We found the food to be average at best. The first night's dinner took over 2 hours. We spent a lot of time waiting for things to happen (ex. clear our plates, bring the next course) The staff had difficulty understanding English; all announcements were made in 5 languages; they did not have enough poolside seating; their was basically no "free food" after about 8 o'clock at night; ice cream on the pool deck was "for sale"; appointments were necessary to use the fitness center, sauna, steam bath, and 3 hot tubs in spa area. One morning I was told I could not use the fitness machines (which I could see were not being used) because I did not have an appointment. When I asked what time was the next available, I was told, not until tomorrow. We did enjoy the evening shows. They were very good, but the activities seemed to be sub-par. Needless to say we would not recommend this cruise.