Elation photos from 7-10-05

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vermilion, ohio, usa
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Great pictures! I wish I could find some like that for the fascination!
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9/5 Fascination Cruise<BR>
Miami, FL
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Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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Originally posted by ccamp
Great pictures! I wish I could find some like that for the fascination!
ccamp ~ I've been researching the Fascination for a couple of weeks now as I am cruising her in September, too If you go to www.webshot.com and put in Carnival Fascination in the search engine, you'll see a whole host of people who have sailed her in the past. Also, check out www.cruiseclues.com and click on Fascination in the list on the left of the page and you'll see more.

Please, take lots of pics when you sail and I can't wait to read your review when you return!!!

Happy Sailing!!!
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Ft Worth Texas
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one of my kids is in the photo of the Camp Carnival group. Hope you had as much fun as we did!
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Texas Trio

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Hey thanks for the pictures!! Yall got on the Elation when we got off!!

here are out pictures of our cruise on the Elation July 3-10, 2005!


We have pictures of the Fascination going by us!
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Southern California, between Disneyland and Knott'
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Originally posted by Texas Trio
one of my kids is in the photo of the Camp Carnival group. Hope you had as much fun as we did!
Wish I could leave again this weekend I was hoping someone whose child was in the picture would see it. Feel free to copy any of the pictures, you should be able to just by right clicking on them (windows) If you can't get the one of the kids send me mail to Elation05 (at) ronrythm (dot) com, and I will send you the file or mail you the actual photo.

Live2Cruise I think you got a better picture of the Pizza place than I did. I was afraid to get close, 'cause another piece of pizza migh jump out and force me to eat it!

Guess I'll have to go put a chocolate on my pillow so I can pretend I'm stil out there!