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  1. Are the standard prices ever discounted once on board?
  2. I also wonder how representative NYC is of the rest of the USA. London isn't representative of the UK,
  3. E: It might do but it shouldn't. ;-)
  4. Carnival are not going to remove the USP of Cunard - moderate formality and smartness - in a hurry; it's a niche product on 3 ships, and fits alongside their other lines. I agree with others that 25% does not match my experience.
  5. So the Cunard web site is just wrong?
  6. Celebrity are having to slash some Med prices nearer embarkation, eg on the U.K. site, 9 nights in Aqua for £1179, 30 October, Barcelona to Venice, including drinks and grats. https://www.celebritycruises.co.uk/cruises/cs-9-night-french-riviera-dalmatian-coast/CS09M118/20191030/?gty=false Stuart
  7. Don’t put yourself down! There’s no correlation between number of degrees and interesting conversation! (I can say that with 5, and could bore you silly talking about my research.) Just ask to be on a table with 6 or 8 people, and you’ll be fine. Incidentally, we’re hugely cost-conscious too, funding our cruises by food shopping at LIDL. Stuart
  8. And a very ornate italic script is barely legible. I don’r try. Stuart
  9. Of course, P&O, Cunard's sister line in the Carnival fleet, have abolished "pseudo-compulsory" gratuities entirely. In various discussions and reports on the P&O board, it became pretty clear that those gratuities had no impact on staff income at all; they just boosted Carnival's bottom line. I'm not saying that Cunard works in the same way, but I think the consensus is that one should assess critically anecdotal conversations with crew members about what actually happens with those gratuities. Stuart
  10. We’ve cruised four times with Celebrity, 2014-2017, in Aqua or balcony, always with drinks package. A great experience each time. Every one was less than £150pppn, excluding air fares which we booked separately. Last year, Cunard to the Canaries significantly undercut Celebrity (though paying for each drink mounted up!) but booking onboard for $430 OBC each for next year to the Baltic was a no-brainer. Now, with Carnival shares purchased, adding another $250 OBC every time on longer cruises, Celebrity’s current pricing looks decidedly unattractive, apart from last minute bookings. Stuart.
  11. It happened on the QE last autumn; no jacket, no entry to the MDR. Stuart
  12. Even QG is that price! No way will Cunard honour it! Stuart
  13. Cunard still does, of course, and since its prices are comparable with Princess and HAL and now often cheaper than Celebrity, it’s definitely mid-market. Stuart
  14. For the difference in prices I’ve seen on some cruises, say £3k vs £6k, you could probably book the speakers to give you a private audience!
  15. Yup - but were they on a private tour, or just forgot the time. This ‘we won’t go without you on an official tour, but won’t wait otherwise’ is the standard scare tactic of all cruise lines. It’s tiresome, but lucrative for them. Imagine for one moment what would happen to a private tour company which missed the boat. Reputation torn to shreds; every cruising or travel forum across the world told. Sales would plummet. So it might happen occasionally - like the zip-line accident referred to above. But if someone needs protracted medical attention on an official tour, the ship would probably go. Have always taken private tours; never ever been worried about being back in time. Stuart
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