Hi folks,

We're just off the Miracle this morning (great cruise!) and I thought I'd share a parking "find" of $16/day instead of the $30/day that the port facility charges.

There is a private parking facility a few blocks from the cruise terminal that is currently running a special promotion that we found online. It on Tenth Ave, between 49th and 50th Streets.

The lot is called Primary Parking and is part of Icon Parking systems. If you Google "Icon Parking System" and then look up "promotions by area" you'll find Primary Parking. The internet coupon has the special rate. We confirmed by calling first, and printed out the coupons, but it worked very well for us with no hitches. They really did honor that rate for the full eight days.

When we arrived at the port facility last Friday my DH dropped me and the kids off out front and drove over to the parking lot. It is next to the Skyline Hotel (watch for signs for hotel). He then took a short taxi ride back although it could easily be walked. He met up with us no more than 20 minutes after dropping us off.

Leaving took a bit longer because after he retrieved the car there was a long lineup to get back into the port facility's pickup locations. Still, it was totally worth saving the money.
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