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ASAP Help/Opinions Needed re: CB Wedding Location -- leaving in 2 days for wedding!


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Ok -- here is the scenario -- I am getting married THIS saturday onboard the Caribbean Princess. We have 27 guests (9 are sailing). It is an embarkation day wedding -- so afternoon on Saturday. I had originally picked the Spa Pool for location as it is very very pretty compared to the other pools (more architectural features, etc). THEN I was persuaded to go with the AFT/Terrace Pool due to space/other restrictions. I was good with this. We were going to have the wedding party at the very BACK/AFT of the pool and the guests seated across the (small) pool in the "bleachers". An alternate set up would be to have the ceremony at the back corner of the Aft pool, with guests on the back and side of the pool in nice chairs. (CC Member kadiebug12 did hers this way a few months back while at sea)


SO Here is the breaking news and the need for good memories, recollection and feedback:


I am now being "advised" to move the ceremony to the deck that juts out over the terrace/aft pool bar (I believe it might be Outriggers? I can't really read it on the Princess Deck Plan). They would clear out all of the loungers and close the area off for us. I would come down the staircase from the floor above. (WHAT is up there by the way? How am I, and my bridesmaids, going to get UP those stairs to descend w/o being seen prior? Where do those stairs lead?) This is the frustrating part of getting married on a ship I have not seen in person. So here are my questions:


1. Generally, what do you think of the location? (They are saying it will be better for view b/c it is a story higher -- above port bldg)


2. What does this deck look like? What is around there? Any eyesores or things you wouldn't want in your wedding photos? (i.e., entrance to an arcade or something else not really subdued and classy looking?)


3. SPACE. Will it be suitable for approximately 25 seated guests?


4. Any other thoughts on the area. Have you seen any weddings there before?


I look forward to responses ASAP as I have to make this decision rapidly!



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An additional thought/question....it appears that the Terrace Pool itself is on the Riviera Deck? What deck would this deck that over hangs the pool bar be on? At first I thought the next deck up, but there is a staircase from the pool to the bar and then from the bar to the deck I am referencing. I am just trying to pull up the appropriate deck plan to peruse and give to my photographer for strategizing.



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I won't actually be on the ship until October so I can't help much, but there are slightly bigger CB deck plans on cruisesonly.com than on the Princess site. The decks you are interested in are Sun, Lido, and Rivera, in that order. The Lido seems like a nice place to have the ceremony, but I have no idea about the space available.


Good Luck!

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thanks to both of you --


I checked out the deck plans. It is still tough to tell. My coordinator sent me pictures, but I am just having a difficult time visualizing the area. I was hoping someone had spent some time there on their last CB cruise and could give me some input. It is normally a "sunning" deck with lots of loungers (which will clearly be moved for us!) :-)


as for the wedding/anniv. thread -- i am an active participant over there but it is not a "quick" moving thread. I thought I might get more results over here.


Thanks! and if anyone else has more thoughts let me know. It isn't that I think they would "steer me wrong" just that we might not have the same vision, and that if it just is going to look awkward or something I might rather just chuck it and use the chapel (last resort)!

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I've been on the CB twice and seen Kadiebug's pictures. My suggestion is push for keeping the wedding where Kadiebug had her's (if the ship "backed" in and the view is the bridge). If the ship did not back in Demand the Spa Pool!


By the way I think what they are refering to is the back of the sports deck. It's ok but Kadie had a better location.



PS if you have posted since Halloween and know of Beth, who got married in the chapel on Halloween, I got to photograph some at her wedding.

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cabana -- you know where we'll be. :-)


prophotogirl -- unfortunately the "view" is what raised this entire debate. My coordinator was onboard Saturday photographing for me. Apparently the view is the port bldg from the Aft Pool. (It would appear in pictures) Going up what appears to be 2 levels gives us the nice view of the draw bridge (which is a plus). I'm worried about what will be behind us, if we (bride/groom/officiant) are standing by the railing over looking the pool and the bridge.....what will be back behind the guests? To the sides?


I already tried 'demanding' the spa pool. didn't work. :-( that was before kadie even got married by the aft pool. i was much more enamored of the spa pool than the aft, and now just when I have accepted it, they go and change things!


i like kadiebug's location too, but it is certainly complemented by the 'at sea' factor. i am still torn. i have emailed kadie herself to get her take on things.


Thanks for the input. I am going to show my FH the pics she did send (none show the spaces I am asking about above -- all are of the railing looking down to the pool, or the view of the deck from the pool or the deck view from the deck above.......too bad i can't just go get onboard and look until 2 hours before the ceremony. :-)

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If your Ceremony is held where Kadie's was the the view of the guests will be of the bridge in the background if the ship backs in. If you are worried about the view if the photographer is up one flight of stairs shooting the back of the minister/Captain then yes the port building will be in the background. If that is the case just move corners. Kadie's was on the right corner facing out move your to the left corner facing out. that way the photographer can still shoot from behind the Captain but get beach front houses in the background. Either way your guests still hav a view of the bridge.

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Prophotogirl -- I've looked at Kadie's pictures. I have nonetheless moved the location upon my consultant's advice. We didn't particularly like the set up for Kadie's ceremony (at the angle) -- just b/c I am a little compulsive I think -- I wanted it to be 'centered' in front (I guess in back) of the pool with guests across the pool and perhaps on each side. My consultant showed me photos of that set up which aren't as asthetically pleasing as they would be if we were up higher. We don't have the out to sea advantage, either. :-(


So, I guess what I am looking for here, instead of what it would be like down by the pool is what the deck (above the terrace pool bar) looks like facing forward (away from the back of the ship) and to the sides.....I think our photographer will be able to get some great shots whichever place we end up. He is just great. I just want to be able to visualize what I will be seeing all around (ie is there an arcade/fun zone right there or is it on a different deck)


So, anyone have any more thoughts? Pictures that happen to have that deck in them? :-)

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I've been scouring the message boards looking for wedding locations myself and stumbled on a reference to this site--tons of pictures of the ship, including the pool deck. May have what you're looking for.http://www.thepreismans.com/



And, selfishly, would you mind posting pics when you get back? We're getting married on the CB next year.


Good luck!

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