"Free" snorkeling in Freeport/Nassau

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Hume, VA
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I have been reading "all" the snorkeling stuff, but I can't find where there is anywhere to go near the ports to just do good snorkeling. Someone wrote that Paradise Cove was great, but $16/pp rt taxi, and $3 to get on beach, well that is like $100 to go snorkeling for 5 people. Are there really no beaches close to port? Maybe because of the ships there aren't. Any suggestions?? Thanks
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I can't speak for Freeport, but your right about Nassau. The area near the cruise ships is a major port area, and has been dredged to allow these huge ships to enter the harbour. Any reef areas along the harbour have long been destroyed.

Even the reefs along the hotel beaches have been overused and no longer hold much interest. Jet skis, water skiing, fins and sunscreen pollution have depleted these small reefs, so there is little snorkeling off shore unless you rent a car and go to the far end of the island.

If you just want a nice day at the beach and find a few fishes and coral to view, you can either head to the Radisson on Cable Beach, or take the ferry to Paradise Island and walk up to Cabblage Beach. There's an area to the far left called the Cove (inside the breakwater) that usually has some interesting inhabitants.
I must tell you, this is a bit of a hike along the beach, and there is no other access at this time.

The reefs that you'll encounter on a snorkeling tour are teaming with fishes and corals, there is no comparison.
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How far is it to Cable Beach? What does the cab cost? Are there public beaches that can be accessed or do you have to use a hotel's beach like the Radisson?

We are only in port from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM and want to shop a bit too. We would like to go to a clean beach, close to the port, without high waves. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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