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  1. I will be going on my first Marella cruise (on the Discovery), in a few weeks, though I have been on many cruises with other companies in the past. I have been on this ship when it was Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas, so it will be interesting to see the difference. However, I cannot see any way to pre-book the speciality restaurants in advance, as you can with most other companies. Am I missing something, or is this function not available with Marella ? Thanks
  2. I thought that the Royal Caribbean website was pretty awful, but apparently it's not that bad 🙂
  3. I found my URN, its all good. Thanks for your replies 🙂
  4. I have a P&O account but apparently you are unable to manually create a Peninsular Club account
  5. Thanks for the info, but as this is my first cruise with P&O, I am not yet a member of the Peninsular club. Apparently you have to spend 15 nights on board before you become a member, you can't join prior to your first cruise like other cruise lines. Is there any other way of finding my URN ? Thanks
  6. I have cruised many times with other cruise lines, and have recently booked my first cruise with P&O. After registering for a Cruise personaliser account, and entering the reference number, my booking details are shown. However, After registering for an account on the P&O website (with the same email address), when looking at upcoming cruises, it just says: "We are unable to show you any cruise information at this time..This might be because you have not yet entered a valid URN (unique reference number)" It does not seem to have linked the two systems togeth
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