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  1. Can I do this on the day that we board the ship?
  2. Sailing on the Indy. Can I sign waivers online? If so, where are they located?
  3. I read so much about safety. Do you recommend using a cab. Is one of these better? How about chairs, bathrooms, food, etc...?
  4. I booked my cruise online rather than with a travel agent. Where can I get to my dining time?
  5. When I read my boarding paperwork, it says we can board at 11:00. I completed my online check-in today and at the end, it asked me to choose a check-in time. The earliest time was 1:00. Does this mean I can not arrive before 1 PM? Carnival does the staggered check-in, but I have not experienced it on RCCL. Can someone please tell me what to expect on RCCL? Also, as far as our dining. When I booked, early dining was full. We had to book late dining. I know I can go on the first day and see about changing it. We would also prefer a table for 4. How likely is it that we will be able to get this changed? I would prefer the table for 4 over the early dining if I have to choose one. We have 2 specialty reservations also.
  6. I need help with ideas for my upcoming cruise. We are sailing the Indy on 12/15 with a stop in Falmouth. I was looking at excursions. There are several that include Bamboo Beach Club. We were looking for a relaxing beach day. I see this one is over an hour bus ride. Is there a beach option closer? Any suggestions?? We have 17 and 12 year old girls. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! We are used to lobster being served on formal night. I am just trying to decide about Chops.
  8. On a 5 night, does formal night fall on the 4th night? I assumed there was only one formal night, but it is normally the first sea day so the fact that lobster is the 4th night threw me off. Also, do you have any advice for getting our dining time changed? We have late but would prefer early.
  9. So you did get lobster on a 5 night cruise? I thought they were no longer serving it on cruises that were shorter than a week.
  10. It is still not working for me. I tried to use explorer instead of chrome and still doing the same thing. It says Bad Request.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble with adding dining with the Cyber Monday sale? I tried last night and today and every time I try to add Chops, it gives me an error message. I just tried to click on other things in the sale and all pages lead me to 400 Bad Request.
  12. So where my Black Friday says it ends in 3 hours, will these be offered for Cyber Monday?
  13. Will there be any Cyber Monday discounts of food or drink packages as there are for Black Friday?
  14. I see that this weekend the dining package is on sale. Do you think that I should wait on Black Friday? The 3 night is $60 this weekend. We are on Indy for 5 nights. I considered the ultimate package, just not sure about it either.
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