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  1. We would NEVER travel outside the USA without travel insurance, for several reasons. One of them is obviously paying for medical care. Here is a link to the CC Travel Insurance sub-forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ We also strongly recommend www.TripInsuranceStore.com The owner, Steve, is incredibly helpful finding the "right" policy for your trip and your particular needs or concerns. (There is no extra cost to the traveler; the insurers pay the commissions.) We've purchased quite a few polic
  2. Some/many hotels will do this, especially the larger hotels that have the space. You need to ask them. It certainly helps if you are staying there. We've been able to have some hotels hold our luggage when we haven't been staying there, but we haven't asked all that often about this particular situation. Several times we've been at a hotel, left for a short time, and then returned to stay again. If we didn't need "everything", we'd just take overnight bags. We've never had that type of request refused. Indeed, we've often found our bags waiting for us in our room upon our ret
  3. This ^^ Definitely. Indeed, if you read the terms of your travel insurance policy (you did read it before you purchased it, or during any temporary refund period, right?), it no doubt includes a statement that in event of claim, you would present certain documentation. The insurer has a right to double check that the claim is valid. Otherwise, anyone who wanted to cancel could "claim illness", and get a refund, and... then there wouldn't be insurance for any of us anymore. This would include medical records if the insurer requests them. Similarly, if you have a
  4. MedJet Assist sent an announcement about this some time ago, at least to members (well, at least to *us*! 🙂). I don't remember just when, but we've been discussing this with a few others (not on CC) the past couple of weeks or so. It's a nice start, but I wish it would include all of the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska. We hope the program works, and eventually they can expand the service. But mostly, first we need to feel "more safe" on airplanes in general. Until then, we aren't going anywhere. (Of course, for now, we are strictly sequestering at home, so
  5. Insurance is a regulated industry, at least in each USA state. Have any of you considered filing a complaint with your state's Insurance Commissioner's Office. We had trouble with a property claim (nothing to do with travel), and the driver's insurer was being, er, non-responsive. Our agent was also having trouble with them. A driver had driven off the road, onto our property, and wiped out a fence and some small trees and other plantings. The other insurer just would not pay our hefty deductible. (We had joked, "Do they think our fence and trees jumped in front of
  6. We've had several travel insurance payouts, and all but two included a cruise. Two of the claims were quite large, including full payment of cruise (suite level), which was the biggest single part of the claim. But there were also some non-cancellable hotel reservations, fees for changing air flights, and some other pre-paid non-cancellable costs. With the proper documentation, there was no problem collecting. We do also get "cancel for any reason" (CFAR) but never used that, yet. Many of the complaints - not all - about travel insurance "not paying" in
  7. First, when you phoned AIG, what did they say? Second, how did you pay for your trip? If it was a charge card, there may have been a chance to make a dispute, but you may have missed a deadline - or not. That would depend upon the terms of the card vendor. Note that in cases like this, the "number of days from the problem event" may be the date of the cancellation, not the date of your initial payment... when the "item purchased" is to be delivered in the future, etc. For the future, IF you had (or still can) been able to file a dispute with the card *afte
  8. What insurance company do you use? We use Travel Insured, and if there has been no loss (and presumably the cruise line refunded your money after changing the rules, etc.), we are able to apply any premium for a cancelled cruise to another cruise. There are some time constraints, but thus far, we've been able to do it. See if your insurer has something similar. GC
  9. This has always been required for our claims, be they cruises or airfare or hotels. The insurer had the right to make sure that the claim is really for a loss, etc. I think for cruises, the cancellation acknowledgment shows that the cancellation date was in the "no refund" time frame (e.g., 60 days before departure or whatever). ETA: This was the case even when we used a travel agent. They just forwarded the regular docs from the cruise line, etc. GC
  10. When we asked about this once, applying a credit to a new trip that we wanted to insure, we were told that the policy we wanted would *not* allow us to use the "21 day window" from the application of the credit. It still would have needed to be within 21 days of the actual first *payment*. So we had to make a new deposit for the next trip. We've needed to make claims on several trips, and so we just could not risk having a policy/claim that might be denied. I know this is a bit late, but is there any way that you can make a fresh deposit, and have that credit appl
  11. Exactly. I was reading these posts as thought the new Master and crew were getting ready for the "next sailing", not just moving the ship to where the sanitizing/cleaning will take place. They don't need full crew for that, without any passengers. GC
  12. I thought the Diamond Pricess was going to be out of commission for some time, per the RFP and cleaning plans announced. So the new Master will be waiting int the luxury (?) of a hotel for quite some time!?? I hope he/she has a good supply of reading material and videos, etc. GC
  13. First, how serious are the allergies? Do you need to keep an EpiPen with you at all times, like with peanut allergies whre anaphylactic shock can occur (which is life-threatening)? If so, I'd contact the Seattle office of Hurtigruten to discuss with them. On our coastal roundtrip 2 years ago, there were four others at the table next to us. Between the 6 of us, there seemed to be quite a few food allergies, and all were handled very well. The protocol is to check the dinner menu at about lunch time, and if there are any food items that are not okay (or even that y
  14. Yeah.... <semi joke alert> Well, in the past, wasn't there a link with with a virus and poultry? Hence, it is obvious we should be wary of eggs (including... cooked eggs!??)... And yup, I thought about the wet market (glad I've never been to one of those, and not because of the virus, although that, too!)... Hence, it's obvious we should be wary of any meat, including from cows, and with meat that is cooked (okay, ground meat, like hamburgers, do present a specific type of risk in some situations, true). I'm going to be VERY careful,
  15. What is this about: "...thoroughly cooking meat and eggs..." (From the link on the Princess site.) This is the first I've seen/heard about it being transmitted by food, other than if someone who is contagious is handling the food/etc. GC
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