Hi folks,

We just booked this itinerary; the canal has definitely been on our bucket list for a while now.

It's probably real early, but if anyone else is planning to be aboard we'd love to hear from you. We'd also appreciate it if anyone had any recommendations for activities before or after the cruise (thinking of spending a couple of days in Panama and maybe a day on Grand Cayman).

Barry & Rita
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Windjammer Yankee Clipper, Caribbean, Oct 1980
Windjammer Mandalay, Venezuela-Grenada, Jul 1999
Wind Star, Rome-Venice, Jul 2001
HAL Prinsendam, Baltic, Jul 2002
Windjammer Polynesia, Caribbean, Mar 2004
Windjammer Legacy, Costa Rica, Aug 2007
Caribbean Princess, Southern Caribbean, Dec 2009
NCL Star, Mexico, Feb 2011
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NCL Dawn, Western Caribbean, Dec 2012
NCL Epic, Western Mediterranean, Sep 2013
NCL Pride of America, Hawaii, Dec 2014
Royal Clipper, Caribbean, Feb 2016
NCL Dawn, Western Caribbean, Dec 2016
Star Flyer, Panama, Dec 2017