conflicting information on the three MDR

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I have inquired about this in a couple of general threads/individual reviews, but I thought an independent post might help sort out confusion about whether the Manhattan, Taste and Savor offer different menus or not.

NCL says this:
Originally posted by NCL
Savor, our newest Main Dining Room option is stunning in design, with colors like the setting sun over a deep blue sea. The cuisine is traditional with a contemporary flair. You’ll find Savor aft on Deck Six, on the opposite side of another Main Dining Room, Taste. And although they’re located close together, these two distinct venues offer different menus and décor, providing guests more choices than ever before. This dining option is included in the cruise fare
This clearly states that Savor and Taste will have different menus, and to me it also suggests that those two are different from Manhattan, but that is just me reading into it.

Then the CC review says: "Dinner menus, which change daily, are the same in Taste and Savor, while the Manhattan Room always has its own menu."

Yet people on here have said all three restaurants always have the same menu.

Does anyone who has sailed have any concrete information on this- perhaps the menus from all of them from your sailing?

To me, it seems like a shame if all three venues have the same menu, and somewhat defeats the purpose of adding Savor...
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All three have the same menu, except two of the favorites or everyday items are different in the Manhattan Room compared to Taste/Savor.

The difference is the steak, and the other is the pasta. Manhattan Room has spaghetti with different sauces and Taste/Savor has penne pasta with different sauces.

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