Liz...have you read this article about the school in Haiti?

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The article isn't overtly critical of the school but there does seem to be problems there...

I hope the problems are logistics that can be put right relatively easily as it would be such a shame to lose the school after all the hard graft done by everyone...especially yourself & Donna
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We have known about the article since last week.

The article does not worry Donna & I at all..the Critters are more than happy to continue supporting the school.
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Incase anyone has not seen my reply on Ally's thread on RCCL Forum with regards to the School -

RCCL will be starting construction of the kitchen in the school within a couple of weeks of the materials arriving. This plan has been underway for some time now but is not something that can happen overnight.
The hiring of cooks, installing cooking equipment, refrigeration, preparing storage areas and installing a generator (as there is no power during the day) are all part of the process.

With regards to the location of the school, it is my understanding that the school is within 1.5 miles of Labadie Village in one direction and .59 miles from Comier and 1.2 miles from Ducroix. When RCCL selected the location, the idea was to provide education for these villages which are far from Cap Haitian and Ft Bourgeois which have the majority of the schools.

Getting clear title to any land in Haiti is extremely difficult as numerous people have the titles to the same land. As such, the best solution at the time and now was to position the school where it is, centrally located and on land RCCL had rights to. A huge problem in Haiti is the congestion within the cities due to the fact that Haitian families value education and move to the cities where the schools are. RCCL didn't want to contribute to this problem and chose to put the school in a location that would serve these remote villages so the parents would not have to move to the cities.

I have read this article many times over the past week and in my opinion the reporter had not done her homework on Haiti and had no actual idea just how much has been done by RCCL and volunteers when building this school, getting it up and running/maintaining it.

I have visited this school and met the children and teachers and I can tell you first hand, they all love their school and are very proud of it.
The children are eager to learn, they go to school with smiles on their faces and they are not dragging their feet when they go into their classrooms.

I do not believe for one minute that RCCL built the school for publicity reasons, they did it because they care about the people of Haiti. They did it because they, like many others, believe that helping the children of Haiti will help give Haiti a better future.

The International Critters will continue with their Project for the school for this year -