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  1. Cruise lines have the authority to require more than the minimum documentation requirements (for instance many premium lines require all passengers to have a passport to board). In any event I'm not 100% that Royal wouldn't accept a Canadian EDL, from their FAQ: "United States and Canadian Citizens: You MUST have one of the following: A valid United States or Canadian passport. For additional United States passport information visit the United States Department of State travel information website or the Passport Canada website. Visa Central is the passport and visa service that we recommend, should our guests need passport and visa assistance. You may contact Visa Central for all your passport needs. Visa Central can obtain passports in as little as one day. US Residents, please contact VisaCentral online at www.visacentral.com/royalcaribbean, email rci@visacentral.com or call 800-858-8579, and be sure to reference Royal Caribbean account 44988 for reduced service fees. Canada residents, please contact www.visacentral.ca/royalcaribbean, email rci@visacentral.com or call 8888-665-9956, and be sure to reference Royal Caribbean account 10026 for reduced service fees. - OR - Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) or Trusted Travel Documents. Click here for a list of all approved documents." The EDL is a WHTI compliant document that proves identity and citizenship.
  2. Correct, you only have to demonstrate legal presence to get a REAL ID compliant license so it's not stand alone proof of citizenship.
  3. No, REAL ID does not count. It has to be an Enhanced License which are currently issued by 5 states (Washington, NY, Vermont, Michigan and Wisconsin if memory serves). Of course you can still use a REAL ID compliant license in conjunction with proof of citizenship (birth cert, etc.).
  4. I've seen a good mix of nationalities on all of our cruises. I'm sure the local economy plays a role in the recruitment since it's easier to recruit someone to earn $1500 a month when the best they can do at home is $500 (broad statement with made up numbers used only as an example).
  5. Of course it's acceptable and whether you continue the process or not is entirely up to you. We don't use YTD but if the waitstaff provides extra service in response to our requests we'll typically leave extra for the team.
  6. I guess all that matters is that everyone does what makes them feel most comfortable, even if it means giving the CC folks info they don't want. I remember reserving a room in a French hotel through one of the online agencies and within a couple of days items were purchased in France on my card at two different boutiques. Didn't take the bank long to reverse the charges.
  7. I know that a US EDL is valid for land and sea ports of entry into the US from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean and I would suspect that a Canadian EDL would be valid for the same use (but I haven't done any direct research on the question).
  8. And it's entirely possible that the post office employee, who is processing passport applications as a collateral duty, didn't know whereof they spoke.
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you decide for you and I decide for me. I don't care if anyone else doesn't like my choices.
  10. It's my understanding that they make the attempt to find them in the safe and leave the passport with the port agent if found. I have read threads where this was witnessed, but no belongings were included. Of course they don't guarantee this. I know that I knew I was going to miss the ship I would call them and let them know (unless I absolutely couldn't).
  11. That's where part of the confusion lies- none of us have an original birth certificate unless we got it by accident. The original remains on file with the issuing authority and what they give you is a certified copy of your birth certificate and when people use the term original that is what they are typically referring to. Some people think that having a notary sign the copy of their birth certificate somehow makes it a certified copy and it doesn't. The State Department changed the requirement for birth certificates several years ago and it includes the requirement that the parents' names need to be on the birth certificate. Why that matters for proving citizenship is anyone's guess. My guess is that some states only have some of their birth certificates in a database and they only add the older ones if they are re-issued, so by making applicants obtain an updated BC it makes it easier for them to verify it via electronic means without having to make phone calls (but that is strictly speculation on my part). The birth certificate that I used to join the Navy is a short form one, it has my dob, pob, and name. Before applying for a passport I had to obtain a long form BC with my parents' names. (But I knew that I had to do that so I didn't get to give the "If it's good enough for Uncle Sam soliloquy"😀.
  12. I have an electronic copy of our passports on my phone and in the cloud. But I have the copy so if I'm filling out a reservation I don't have to go to the safe deposit box to get the passport. The "gravy" is that if something were to happen to our passport we have the copy available if we needed to get a new one from a consulate (since the copy is considered proof of citizenship, which is required to obtain a new passport). But I don't expect much would happen to our passports since we leave them onboard in the cabin safe.
  13. I was just clarifying because someone could read your post and say, "hey, all I need is a copy of my passport to embark". AFAIK only two things may be a copy- a birth certificate and a marriage certificate (as a bridging document). Everything else has to be an original.
  14. That's all well and good but you can't embark with just a copy of the passport, you need the passport.
  15. I don't know why they wouldn't, they allow them to be faxed to the port.
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