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  1. Bullies3

    POM to Ft Lauderdale airport 11:45am flight

    Chesneygirl, we were on the Escape out of Miami in March. Used Larry's limos which was a great experience - around $95 each way including tip. http://www.larryslimo.com/contact.html Prior to getting off the ship in the first group via the Haven concierge the driver from Larrys called my cell advising she was in the waiting lot and to call her as soon as we got through customs. I called after customs and she was waiting for us at the pick up area. We were at FLL by 9am for our 11:45 flight. No worries, do it. Have a great cruise!
  2. Bullies3

    Child seats on transfers

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  3. Bullies3

    Child seats on transfers

    In September we're taking our 2 1/2 year old daughter on a package staying three nights in Disney followed by a 7 night Disney cruise. Our travel agent just told us that the included Disney shuttles do not allow car seats on them. We have to decide if we want to hold our daughter for the approximately 45 minute ride from the airport to Disney and then to the cruise port or pay for private transportation that will permit a car seat. Has anyone else been told this and if so did you hold your child on the shuttle? Thanks for any input!
  4. Bullies3

    The Havens

    I don't know which cruise you're citing for the jump of $3k vs. $15k. In any case my wife and I choose the Haven for the tranquility and overall (in our opinion) a nicer cruise experience. I've been cruising, mostly on NCL since 1988. Over the years we've traveled with our daughters and other family members as the kids were growing up. At that time there was no Haven but we wouldn't have used it anyway as the kids wanted to be around the crowds on the pool deck and participate in the events. Back then there were 2 formal nights on a 7 day cruise. Now quite a few people choose to look and act more like spring breakers which we don't care to be around. We could move to a more upscale cruise line however over the years we've racked up a lot of Latitude points so we choose to stick with NCL. Again choices.... Anyway if you've never been in the Haven it's very hard to explain. You'll get a ton of opinions and there's been quite a few threads concerning the same question. Whatever you decide it's all good.
  5. We've been on the Breakaway and feel that you'll have a great time. In the past when our daughters were younger we cruised in adjacent balcony rooms and had a blast. They made friends on each cruise so this will be a good cruise for that as it will be packed with kids. In Port Canaveral we did the everglades tour via air boat, after the boat ride a local exotic animal rescue put on a show, showing snakes, crocodiles, etc. with a picture taking session after. At your kids ages they may enjoy this. As far as nickel and diming, there's a number of threads of people's perceptions on this. Basically, other than the service charges you pay additional for whatever you want. No one forces you to do anything. Enjoy!
  6. Bullies3

    December 16th Escape Quick Review

    Really enjoying your objective review danny. We'll be on the Escape in March with spa access. Keep up the good work!
  7. We're on the March 3rd Escape cruise and noticed that too. As the other poster noted it's because of the change of itinerary. There will be a lot of other ships in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Nassau so I'd assume there's not many additional tour operators available. Through the message boards on CC I've read other's suggestions and booked our own beach club in Grand Cayman privately. I'd suggest you do the same to decide what you'd like to do in the various ports. Some more excursions may show up but there's no guarantees.
  8. Bullies3

    What makes a good Concierge?

    Carlos was our first concierge when we moved up to the suite/haven class rooms and definitely set the bar. This was on the Pearl in Alaska. When told that it was my wife's birthday and we wanted recommendations for dining in Victoria BC he asked what type of food we liked and he took care of the rest. Ended up with a reservation at a great Italian restaurant with our own fireplace next to our table. We had him again on the Gem out of NYC. He remembered us right away and again was amazing, stopping by our room every evening asking how our day was and if we needed anything. Others on the mega ships have been so so but I understand their workload dynamic is much different. Actually the assistants have been much more personable that the main concierge. Anyone know what ship Carlos is on now?
  9. Unless you've experienced the Haven before it's hard to explain. I do agree that if it's a port intensive cruise the Haven may not be the best bet. My wife and I cruise twice a year and could probably cruise 4 times a year if we were to book a balcony room. Once you've experienced all the perks of the Haven it's difficult to go back though. You'll get quite a variety of opinions on this topic pro and con but give it a try and you'll know for sure! Either way, happy cruising!
  10. Bullies3

    Accept upsell to suite on Gem 12/19?

    You'll get as many opinions of suite vs. non-suite here similar to the water bottle issue.... BTW, love the Gem! For my two cents: I'd be hesitant to book a non-haven suite for a Caribbean cruise due to still having to deal with the masses on the main pool deck. There's nothing like the tranquility of the Haven pool and deck area. I purposely booked a non-haven suite on the Pearl to Alaska as I love the perks of the suite life but didn't feel we'd use the pool area as there's so much to see in Alaska. For the Gem I booked an owners suite (1004) to get the use of the Haven pool area. I'm sure you've seen the warning of others; once you book a suite it's hard to go back. I'd recommend as another suggested; get a price on a Haven suite for comparison. If you can swing it, do it! Waiting too could be beneficial but it's also a crap shoot that Haven suites could sell out. Been though the life issues you describe. Life goes on and things will get better in time. I wish you the best. Whatever you decide enjoy your cruise!!
  11. Bullies3

    Breakaway Reviews

    My wife and I were on the BA on the 9/18 sailing. We had a great time and loved the multitude of things to do on the ship. We travel a few times a year whether it be an all inclusive, resort or cruise. I read tons of reviews prior to our trips and have learned to pick up tips and filter out the total negative reviews. As others have said, go into your cruise with an open mind and let the experience unfold. No vacation is totally perfect however I believe NCL does it's best to give you a good experience. I've been cruising with NCL since 1988 and have never had an overall negative experience. Enjoy!!
  12. Bullies3

    haven upsell!

    Just off the BA in suite 9916. Best suite on the ship in my opinion. Yes, a hike to the Haven but we enjoyed the walk. My wife loved the bathtub with a cup of tea in the afternoon while looking out the back of the ship. The shower also had a full length window to watch the aft of the ship while showering. As many have said the balcony is massive. We spent lots of time out there listening to the sounds of the water while being served by our butler. We didn't hear any noise from the deck below. You will feel vibration when the ship is docking or leaving port. Another big thing we liked is that it was only one flight of stairs down to deck 8 which has a number of bars, shops and entertainment venues. Good deal - enjoy your cruise!!
  13. Bullies3

    Breakaway Hurricane News 10/9

    You're fascinated - I have a headache...LOL. What a group of people that have all the answers to the logistics of a cruise and the navigation of a megaship....
  14. You'll get tons of answers on this one as people view tipping very differently. My wife and I were on the 9/18 BA cruise. My wife was in the restaurant industry for 44 years so we understand their jobs, notice good service and tip better than most. During our cruise we ate at the Haven restaurant for most meals, the whole team became our family as we spoke with them and got to know them. We tipped the hostess $25, Matre d' $50 and $5 to the server for each meal. We tipped the courtyard attendant $50 as he was always around serving us drinks, snacks and even came around with a cool down spray bottle on hot days (and yes he serves drinks under the UBP plan). We hung out before dinner and after the show at Maltings, tipping the bartender $10 each night as his service was outstanding. We also tipped the server in Fat Cats a few dollars for each round. All tips were in cash. You could order anything from the Haven restaurant at the courtyard tables for breakfast and lunch. Didn't see them being used for dinner. Hope this helps. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. Bullies3

    NCL Breakaway - 9/18-9/25 just got back

    YES, loved it. Thanks!