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  1. People have different levels of risk tolerance and if you are that averse to red tape then using a passport is the answer. The fact is you would have very little red tape to mess with since all of the arrangements have to be made between the port agent, CBP and the airlines. (And even if you have a passport you should communicate with the port agent first since he or she will be your best source of information.)
  2. Here is a link to a compilation of his tale (he originally published it over time and someone condensed it for us). Klfhngr's story: I missed the boat in Nassau! - Saving Money on Your Cruise - Tips & Advice - Cruise Critic Community
  3. Nassau does and that is where he was. The poster is still active on CC to this day and gave a very detailed blog about his experience. I'll see if I can find the thread for you.
  4. Thanks! The only perk that I've seen other lines offer that Carnival doesn't is double VIFP points for booking a suite, other than that what Carnival offers is sufficient for us.
  5. But your REAL ID doesn't come with the enhanced background check that is involved with getting a passport and likely didn't cost more than a regular license (at least that is how it is here, REAL ID is the same as a regular renewal and an EDL is $25 more). But at the end of the day, even though a vast majority are US citizens not all holders are, and there in lies the main difference.
  6. To get a REAL ID compliant license one only needs to show legal presence in the US, not US citizenship. I believe that for an EDL there is the same level of background check required as for a passport/passport card, which isn't true of a REAL ID compliant license.
  7. Passport cards (and bona fide EDLs) may be used for land and sea ports of entry returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.
  8. Most of those stories have something else going on with them, usually medical expenses that the traveler can't pay for. There is one story on here about a passenger that missed the ship and had to catch up with the ship since his family was still onboard. He walked into the Embassy the next day and walked out an hour or so later with his passport. I've read two other stories where passengers had to leave the ship in a port without an embassy or consulate. One passenger had a minor medical emergency and the other needed to return home for a family emergency. In both cases arrangements were made
  9. One must keep in mind that this "initiative" isn't limited to only Carnival, many companies (including many cruise lines) are trying to reduce the use of single use plastics, like straws. Some are doing it because they feel it's the right thing to do, some are doing it because of public image, and some are doing it to comply with local laws.
  10. Overall about 42% of US citizens have a passport to begin with, as of 2019: https://www.ntacourier.com/index.php/node/541#:~:text=According to recent data compiled,citizens have a valid passport. and from what I've read each individual sailing will have 40 to 60% of passengers using a passport, depending on the sailing, itinerary, etc.
  11. I forgot to say that some ports do have separate lines for passport holders and people using other documentation and the lines are longer for those using other documentation (real world poll right there🙂) so in those ports passport holders will pass through the line quicker since it is shorter, but the time to process each passenger is about the same.
  12. I've never noticed a difference in processing time in the line since they don't do any verification at that point in time, since the verification was done during the cruise (the CBP officer simply glances at our documents). Even if it were a bit quicker I'm not sure that it would be worth extra to save a little time every year/year and a half.
  13. Since Ohio doesn't issue EDLs you are referring to a REAL ID compliant license which as pointed out earlier is a different document. To answer the question that you answered though we have EDLs so we can cross into Canada easily (8 miles from our door) without having to worry about getting our passports out of the safe deposit box.
  14. Venue where the event is held varies also. On NCL it was held in one of the lounges. On CCL it was held in the theater. (In the afternoon on a sea day in both instances, as I recall.)
  15. That's normally how it's done I guess but when we walked in as a group of 5 everyone got excited because they needed a group of 5 for the second team and no one else wanted to play, so I volunteered my family to play (which they weren't exactly thrilled with but it seems like they had fun anyway and they didn't toss me overboard).
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