purchased are inour room, ensuring we have items we requested related to medical accommodations, ensuring we have ice and to ensure we know how to operate the TV and telephone. But a lot of cruise lines dont do that. So just be sure you ask any questions that you have........if there is no answer or you still have questions then call customer services
  14. As noted in earlier post the layout in windjammer is due to age of ship.......but a tip i would give for anyone who has not sailed vision in past would be to walk through to see what all is available before you assume that the food bar at front entrance is the main food.......the first food area you come to has some salad type products and some premade entree items but as you continue on around there is an area of fresh foods like freshly made omelets and freshly cooked eggs, and freshly sliced roast beef and freshly cooked pasta .......and the sweets and fruits are out further in the middle of the seating area........it took us a meal or so to figure it all out. So just walk around some as sometimes the fresher on the spot cooked food is not at the front entrance..... as with some buffets it gets very crowded sometimes so we always get someone to claim a table and swap out getting our food
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