Deck 5 Ventura

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Originally posted by Happytimes2gether
Has anyone stayed forward on deck 5 before ? We’re going on a girls weekend to Bruges , I’m slightly worried as I’ve always had much higher up cabins . Do you really feel more there ??

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When you say Feel more , do you mean movement ?. We have been in the outside cabins on P deck a couple of times,even in Bay of Biscay, the movement to me seemed no different to say deck 12. To be frank I would rather be down on deck 5, it was very quiet, and apart from some noise from the theatre, a good nights sleep.

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I love the forward cabins on Deck 5 (on both P&O and the equivalent Princess ships) and we always try to get a cabin there if we can. You are a few steps from the atrium, International Cafe, etc, one deck below the theatre (so don't need to queue for lifts) and it's easy for my mum to find her way back so she doesn't get lost!!!
Depends how far forward but shouldn't feel as much movement as equivalent cabins higher up the ship.
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We have also been on deck 5/P deck on Ventura - it's a hidden gem! As per previous comment you are really close to the Atrium and on the perfect deck for disembarking at port. There was absolutely no noise and we never had the pain of waiting on the lifts to get to our room. On port days there were often 30 odd people waiting for the lifts.
We found we were at the heart of everything on board.
Another bonus being with significantly fewer people on our deck you had very few people walking past the door making it even quieter and the laundrette was never very busy either. Being lower down P Deck is never going to feel any choppiness.

Keep it to yourself-but I think it's the best place to be. ��