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  1. GeezerCouple

    Is Geoblue Adequate for medical only?

    All very interesting! I wonder if this "resolution" (flying the patient home) might have been deemed appropriate with our regular travel insurance. They would have been on the hook for all costs, too, PLUS the hotel and food costs for both of us... If it was going to be a very extended duration and/or a costly regimen of therapy/treatment, maybe they'd make the same cost/benefit analysis. But yes - it would certainly help to bring it up and perhaps nudge them along. Thank you again. And SO glad your wife has done so well. That all sounded very grueling..... GC
  2. GeezerCouple

    Cruise insurance

    Check with www.TripInsuranceStore.com (or any other travel insurance broker), and they can help you with policies that do NOT have any pre-existing condition exclusions. We wouldn't risk it, either. And we've had several claims, including two large ones, paid without any questions asked about whether there was any prior condition that might have caused or exacerbated, etc., "what happened". Also, we think (but have no proof) that having that waiver considerably speeds up the claims processing, which has always been very speedy. The insurer doesn't need even to consider "if" there might be any pre-existing condition to consider, and they certainly do not need to request medical records, except for the immediate event causing the claim. No back medical records needed, etc. We happen to use Travel Insured, but there are many others. GC
  3. GeezerCouple

    Cruise insurance

    I was clarifying that the information in senselb's post, that "Most travel insurance policies have a look back period for pre-existing conditions that will not be covered." is NOT the case for "most" third party insurers, unless one specifically selects one of the policies that does not have that feature, or has missed *all* of the deadlines. And that is the case for some people, but not for "most". Others who read CC topics tend to "learn from what they read", and we all have had that advantage. But it's nice when something is clarified to be more accurate than it might appear. We all benefit. GC
  4. GeezerCouple

    Is Geoblue Adequate for medical only?

    Thanks. That is very interesting, about how the incentives for GeoBlue and the patient match up pretty well in terms of "getting home". I hadn't thought about that. We should really look into that now that DH is "of a certain age" where MedJetAssist does their medical underwriting (albeit apparently not too intense). Might be a good backup choice just in case MedJetAssist turns him down. (We'll probably find out about that later this year.) GC
  5. GeezerCouple

    Cruise insurance

    Many third party travel insurance policies have optional (or always included) *waivers* of that exclusion of pre-existing conditions. That slightly awkward wording basically means that any pre-existing conditions are fully covered, with the usual caveat that one must be "fit to travel" on the date the policy is started. Also, there is usually a deadline to start the policies, often between 10-20 days of making the very first payment/deposit for the trip. (At least one company also includes this waiver if one gets the insurance within 24 hours of the final payment, narrowly defined. This one has slightly lower coverage, and the CFAR - Cancel For Any Reason - rider is more expensive.) And these policies can cover you from when you walk out your front door until when you walk back in, including any additional travel you arrange in addition to the cruise. GC
  6. GeezerCouple

    Stressed and Sad

    That particular type of listing the name has been occurring for us, too, recently. FIRSTMIDDLE LAST Sometimes with a title appended *somewhere* in there... Never had a problem with it, and never even thought to view it with suspicion or alarm. It seems to be just a matter of spacing. GC
  7. Okay... I can see the booked cruises again, and on the regular browser. So... I'll assume that the website has some glitches, and hope its feeling more stable about midnight Thanks! Keeping fingers crossed... GC
  8. Thanks. I just tried using another browser (one I almost never use these days) and... same thing: No cruises booked. (There should be two, one of which is paid in full.) So the website itself is up. Whether others can access reserved cruises... that I can't tell. Annoying timing... GC
  9. I was getting everything ready to sign up for Specialties, and... on Oceania.com, we no longer have ANY reservations for cruises. When I tried to re-enter our next cruise (don't care about others just now), using names, booking number, etc., I got an error message: Error Please contact our Reservations Department for assistance with your booking. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for sailing with Oceania Cruises. What do we do now? The office is closed until tomorrow, and we wanted to get preferred dining times when reservations opened just after midnight tonight. ?? In the past, even starting right at midnight, there were limited choices at times we really wanted. Suggestions? Thanks. GC
  10. GeezerCouple

    My new pet peeve on Oceania

    Yes, the music was annoying. So we kept it off, too. That *would* have been fine, but... when we heard an announcement in the hallway, one that we couldn't hear at all well enough to understand in our suite, we tried to quickly turn on the sound, but by then... it was usually too late. This happened even if we had the Bridge cam on, or such, and only needed to get to the remote to get the sound on, and not start up the entire TV, etc. GC
  11. GeezerCouple

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    We passed on the public bath areas of our Inn. There was a wonderful and private large hot springs bath just for our room, on a private balcony overlooking a beautiful valley. The main problem was that when we were there, it was quite warm, so a "hot springs bath" wasn't quite what we needed, certainly not for very long, unfortunately. However, there was also a nice shower area, with nice cool water! We'd love to go back when it is cooler, but, given that the bath area is on an outdoor balcony, I'm not sure about "winter". Elsewhere, DH did go into a winter season resort outdoor hot tub and pool, dashing through some snow., along with some of the children and grands... I watched from the inside pool area GC
  12. GeezerCouple

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    Yes, noting the Tattoo Parlor on Virgin made us eager to book, instantly. *NOT* Clearly, they have a different clientele in mind. And that is FINE, especially as they are giving clues that we are probably not their target, nor they ours... Sort of reminds me of Japanese onsen ryokans (hot springs inns). The public baths areas (not the private "in room" baths, where they exist) typically forbid any tattoos. One participates in these nude, so there are rather few places for "hidden tats"... Apparently *some* such places now have coverings to be applied if one has tattoos and still wishes to partake of the baths. Quite the opposite approach, eh? GC
  13. GeezerCouple


    I would suggest emailing the special needs folks at NCL "accessdesk@ncl.com" <accessdesk@ncl.com> Explain your concerns and ask about the specific venue, but also ask about any other places that might be of concern. We've found cruise lines "special needs" groups to be very responsive and helpful. GC
  14. GeezerCouple

    Stressed and Sad

    I'd also suggest calling the airline. After all, Travelocity isn't going to be AT the airport, at TSA or check-in or at the gate. See if they can adjust the middle initial, or do it at the check-in gate, which is prior to TSA. Good luck. GC
  15. Just make sure that it covers all that you need, such as pre-existing conditions, if appropriate, CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason), if needed (and at what percentage), and how they handle illness in non-traveling family members, if necessary, etc... GC