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  1. Can someone please tell me who the current one is.
  2. $127/day (including taxes and fees) for a single balcony L126.. Plus a $250. on board credit. To the person who asked. No, I am not a shill I have taken many more Carnival cruises than Princess. So excuse me for alerting my fellow cruisers that there are better offers out there. And to the wisenheimer who made the obnoxious crack, I most likely will be back on Carnival. Especially if they offer me some more free cruises (got 3 so far). Some people need to validate their choices by belittling everyone else's. That person must be foaming at the mouth seeing the rates I got
  3. Good to know. I assume it was less than buying a new Wi-Fi package. Thank you for your reply.
  4. I decided to order this for my upcoming 5-night cruise. The cruise is $85/day. The drinks package is $70/day with gratuities added on. As my boss used to say, "Cheap is dear." On my recent Princess cruise they charged $50,/day for their package which also included WiFi with streaming and tips. So Carnival isn't always a bargain. When I did the math, 2 coffees, 3 mixed drinks and 3 glasses of wine will easily come to $70 when you add in gratuities, so it still is woth the money. And I didn't even think of bottled water. But that Princess package was an incredible deal. And WiFi on Carnival will not stream music so I wouldn't bother but that would really make the Princess package a sweetheart deal. I guess that's one of the reasons why I have 2:future bookings with Princess and none with Carnival.
  5. My booking includes Browsing only. I would like to add on Streaming without having to buy a new package. I can't do that with the add-ons before sailing but I read that can be done once on board. Anyone have experience with that? This a 12-night cruise so I will buy a whole other package if I have no other choice. Thanks.
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