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  1. What do these experts have to say about the virus transmission on the Diamond Princess? Ask them, and please report back. Thank you.
  2. Are there HEPA filters installed on the cruise ships? Also, Please stop making blanket statements like Covid-19 is not airborne. Known aerosol transmission has been confirmed. The jury is out on true airborne status. Curiously, you failed to address the transmission on the Diamond Princess. I did note that no degree in advanced immunology was listed on your un-requested resume.
  3. I wouldn't be so sure about that. 700+ (and counting) people on the Diamond Princess have tested positive, and they were largely confined to their cabins. What method of transmission do you suggest in this case?
  4. Way back on this thread, a poster stated that the screens consist of multiple modules that can be individually replaced. I am not sure how many were damaged, but it would not surprise me if they get it fully functioning! June 2 sailing here!
  5. Looking at the port-heavy schedule (along with extended travel times to Florence/Rome/Capri etc), I doubt we will even notice if the AquaTheater is open or closed. (Though I am saddened RCL stopped the Belly-Flop contests. Is nothing sacred?)
  6. 18 knots cruising speed. thats all I need to see. Barcelona here we come!
  7. Oasis on the move ! 15+ knots! good news cruisers!
  8. Still berthed not a good sign after pilot boat approach earlier
  9. If it takes 11 days to transit to Cardiz, she needs to leave today. (and that doesn’t look likely) your advice is well founded, re blue rectangles! peace
  10. Pilot Boat and Tug left. Oasis still moored. 😞
  11. The cruise 'Oasis of the Seas' goes to Navantia Cádiz to be repaired after suffering an accident in the Bahamas"...previously, a team of workers from Navantia and the auxiliary industry traveled to the Bahamas to make a preliminary study of the damage that the ship has and make the journey to the capital of Cadiz." This sounds to me that the damage has been assessed, and that appropriate personnel and materials will be transported to the ship so that some repairs can be made en-route to Cadiz for additional repairs. June 2 sailing is looker a bit safer, but I won't relax until Oasis departs Cardiz for Barcelona to resume her normal cruise schedule.
  12. Myself, I will keep a keen eye on 1. what day Oasis actually departs Freeport for Cadiz. and 2. what is her cruising speed during the transit.
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