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  1. My daughter and family went out about 10 days ago in Reno, most things are open, the restuarants are only allowed limited capacity. Casino's in Nevada open this week again with limited capacity.
  2. Got the renewal notice today and the insurance is only £90.00 more than last year.
  3. Heaven forbid you disagree with them😁😁
  4. That is what happened to us the deposit went back to Credit Card the rest into bank.
  5. My husband only messaged P&O 2 weeks ago, and had an apology by return with the promise to look into the delay. We were very surprised on Wednesday when we got a message to say the payment had been proccessed on Tuesday. I hope P&O now have a better system in place for refunding everyone.
  6. Our refund for R006 11 April has been paid, money went into bank overnight.
  7. It was around the end of March we put our claim in We were due out on Aurora on 11 April. R006
  8. We got a notification today to say our refund had been proccessed yesterday, wonder how long it will be before the money actually reaches the relevant accounts. We were due on the 11 April Aurora cruise
  9. We recieved an email this morning saying our full refund for R006 Aprill 11 cruise was proccessed yesterday. Funds not in bank yet.
  10. I checked with our Travel insurance company last night about future travel that we have booked and insurance renewal due in a couple of weeks. As long as we renew with them we are fine. The main things were your holiday/travel had to be booked before 09.00 on 14 March 2020, you are not travelling against FCO advice and you have not been told by a doctor not to travel. We would also be covered if we did contract Covid as our travel was booked before the cut off date. At least I know we are fully coverd by our insurance if our trip to the US goes ahead.
  11. Our Travel insurance is due for renewal at the end of the month so will see what they are offering when the renwal comes in. We have flights to the US booked for the end of September to visit family, so we need some cover incase we have to cancel the flights.
  12. We just had the Red and Green life machine there, which did an amazing job
  13. Disney have cancelled all cruises until end of May, also their European and Alaska seasons are cancelled. So I expect most cruise line will be following the same pattern.
  14. I have Fred Olsen's Balmoral, Blackwatch and Boudicca at anchor just across from our house in the Forth
  15. You are correct they are asking people NOT to call 111 unless your symptoms persist for more than 7 days.
  16. Unfortunately most of the ships aren't suitable to be used as hospital ships for anything other than minor cases, and if things are to be believed it will be HDU that will be needed. The QE2 was a nightmare as a hospital ship during the Falklands war trying to get stretchers through the doors with patients on then was fun.
  17. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Disney is shutting down Parks and Cruises from tomorrow for at least 2 weeks. I'll let you know Vampiresse when I hear if they have an end date. My son is due home on Sunday
  18. The quizzes are usually fun and done in teams. I think there is a minimum age limit for Bingo and it can be expensive.
  19. Will be P&O be forced by Goverment restrictions to amend their cancellation policy, if the over 70's are forced to self isolate? I think the P&O brand will lose a lot of their loyal customers if they don't become more flexible about cancellations during this Covid 19 outbreak. RCI are now allowing passengers to cancel cruises up until 2 days before departure.
  20. Loganair are starting the route from Edinburgh in June according to their website 🙄
  21. I got an email from P&O, it doesn't show the cabin number on the cruise personliser
  22. Elaine0138


    Some Insurance companies in the UK are saying the same.
  23. We got our cabin assigned last week about the 50 day mark. Hopefully you will get your cabin number soon.
  24. It is just 16.15 in Miami so the ships will all start leaving shortly
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