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  1. I'm using Windows 10 as well, with Edge and have had no issues since deleting the cookies!! So whatever they've done has worked for me. Hope that those still having issues have them resolved as well.
  2. Generally, on the newer ships there is an outlet available next to the bed. But I wouldn't bet on it. You will most likely have to run an extension cord from the desk to your bedside table. Yes, your steward will get you one, but I just bring my own. Just make sure it's in great shape and DOES NOT (seems counter-intuitive, I know) have any fuse or surge protection in it. I use something like this, which also provides a couple of "spare" outlets for chargers!! https://www.amazon.com/GE-43026-Grounded-Indoor-Extension/dp/B00149SZ6M/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=plain%2Bi
  3. You do not. Just sign up for a free account on the Allstate Rewards website
  4. I'm thinking yes, please do. I fear that if we don't they will forget all about it.
  5. I just tried and didn't have any problem logging on
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