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  1. This is pretty much what we do, also through TripInsuranceStore. Call them, and they'll guide you through the process. All I can add is that we've used Travel Insured policies through TIS. Travel Insured has paid our clams *promptly*, and that's what matters, after all. This was for a couple of large claims, and also some smaller ones. GC
  2. GeezerCouple


    That's why I then asked, "If these are policies that include overseas medical cost coverage, you may be okay." But without this information, the word "supplements" could mean many things. GC
  3. GeezerCouple


    What do you mean "have supplements"? If these are policies that include overseas medical cost coverage, you may be okay. But that wouldn't help you for cancellation costs (regardless of whether due to medical issues or not). More specifically, what is *your* question? GC
  4. GeezerCouple

    Island tour by taxi

    I don't remember the price, but we just picked up "a taxi" at the dock, a few years ago (maybe 4). We asked the driver to give us a full tour of the island, which ended up being a full circle, and it was great. We also asked him to stop by a few of the nicer resorts so we could get a first hand look, before later doing "online" research. (At perhaps two of them, he had to explain to a guard what we wanted to do, as our names obviously weren't on the "expected guests" list. No problem; we were allowed in.) About 2 years later (2 years ago), we went back for a week's land trip, just to enjoy those magical clear turquoise water. It was amazing. And yesterday, we were back for visit #3, but this time was a cruise again. We took the SilverMoon catamaran afternoon cruise, which was superb. But it really helped to have an overall feel for the island, and also for a few of the resorts we would *not* have wanted to stay at... but we probably wouldn't have known without being right there. The difference in the coasts, east vs. west, were dramatic, as were the water action. The water is just gorgeous there! GC
  5. GeezerCouple

    Close/safe beach for a few hours/half day

    Following. We'll be there in a couple of days. GC
  6. GeezerCouple

    Silver moon all the way!!!

    We just returned from an outing on Silver Moon (not SM2, to be clear), and it was one of the best excursions ever. The reservations got screwed up a bit as the date approached, so we were suddenly a bit apprehensive about the entire experience. However, the on-board crew was The.Very.Best. The treats and dinner (we did the afternoon-into-evening cruise) were delicious, and served in a surprisingly elegant way (beautiful chargers under the plates, certainly a surprise!). And the crew (wish I could remember their names, but I've always been horrible with names; fortunately, haven't forgotten DH's name... yet) were SO helpful, on the boat and also in the water. One person was having a bit of trouble getting to the shipwreck (the turtles were just about immediately next to us!), and one of the crew helped her get there and back. Nice. They kept an eye on everyone. We could see the turtles from the boat, too. HUGE. That was a surprise. And they kept coming up for air. I think the sight of their heads popping up briefly now and then was more dramatic from above the water. The first time it happened was a bit of a thrill, totally unexpected. And the catamaran has 5 cabins on board. What a luxury for those able to charter it (off season only, apparently) by the week and sail around the islands!!). Anyway, the excursion was really special. (And although some were concerned about return time, we were back *right* on schedule, and on the ship without any problems, well before "all aboard".) This crew gets an A+++! GC
  7. You know, I feel sort of ("very"?) silly not having thought of this before! GC
  8. GeezerCouple

    Pre existing

    We've never needed to go to TI as we increased the coverage (above the deposit, often in several stages), nor when we've changed the departure or return dates. TripInsuranceStore has taken care of it all, with one quick phone call, and shortly thereafter, we received updated coverate/date docs (from TI). The ONLY time we needed to call TI directly was when we were changing a date at almost the last minute, literally. And that only happened once; it's not something that would happen frequently. Much easier to give TIS a quick call than get through to TI. I'm guessing if TI told you that, perhaps they do indeed wish to save the commission and not have to pay a broker...? GC
  9. GeezerCouple

    Notes on La Reserve, Riviera Nov. TA

    I'm not sure what your first two sentences mean. IF there is a problem with how Wine Spectator "wants it presented", why can't Oceania/Riviera just "present" it that way? We are on board, and it would be nice to hear about it, something, somehow, ON board, and not just through CruiseCritic. We are still in search of information, and will report back if/when we learn something. GC
  10. GeezerCouple

    Notes on La Reserve, Riviera Nov. TA

    We are on board now, and have seen/heard absolutely nothing about any wine bar. Thus far, when we stopped by to check to see if we could find out anything, such as days/hours or wine selections offered, there was no access (an apparent La Reserve dinner once, and a bunch of officers meeting there another time). We'll ask our Butler (who has been a serious disappointment, but that's a separate issue). But the ship in general is still wonderful, and thus far, the food excellent. GC
  11. GeezerCouple

    Shore excursions

    Thanks. (Sort of half and half ) GC
  12. GeezerCouple

    Shore excursions

    Just to clarify - do you mean only *after* May or "during or after May"? Thanks. GC
  13. GeezerCouple

    Boxing/Punching Bag on Riviera?

    Funny how this was the biggest ship in the world back then. "If only..." GC
  14. GeezerCouple

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    Twice when we arrived on board a ship for a Christmas (and New Year) cruise, we greeted our Butler and also our Steward with an envelope, and said, "This is for something special for your family for the holidays!" In all cases, their faces lit up. It wasn't a "tip"; it was a holiday gift. (We tipped regularly, later.) GC
  15. We have done this in the past, for a similar reason, at the suggestion of our NCL PCP. (He was great... and has since left NCL, alas...) Once on board, we were able to pay for the booking any way we wished. GC