We did our first Alaska cruise on Crystal earlier this month - that was a big ship for us as we have usually cruised on Windstar. I want to do visit again on a smaller ship to unwind and enjoy the start of my retirement.

The first Wonders of Alaska and Canada sailing was one of the 7 for 7 deals that ended today so I booked on it to get the price. I wanted to go in May to see a different season since our trip this year was in August. Also because that will be soon after I retire. (The June sailing is 7 for 7 now, but that has a substantially higher fare.)

I've been a bit torn between Windstar and one of the small ship lines that have been doing Alaska - probably UnCruise.

Windstar Pro- a really comfortable ship, great food and much better price.
Con - first Windstar cruise there in a long time. Will there be glitches? Not clear how much time for kayak/zodiac/hiking adventures vs. cruising.

UnCruise Pro - great reviews and trip reports in Alaska. Lots of opportunities for experiences on the water and land in the coves and fjords.
Con - Price. UnCruise has a pretty low multiplier for single rates depending on the ship, but their 14-day single price would still be 1.5 to 2x as much depending on which of their ships. More basic cabins and food (with some variation depending on ship).

At the moment I'm leaning toward Windstar. I think for this trip I may want a bit more luxury rather than more adventure. But being on the first Alaska sailing is a bit of a concern.

What do you think?