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  1. Hi, We will be in Dubai in April 2024 and love the idea on staying on the QE2 (we stayed on the Queen Mary at Long Beach years ago). I am struggling with google maps - how far and hard is the walk to the Port Rashid Cruise Terminal? Also how far and hard is the walk to any public transport? We want to see the Burj Khalifa and would prefer not doing a tour or a taxi. Thanks!
  2. Thank you GTJ - this is the sort of detail I was hoping to get. I have travelled lots of metro/train/tram systems including New York in the past (we stayed in a different area) and have managed fine but in London with the tube we did get stuck with some track closures and more steps than expected so am a bit 'paranoid' about checking when taking luggage. Thank you for defending us Aussies but yes Charles4545 our systems are different - we have much less frequent services and very few multilevel ones - we might have 16 platforms but they are all on the same level. I remember NY as being well signed. I appreciate everyone's feedback and definitely will take all advice onboard.
  3. Hi All, In October will need to get from Manhattan Cruise Terminal to Canal Loft Hotel and back between 1st & 2nd cruise (got really good deal) - google says use Grand Street and 50St Stations - is this the best way and are they ok with luggage - will have 1 medium bag but probably 20-23kg each (2 of us)? Google is showing the route also with lots of 'i' signs will this be done by then? Thanks for any help.
  4. Thank you - I have reread my paperwork and from the TA it says overnight for Day 12 - which made me think we could see Egypt before the transit. Will have to decide now what is most important to us.
  5. Can anyone confirm if there is an opportunity to visit Egypt with these tours? I saw the itinerary and loved it and booked it strait away but looking - it does show Port Suez Canal North and South on 2 separate days? Do you get off at one end for and on at the other as the times for arrival and departure are the same or do you stay on boat with no opportunity to see Egypt except from the boat. We are not travelling until next year but before booking any flights I'd like to make sure we are doing what we think we are. I don't want to wait until shore tours come out to find I've made a big mistake. Thanks All for any help!
  6. Thanks All - that definitely helps with my packing (and looking good of course!)
  7. IF the q for me - We have used goinsurance - it covers covid 19 and cruises - unlike Covermore who wouldn't cover you if you get covid 19 on a cruise and we found it really great value for similar product as NIB etc 🙂
  8. Hi All, Some of our other cruises we have done have special themed events ie White Party, Tropical etc. Do MSC do this? We are doing a Norway only cruise from Kiel, Germany return and a 'Western Med Cruise' from Genoa to Malaga (Spain, Morocco, Portugal (Island). Also how many 'dressier/formal nights' do you normally have on a 10 night cruise. Thanks all! - this will hopefully let me pack lighter.
  9. Hi All, I'm from Australia and are doing two cruises next month - both in Europe. We just had to sign paperwork and provide details of our Travel Insurance with levels of cover meeting MSC minimum requirements. For us travel insurance is still required and we have to carry a copy with us for boarding.
  10. Hi Ejtpa, Thank you for making the effort and sharing this. Could you please also share who you used for the private Alesund tour and what it included? Also where did you get the Covid tests you needed before the first cruise. Thanks!
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