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  1. I've used the RCL certificates a couple of times. They are certainly more cumbersome to use than the Gift Cards from Carnival. I've only used them to pay off the cruise fare. You have to fill them out and send them off, and at some point they will be credited to your account, but its probably a 3 to 4 week process. But they will save you 10% (or whatever savings they're being sold at). Worth it to me if it's for a cruise a ways off.
  2. It boggles the mind how these politicians have decided what is and what is not covid safe. It is ridiculous to say that packing people into an airtight tube is safe, but sailing on an open air ship is life threatening!!!
  3. Glad to hear it will all be OK!! I use these cards all the time and with all the other things going on, having them sucked dry was never a thought!!!
  4. Wrong again!! While they were admittedly caught flat footed (as we all were) and didn't really understand the gravity of the situation, the cruise lines are not responsible for the spread of the virus
  5. Exactly!! It seems to me that the cruise industry is being blamed for spreading the virus, while actually they should be viewed as the first victim!!
  6. Oh my!!! I had expected some cancellations, but having everything cancelled is surprising.
  7. Thanks Chief, seems quick. Do you have any idea of what was done??
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