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  1. Can you please let us know what Carnival ends up doing? Hope it works out for you
  2. Oh well, that sounds pretty definitive!! Thanks for the info
  3. So which is it. Does this hot tub exist on Glory?? If so, can anyone use it?? Stacie says its not there, mbglib knows that Miracle has one. Can anyone confirm it's there???
  4. Saint Greg got back from Glory a couple of weeks ago and in his review he and sid_9169 talk about a "secret hot tub" near the spa on deck 11??
  5. I'm from South Louisiana and have had the Natchitoches meat pies many times, they are delicious!! Worth getting off the Interstate for
  6. Who moaned???? Legitimate question and sensible answer!
  7. WOW, thanks for the information! I'm sorry for your troubles
  8. Well I was waiting for someone else to jump on this. But I guess it's over my head, didn't get the reference??? I have 2 guesses, "Henry" is one but I don't think that's it cause they say Henry before the 2 minute mark So I'm going to go with the little robot thingy that's moving away???
  9. That's great!!! It's well east of you, but you know how those nasty little tendrils seem to reach out and grab you. Hope it stays away
  10. Well I guess I was out there before the crowd, but still never seemed too bad. Went past the pool and hot tubs and could usually find a table along the back glass!!
  11. Isn't the back of the ship on Lido deck covered?? On Valor that's where I went for my morning coffee and quiet. Nothing like watching the wake!!!
  12. Is it outside??? Is it part of the spa??? Can anyone use it or do you have to be part of a spa package???
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