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  1. Laundry Room question Is there Fabric softener or should I bring some fabric softener sheets? I was surprised at the Laundry charges; cheaper than my local cleaners. Thanks to all for the great info on this board.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I missed it on the website.
  3. Is Viking still furnishing bathrobes and slippers to use while on board? Thanks for the update.
  4. Thanks for all of the great info. I will try to get about 4 people to use WhatsApp. I only need them to be able to contact me in an emergency. WhatsApp will allow them to text me at no cost. While in London our hotel has free Wi-Fi and also there is WiFi in the tube stations.
  5. When booking a Viking Ocean Cruise in the USA and excursions, where does Viking process the charges. At one time all Viking credit card charges were processed in Europe, therefore there were currency exchange fee and if not using the correct credit card also foreign transaction fees. Has Viking changed where credit card changes are processed?
  6. We have Verizon as our cell phone provider. We are considering adding the(Limited) Monthly International plan for our trip (May 7-25). We will be on the British Ilsa Explore cruise. We want family to be able to contact a few times while we are traveling. Any reviews on Verizon Monthly plan would be helpful. Thanks for all the great info on this board.
  7. Thanks for the info. We have a wish list for the excursions. Also planning our 4 days in London before boarding the ship. Planning trip to Bletchley Park (Code Breakers during WWII) and Churchill's War Rooms. This is our 2nd trip to London and we did all of the major Tour attractions before.
  8. We will be sailing on Viking Sun from London in May. We will also spend 5 days in London before boarding the ship. Question on using WI-FI in London and on board We will have free Wi_Fi in our hotel. There is free Wi_fi in most of the tube stations. We have ATT service with Samsung S7 phones. If we set our phones to airplane mode, will we be able to receive/send calls and or text messages without incurring extra charges such as the $10 per day Passport from ATT? We want family to be able to contact us while we are traveling. Thanks for the help with our cell phones
  9. We booked a DV guarantee for the British Ilse Explorer Just learned we are in cabin 5080. It looks like a good location. Does anyone know the window/sliding door for this cabin? Thanks for the info.
  10. We cruised the POA on the Jan 12 sailing. We booked it to see the other islands. It will be very different from your Oceania cruise. The food will NOT be of the same quality. The Omelettes in the cafe was good, but fresh OJ was an extra charge. Ice cream at the Ice cream shop was all extra charge. We ate in the dining room on deck 5 in the evening. Several people ordered the grilled steak. They call complained that the steaks were tough. I was shocked that the bread was cold. Wines will be very expensive. Our cabin steward was great. Dining room service was good. Most of the cafe service were good. All beverages in the cafe will be self serve. There is a coffee cafe with snacks and coffees, all for an extra charge. Room service is limited and has a $7.95 convenience fee. The refrigerator in the cabin is fully stocked with soft drinks, wine, water all at an extra change. We had booked a balcony cabin. The shower was small and there was 1 small area for storage in the bath. The closet was OK, The balcony on 2 plastic chairs. The desk did not have a draw to storage hair brush, hair clips, etc. We did enjoy the cruise and seeing the islands. It was our first vacation to Hawaii but I do not expect to cruise again with NCL. Our next 2 cruises will be on Viking Ocean.
  11. Was on POA Jan 12 sailing. The only reason we took this cruise is NCL POA does go just around the islands. POA is an American Flagged vessel. Ship was clean, service was good and our cabin steward was great. We ate breakfast in the cafe. We boarded on a Saturday.Salt & Pepper shakers showed up on Wednesday morning. If you wanted a beverage it was self serve. Fresh orange juice was an extra charge. The cook to order omelettes were very good. Ate our evening meals in the Dining room on deck 5. Several people during the cruise ordered the grilled steak. They all complained that the steak was tough. I was shocked to find that the dinner bread was just room temperature. Bread was not warmed. Room service had a $7.95 convenience charge. Wine was very expensive. Cheapest by $9.95 by the glass plus 20% gratuity; cheapest bottle was $35. I priced a couple of bottles that I purchase locately for $12-15 a bottle. On the cruise they were $45 a bottle plus 20% We did not attend any of the shows. We were in a balcony cabin. The closet space was good. There was no drawer at the desk to hold brush, hair clips etc. If you have cruised Oceania, Viking Ocean, Holland, Princess or similar do not expect this to be the same. It was a relaxing why to see several of the island in a short amount of time. We did enjoyed our cruise and visiting the islands. It was the first vacation trip to Hawaii for us.
  12. We are booked on POA for Jan 12. I would like to do the Atlantis Sub tour while at Kona. Is this possible? Also any suggestions for the date we disembark? I do not want to do the 8 hours tour that NCL offers. We will be arriving early and plan to do the complete National Parks Arizona and other tours before our cruise. Thanks for the help. :rolleyes:
  13. Several years ago DH & I did a cruise from Rome to Venice. We flew into Venice for a land trip , 2 nights Venice, 2 nights Florence and 3 nights Rome. We add 1 additional in Rome to connect with the Boarding date for the ship.What ever you choose, enjoy your trip. PS. Do a comparison for Princess vs Viking Ocean (or any other line) on Total Cost. On 1 river cruise we found that all of the extra cost made the "cheaper" river cruise line about $1000 more than the more expensive all inclusive line.
  14. Thanks for the great information. I will check the bookings on the Australian/New Zealand cruises for 2020. Any suggestion for which direction. We also plan to do a pre or post cruise to the Great Barrier Reef.
  15. :rolleyes: We will be on our first VO cruise in May 2019, British Ilse May 11 boarding. We have completed 4 Viking River Cruises. We are also planning a New Zealand/Australia cruise for 2020. Are there any advantages to booking the 2020 cruise while on the May 2019 cruise? Thanks for all the great info.
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