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  1. GeezerCouple

    Coolest Sail Away From a Cruise Port

    This is so very special! Thanks so much for sharing the photo AND the back story. GC
  2. GeezerCouple


    Travel insurance can be quite different from country to country. In the USA, it isn't conventional to "declare" medical conditions in order to get vetted for travel insurance (and maybe it's never done here in the USA at all). In this sense, it is probably easier for us here with pre-existing conditions to get good travel insurance, but one must make sure to take out the insurance within a certain period of time (usually 10-20 days of initial payment/deposit; at least one insurer allows it if purchased within 24 hours of final payment, defined narrowly). I can't imagine how tricky it must be in places where one does need to "declare" and then find out IF one is covered, etc. However, the OP seems to have some other complication, and they haven't been totally forthcoming about their situation, so mostly we've got guesses it seems. (Usually when a poster complains and then declines to give requested explanatory details, it means that they already know that they are responsible for the problem, but don't want to admit that...) GC
  3. GeezerCouple

    Reservation disappeared?

    Very odd. I just tried adding that cruise manually, and... now it shows again. And I can "see" excursions offered, which weren't showing yesterday. "Whatever"... Computer Gremlins? We'll see if this stays 'okay'. Sorry to have bothered others. But as long as I did, has anyone ever had this happen? Thanks, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! GC
  4. GeezerCouple

    Reservation disappeared?

    Has anyone else had a problem yesterday or today? Yesterday, I couldn't access any excursions for our May, 2019 cruise. Today, the cruise has vanished, but the 2020 cruise still shows. ??? Should we be worried? We got a dynamite rate on the Black Friday rate, just before leaving for the cruise that we've just returned from. If others are having online reservation problems, I won't bother our TA. Otherwise, I will! Thanks! GC
  5. GeezerCouple

    Bermuda Wedding

    Yes. But... water will be colder...! GC
  6. GeezerCouple

    Bermuda Wedding

    Having the key people fly out solves "the wedding itself" problem, but loses the festivities together on the cruise, both directions. I'd vote for a backup plan on board, with insurance for the big plan on the beach. Also, IF you are really thinking of "setting up a dance floor on the beach", then ONLY do that with a vendor who has proven ability to do that. Too many chances for failure/over-promising otherwise. I'd think a restaurant/venue on/near beach would be much safer. Do check with Fairmont Southampton, as they have two venues right ON their beach. And they "do" weddings. Question is whether they'd do it for "non-guests", and then... is it anywhere near the envisioned budget? Other beachfront properties would be worth checking, too. Good luck to all! GC
  7. GeezerCouple

    Bermuda Wedding

    I would start by contacting (first Googling if necessary) "Bermuda wedding coordinators" or such, and contacting several to see if they could provide what she wants at a price they want. I know that the Fairmont Southampton has a lovely beach. A friend of ours got married there, but they may not do weddings for those who are not also staying at the hotel. But I'd be very surprised if there aren't other vendors who offer beach weddings. I'd *definitely* get both travel insurance and "event" insurance. What if the weather doesn't allow the ship to dock!? And perhaps she could look into a "Plan B" (even if it "costs") for some other way to have the wedding on the ship. (Does NCL even "do" actual legal wedding ceremonies on board these days?) Or immediately after arriving back, "just in case". Everyone is already gathered, right? And best wishes to the happy couple. GC
  8. GeezerCouple


    For the first time, last week I spoke with the onboard rep about "what the advantages would be for booking on board". He was straightforward that we could not "combine" promos, such that IF we later saw something else like the Black Friday sale, in order to get it, we'd have to not use the advance purchase promo paid for the coupon. That was fair enough. However, it didn't seem enough of a compelling "offer" to get the coupon/etc. And although we were fortunate to get that [really good] Black Friday sale for a different cruise next year, those don't apply to many cruises. Indeed, I think that was one of the few times ever (anywhere!) that "what we had was *not* excluded from a promo" It would be very disappointing to find out that even this claim (give up the "on board promo" to get the better promo) was, er, false. Bottom line was that on our second cruise with Oceania on Riviera, it was *everything* we remembered. We loved the ship, and we loved the food, just as we did before. The only disappointment was the quality of our Butler. He was a disappointment, but we have been fortunate to have had mostly exceptional Butlers before, and we already knew we were spoiled. GC
  9. GeezerCouple

    Request decaf coke in Mini bar

    If you know that they don't stock it, then yes, do this. We did this on our first Oceania cruise, for a couple of special requests, and everything was nicely waiting. But it might depend upon supplies available at the port you sail out of. GC
  10. GeezerCouple

    Request decaf coke in Mini bar

    Can you just wait until you are on board to request some DIet Coke? GC
  11. Did you ask your travel insurance company? We can't know the exact terms of your specific policy. There's no reason not to ask them. After all, IF you are going to file a claim, you will need to notify them anyway. GC
  12. GeezerCouple

    Northern lights are gray...

    Yup. So we can travel together! All set... we just each need the checks to arrive so we can cash them, right? We are trying to plan an Antarctic trip, but they are *so* expensive. I was surprised about that, but it's reality. GC
  13. GeezerCouple

    Northern lights are gray...

    Nope, try the next one. We've got this one locked! GC
  14. GeezerCouple

    Northern lights are gray...

    For a grand slam, add in Antarctica before the end of the year, say, Nov/Dec? GC
  15. GeezerCouple


    Welcome to CruiseCritic. When you post again in the future, when starting a new thread (topic), please put some useful information in the subject header. "Information" doesn't help attract eyes that might have the information you might be desiring... GC