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  1. GeezerCouple

    Gluten Free and Cruising

    Not "celiac" related, but that OS on the Sun is our favorite suite anywhere, with the same view as the Bridge. You'll love it! We had that for our Alaska cruise a few years ago, and we were lucky to be able to get the starboard side OS for the northbound trip, so after Glacier Bay, that coastal mountain range was on full display. We're sorry the Sun changed itineraries. Where are you going? Enjoy! GC
  2. GeezerCouple

    Longtime O cruisers- Does O offer Black Friday

    Something VERY wrong with these "special sale" rates, at least for one sailing. The "original" fare is considerably higher than the published rates of about 2 days ago. Our TA has got us considerably lower rates than show on this doc. Even he was surprised at the amount of savings. He was speaking with them directly, not using any docs. But I don't like what they appear to be doing with the higher "rgg" fares! GC
  3. GeezerCouple

    Lost on the MSC Seaside

    Still, why did you keep <whatever> rather than turn it in, perhaps to Security if you didn't somehow trust front office staff? GC
  4. GeezerCouple

    Lost on the MSC Seaside

    Wow. Too difficult to read!
  5. GeezerCouple

    Ms Spitsbergen circumnavigating Svalbard, june 2018, review.

    Wow. This was already on our list... might have just been bumped up a bit. Thanks! GC
  6. GeezerCouple

    Booking excursions

    Welcome to CruiseCritic! There are "Roll Calls" for each cruise line/ship/sailing date listed in the main Board TOC (table of contents). If you look there, you'll either find one already started, or you can start one by posting there (under the specific Oceania ship, with the date in the header). That is an opportunity for people sailing together to arrange to meet early in the cruise, and also some plan private excursions. Those can be less expensive (usually, not always) and also have smaller groups as well. Enjoy your planning and your cruise! GC
  7. GeezerCouple

    Hurtigruten - MS Roald Amundsen Antarctica 02/17/2019

    Hi, Hurtigruten falls into one of the "OTHER" cruise lines that doesn't have it's own Roll Call sub-forum (organized by ship). Here is a link to the "Roll Calls for Other Cruise Lines": https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/45-all-other-cruise-lines-roll-calls/ Look through the first few pages to see if anyone had already started one for your ship/sailing date. And if not, then go ahead and start one We'll also be eager to hear about this new ship! GC
  8. GeezerCouple

    Making specialty restaurant reservations

    The document concerning your final payment (and giving specifics about your cruise) will show the date you can first make reservations. Look under the "Itinerary" section. And yes, if you are in "manage...", it will show the available times for each restaurant. GC
  9. GeezerCouple

    Azamara vs Oceania

    With that kind of attitude and claim ("we can make any changes we wish" and no fare adjustment, no waiving of cancel penalty), they could also claim "we changed the 14 day cruise to 5 days, and also cancelled all port stops, so we'll just sail around in circles for less than half the time (or, heck, just anchor slightly off shore and save fuel!). How is this written in Azamara's contract? (And for any/all cruise lines, is it *this* open ended for "any changes we wish"?) ??? GC
  10. This is what DH usually does on vacations (unless it's combined with a business meeting or side-trip). But on O's Riviera a couple of years ago, he didn't bring a tie, even though it was a holiday cruise, Christmas and New Years. Well, it turned out that NYE was a bit more "festive dressy" that he/we expected. Not "fancy", but more people than we expected were just a bit dolled up. O had given everyone a small gift, which was nicely wrapped, including lovely red long ribbon tied around the little package the traditional way. We had opened it carefully, planning to keep the ribbon as a little souvenir. (Yeah, we need more "stuff" in the house ) So DH made a "bow tie" out of the ribbon. It was sort of a combo "bow tie/bolo tie". He got a lot of compliments and smiles. It was much more fun/festive than a regular tie would have been! GC
  11. Can you order a replacement license online? If so, do it before you leave, and you'll have it waiting when you return. GC
  12. GeezerCouple

    Use your Amex Platinum

    Does Amex Plat still have that type of travel insurance? I think they discontinued travel insurance entirely a few years back, for a while, but I'm not sure what they replaced it with... if they did (?). GC
  13. We are eager to see the Chocolate Factory, and spend a bit of time there, and of course, it would be exceedingly rude not to purchase some chocolate, right? Does anyone know how far it is from the cruise port, and approximately how much it costs for a taxi there? Are taxis easily available for a return to the port, or should we ask one to wait? Also, although we don't want a huge tour, are there any special sights that are sort of en route from port to Chocolate Factory? (We probably need to avoid spice factories, or minimize time near them, due to possible allergies.) We understand that this is a "little" factory, but that makes it more interesting. (For example, we were fascinated a few years ago with a tour of the Curacao factory... not at all what we envisioned in advance, and we loved seeing it for that reason.) Many thanks! GC
  14. GeezerCouple

    Booze in room!

    Why not ask this on the Princess cruise line sub-forum, where there will be more of those who sail with that particular line. GC
  15. GeezerCouple

    Hurtigruten sledding options

    I believe Hunding, who posted about the new "several seatings" is on the cruise right now. GC