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  1. Have you tried https://www.squaremouth.com/travel-insurance-quotes#single_trip? Agreed that the pre-existing conditions is relevant only if you have an issue related to those conditions, but there are policies that cover some pre-existing conditions, depending on what they are and how long it has been since you had any major issues (so if your heart issue has bee well-controlled with meds, you should be able to get coverage for heart-related problems). Might be expensive, but you can determine whether the benefit is worth the cost. The Squaremouth site also allows you to compare policies side-by-side. Good luck - hope to see you onboard on the 14th!
  2. Not so on either my Mac or my iPhone. Clicking in the search field brings up only “Search ships, destinations, etc.” And clicking in the lower search field has either “content” or “member” options. Clicking through the content options has NO “thread” reference anywhere that I could find - or if it’s there, it’s not clear how to get to it. Having a “search this thread” dropdown was clear and easy. Why take that away?
  3. UGH - since CruiseCritic redid things for the Forums, I can't figure out how to search this thread (which before we could do with a click on "search this thread" tool) - doesn't appear to be an option any more. So at the risk of repeating a question that was already answered, could someone tell me whether we will get complimentary WOW bands, or if we have to purchase them? TIA.
  4. I'm not sure when the day of departure changed from Saturday to Sunday, but these Cruise Compasses are from the October 28th sailing this year (two months ago tomorrow). The itinerary is identical (two sea days, St. Maarten, San Juan, Labadee, sea day) so there should be minimal difference except for everything being a day earlier.
  5. Here's the link: https://www.*****.com/cruise-compasses/harmony-of-the-seas/sat-2018-10-27-0000?fbclid=IwAR1BBlOxaAPHnG4GJNq8jKmsfJxDsyd0mfdEH6hrn2WInO-kUMexbuWAlPg
  6. Question for those cruisers who have used the Internet packages: trying to determine which package to purchase ahead of the cruise to get the discount (since I haven't been on a RCI ship since Allure three years ago, and the package stuff has changed). If I bring a laptop as well as my smartphone, I'm assuming I can use both on a one-device package so long as I sign out of one before signing on with the other. Is that correct? I'm thinking I'll go halvsies with my cabin mate on a two-device package, so we get the bigger discount and both of us can then have a device signed on for the duration. Also, the Cafe Select coffee card: I know it won't be accepted at the onboard Starbucks. If all 15 redemptions aren't used on the cruise, would one be able to use it on future cruises (as Princess does with its coffee cards)? Any advice or suggestions appreciated!
  7. So happy you included the information about the mobile passport app - I had no idea! Just downloaded it, scanned my passport, and took my mugshot in preparation for my 1/6/19 Harmony cruise. One question for you: how do you determine the terminal where the ship will be located? Looked on my SetSail pass and tried to Google it, but I'm coming up empty. Help?! Thanks again for all of the wonderful info you included in this review. Hope you're acclimated back to the PA cold; here in Harrisburg the wind has thankfully subsided, but when it's in the high 20s/low 30s it's still brisk!
  8. Thanks for the tip on the new Royal Caribbean app. I just downloaded it, and it’s the best cruise app I’ve seen across several different lines. Question: the app lists Cruise Critic meet & greet on both day two and day three at 9:45A in Dazzles. Are there really two, or do they just not have the particular day picked for our cruise which is still a few weeks away?
  9. Have you done the coaster on Labadee? Not sure I'm brave enough for the flight line... but I LOVE coasters!
  10. — So the second formal night is San Juan, and that’s the only night for lobster in the MDR, correct?
  11. No question that cruise staff like the auto-grats; I've never messed with those daily charges. But if you want to give extra (understanding that this is TOTALLY up to each individual passenger), the staffers appreciate that in cash, at least according to those with whom I've spoken (admittedly a microscopic portion of the thousands of cruise ship service workers out there). Most cruise lines, as I understand it, allow you to add extra tips to your onboard account, but then they're apportioned among EVERYONE in your service area; there's no way to give someone who has delivered truly exceptional service a special "extra" tip through your onboard account, so - cash it is if you want to reward a specific individual. If there IS a way to do it through the onboard account, please share - I'd love to get the extra "points" on my RCCL VISA! :D
  12. Thanks to everyone who responded! I'll be bringing my Belkin travel outlet that has two USB ports, just to be sure there'll be enough working ports there, but it's good to know where the availables in the cabin are located.
  13. The FLL airport website specifically mentions Lyft and Uber, including providing signage for designated pickup locations. www.broward.org/Airport/Transportation/Pages/RideSharingCompanies.aspx
  14. Thanks, Bob. Forgive me for being a bit dense: since the $19.99/day on the RCI Cruise Planner says it's "an exclusive discount off onboard prices", is the onboard price for VOOM $23/day? I'm calculating seven-day pricing at $139.93 on the Cruise Planner. If onboard pricing is $23/day, then one free day would bring it to $138 for the week ($23 x 6). Assuming there's no Diamond discount for the soda package (IIRC, you said in an earlier post that there's no discount below Diamond Plus onboard for any beverage package), the teeny difference in pricing on VOOM wouldn't seem to change the benefit of purchasing the VOOM/soda combined package on Cruise Planner. Am I thinking correctly here? Since you're a great resource, would you mind answering one more question? Since Harmony has a Diamond lounge, I'm guessing the nightly happy hour (5-8p IIRC) for Diamond members is there, plus we'll have the three drinks for that time loaded onto the SeaPass/WOW bands. Does the lounge scan for the drinks there? I know three years ago on Allure they didn't bother to scan you for drinks at the lounge, so we were able to have our drinks there and still use the SeaPass preloaded beverages to get a couple of glasses of wine from one of the bars to take to dinner. I understand some ships may differ, though. Given the nightly Diamond free beverages, I don't really drink enough alcohol to make the Deluxe package worth the cost, even at the presale discount price of $50/day. But I'd like to know in advance how Harmony handles the three Diamond freebies. Thanks in advance for your input - grateful for your expertise! :)
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