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  1. Was on Disney Fantasy and they plucked a few guys out of the ocean. This was back in 2016 I think, those guys get a ride right back to Cuba from what I understand.
  2. Booked NCL Joy to Bermuda in May 21, and Mardi Gras in Nov 21. Here's to the future!
  3. Since it's first time to run, perhaps it's just burning off paint, oils and other materials in the exhaust system.
  4. Europe is basically beta testing this for us in the real world. Cool thing is we actually get to see the pros and cons of it in real time. I'm sure they will tweak it as they go.
  5. I think the European model works around this with the Covid Insurance for $18 per passenger. They should just build it in to the price. But if you have the insurance, this takes care of your lost fares and expenses. Nothing is perfect, and it looks like some of you will never sail again.
  6. here is what is like on MSC , Nutshell, Temp + Swab test. Fail either you are denied boarding. Everyone is issued a tracking wrist band, to monitor whom you have been around as well. You can buy Coronavirus insurance for $18 euro per passenger. So if you don't do that, sounds like your out your money, if you are denied boarding. You can only go on Cruise endorsed excursions. They have spent $600k US per cruise for medical testing. Ouch.
  7. This is already being done in Europe, people using swab test who tested positive were denied boarding. You can surely find out exactly what the procedure is online. It's talked about in this Youtube
  8. ahh, found the small print On select cruises , only. Probably the one's during the school year. 🙂
  9. Long time Carnival customer. Looking to do an Alaska in August 2021 Either the Encore or Bliss, Looking at the offer today it looks like Kids is in the offer on the home page, but every time I fill out a mock booking, it doesn't not ask age or Have that come up on the Pick 2. Am I missing something in the fine print. Best
  10. I have some close friends that got Covid, they say they are susceptible to getting it again after about two months. I'd heard this before, not sure what to believe anymore, but this was from their doctors, and I don't know if I believe that either.. I gotta bad feeling this will mutate this winter enough to be another virulent strain. It's not going to go away. Vaccine or not, it looks like we might be dealing with this 3 years from now. It's becoming the new normal. Glad I got one last cruise in before the crap hit the fan.
  11. Lol, good job! Well no worries there I know nothing about anything. and no one is going to let me be in charge of anything. I just have a keyboard and internet and a IQ of about 70. 🙂
  12. But Costa and P&O UK have cruises scheduled from mid October onwards I read that as in "CARNIVAL" branded ships.
  13. It's killing their stock price, when they miss their sail dates. I think they are tamping down expectations at this point. Since the virus hasn't fundamentally changed, and seems to be on the uptick. It doesn't look good for any 2020 sailings at this point IMHO. Come on vaccine!, need that before this thing mutates into something else. If I was in charge, I would just keep those over 70 or with compromised immune systems from sailing and just do it. But this is more than just a issue with the CDC, unfortunately. Mexico extended their non-essential travel ban. All of the righ
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