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Suebee/Spleen - phoning home from Hawaii??


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Suebee, Spleen or anyone else that knows -
My cell phone service does not include Hawaii. I'll be in Hawaii two weeks in March 2005, the first week on the Pride of Aloha cruise and the second week in Oahu. I'm sure I'll want to call home a few times during my stay. I've gotten conflicting answers to this so thought I'd ask here.

Some have suggested getting pre-paid phone cards to bring with me. Others have said they won't work in Hawaii and I should wait until I'm in Hawaii to buy them. Can anyone offer the best way to phone home?? Thanks!
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Hmmm, I cant answer for sure. I would think that if you were worried about it, that buying them here would be the safest.

I question why your service doesnt include Hawaii. My families cell phones all include Hawaii and they're all the way in MA. If you have satellite, you should have Hawaii on there. I would question that.

You might get a better answer out of someone who visits here. Our service includes all of the USA except for remote areas. Good Luck

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Maybe your cell phone works here (and unless you have something like Cricket or one of those local kind of cell phones it really should) But there might be a roaming charge (which could get expensive).

However, regarding the phone cards. I have used phone cards I bought here in the mainland and some on bought on the mainland here. So, that is probably a myth. I know because they were the type you can call and recharge with more minutes and did it for my son so he could call me.

Hope that helps.


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I live in a very remote area and don't have a lot of choices for cell service, so my service covers most of the east coast. I'm sure my cell phone would work in Hawaii, but the roaming charges would be pretty expensive. I guess I'll check with whatever phone card I buy to make sure it can be used in Hawaii.

Mahalo for your help!
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Who is your cell phone provider? Some providers will let you change your plan for a month so that coverage includes the entire U.S. Of course, major long distance carrier phone cards will work in Hawaii, just as they would on the mainland. But it's so convenient to use a cell phone - you may also want to look at a prepaid cell phone purchased in Hawaii. That would work as well.


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I used a Target/MCI prepaid phone card purchased in Florida to call from Hawaii. The only extra was the usual 4 unit charge for using a pay phone. Just make sure the card says it is for United States use.


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I pay $49/month for my regular cellphone service with Cingular which includes free long distance and free roaming. Last week in Maui, I could call anywhere from anywhere. The roaming (GSM) is via T-Mobile, formerly Voicestream.


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Any phonecard (MCI, AT&T, etc.) will work fine from Hawai'i (as was said above, it should say it is for US use). Also, my carrier is T-Mobile (formerly VoiceStream), and my cell phone worked fine last time I was in HI in 2001. It also worked great from on board ship, as long as we were in sight of an island with a tower on it!

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Off the exact question but TWA4Ever reminded me of something hysterical we heard on board the Wind 5/29-6/9/04 trip we just returned from.

Here we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean heading down to Fanning Island (2nd sea day out of the Hawaiian Islands) and two women were talking and complaining that their cell phones weren't working and that they were a "piece of garbage". Hmmmmm, last I checked there were no cell phone towers in the middle of the ocean. Yes, we did take the time to explain to them after ascertaining that they weren't using a satellite phone but it was funny none the less....they never even knew about cell phone towers. When we told them what they looked like they told us that they thought those were for television reception but never understood why the dish part looked different. Not to say anything bad about the elderly but I don't expect them to "keep up with the technical side" of technology...these were not older individuals though and they could only be somewhere between 30 and 35 years old...We all had a chuckle at the end and the next day when we saw them they were even joking about it.

FYI-Nextel (both cell and walkie talkie functions) work beautifully in Hawaii. Walkie talkied back to Florida and it sounded like I was right there....crystal clear. Checked the bill on line when we got back and nationwide coverage really was nationwide....no additional charges.

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