If anyone has had the experience of dealing with this agency and persons later revealed not to be employees, but "affiliate" persons who receive commissions, please email me. If you were sent an email by them or someone making claims to be with them, offering a lower rate, make sure it is an employee and not a web opportunist(((as opposed to a cheat and a con, since per Ms. Donovan, head of customer service in New York,- "there is nothing illegal about the set up".))) Ther are no licensing requirements to call yourself an "agent". Having your private web site linked to an agency and identifying it as such must be legal, as is promising the same cabin and no cancellation fees. If you have had such experience and been hung up on after refusing to split a cancellation fee, please contact me. I made one mistake, I will not make another.

He who lives by the internet, can suffer from the internet.