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  1. Welcome to the beautiful Viking Ships. A lot of thought was put into the layout and design of the cabins.from reading lights for the beds, phone charger plugs, etc. The Baths have a lot of storage. We bring some easily removable Command Hooks to place hats & Jackets. There is really no place to put items in the shower, therefore we pack a net bag to place in the shower to hold shampoo, conditioner, etc. My husband likes a bar of soap, so we always pack bath soap The only place in the shower is a small ledge. We place a note in the small refrig for our preferred replacement items
  2. Thank you for posting. Know you have a great time. Question on Snack. What was available for snacks? Any fresh fruit, veggies, or cheeses put out for snack? How was breakfast? Was it only order from the menu? Was there an omelet station?
  3. Thank you. My husband will probably take a sport coat for warmth. It will be a good change from wearing a vest all day. In cooler temperatures such as Alaska we usually wear "layers" of long sleeve shirts, maybe a sweater vest and/or a vest and always our rain/wind jackets on excursions. He will probaby wear long sleeve collared shirt, sports coat and dress pants. I usually wear black pants with colorful top and light jacket at night.
  4. Back to Back: Great Lakes & Niagara Falls We are booked to board in Thunder Bay on Sep 17, 2022 and depart the ship in Toronto on Oct 1, 2022. I was trying to decide which cruise to take when I "discovered " we could do both itineraries. Problem solved! Just put final payment date on the calendar for September 2021.
  5. Thank you. My husband may take a sports coat for wear at night. I guess the evening dress will be "country Club or business" dress not jeans. We have been on some river cruises we worn (and everyone) jeans. We got back from a tour and it was time for dinner. Know we will need to dress in layers during the day. The Alaskan waters will be cold and therefore the temperatures will be cooler.
  6. We are booked on the Juneau to Juneau Alaskan cruise for June. We would like to learn more about the tours offered on ACL Alaskan cruises. Any tours to recommend or to avoid? Thanks for any information on ACL Alaskan cruises.
  7. We are booked on the Constellation Juneau to Juneau cruise for June 12, 2021. This will be our first ACL cruise. What is the dress for the evening dinner? How formal is the dress at night on the ACL ships? Thanks for the help.
  8. Viking does not have any big "Shows" for entertainment. Viking offers 1 or more lectures each day. Lecture subjects are on local culture and history. On our New Zealand/Australia cruise one of the lecturers was an Astronomer from Tasmania.
  9. Having sailed on both Oceania and Viking, we prefer the smaller Viking ships. We enjoy the lectures that are also available on your cabin TV. The mini frig is great. There is a lot of storage even in the bath. Room Service has always been very quick with hot items arriving hot and cold items arriving cold. Breakfast room service has never been late. When our New Zealand/Australia cruise was quickly ended when Australia closed ports in March 2020; Viking quickly arranged to get passengers back to their homes. We would sail with Oceania if Viking did not offer a similar itinerary esp
  10. We have sailed in both the deluxe veranda and the penthouse veranda. We prefer the Penthouse Veranda with the extra space. Much easier to get into the closet in the penthouse veranda. Also we used the removable command hooks on the outside of the end of the closet. Made a great place to hang up jackets and hats. Also place a note in the little refrig for items to be removed or replaced.We also would pick up bottles of water to keep in or little refrig. Always pack some "ziplock" type bags.. Loved the cheese and fruit plate from Room service. One plate was more that we would eat in the
  11. What do we need as proof of completed covid-19 vaccinations? Do we just say "Yes" to the question "Have you been vaccinated?" Medicare was not involved in my vaccination. I was required to show Driver's License and complete paperwork with Name date of Birth, primary care doctor; address; and phone number.
  12. Any snacks such as fresh fruit and cheese?
  13. Is the Constellation Breakfast Room Service a Hot breakfast or is it just cold muffins and toast?
  14. Is there an ice bucket in the cabin? Will the bucket be filled?
  15. No the question is Which cruise line has made a major change in Covid Protocol less than 2 weeks before sailing? Did the lawyers tell ACL that it is BEST PRACTICE To change a major requirement to board less than 2 weeks before sailing. is it Best Practice to NOT TELL Travel Agents? is it Best Practice to NOT tell guest making final payment of the change? Is it Best Practice to NOT put this change on their web site? I have no problem with requiring guest to be fully covid vaccinated for June or later sailing. I have a problem with ACL NOT informing me
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