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  1. Then that means that you've analyzed your risk factors and made the best decision for you and yours.
  2. First, I've never noticed a difference between processing time with and without a passport, although in some ports this could be different. I wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars to save a bit of time at the end of the cruise. Second, the things she mentions about birth certificates, while true enough as it is, is irrelevant. CBP runs everyone through a multitude of databases while the cruise is ongoing and that includes checking birth records, so there is no need for the CBP officer clearing you to even worry about it since this has been taken care of for him or her. As for her second point while it might be a little more complex one can certainly make it home without a passport if one needs to. The regulations do contain provisions for waiving the passport requirement for emergencies and for humanitarian reasons. This is not something that the passenger would do but would be worked out between the cruise line (probably the port agent) and the authorities. Certainly if there is someone back home that one would return in a moment for if something went wrong that is a consideration, and some people will consider it and decide that it's worth the risk. Getting injured on a cruise is also something that could happen but again, there are provisions in the regulations to get passengers home. There will be some delay and it's not as easy as having a passport but the governments involved aren't going to leave people stranded. Again, a judgment call. Finally, I stopped watching when she said without the passports they couldn't have "done this", but without knowing where they were it's hard to say. I have certainly done similar things without a passport. If one has the money having a passport does provide more travel options, but again that's only if one has the money. She said that passports are $110 and are good for 10 years. Nope, not necessarily. With fees and everything else a first time passport is around $150 and while that isn't a huge amount it does add up when traveling with a family. Also, if the holder is below 16 when the passport is issued it's only good for 5 years. For my family it would have cost in the neighborhood of $850 for passports, which was almost half of what the cruise itself cost. We had no plans for future travel other than possibly by closed loop cruise and could not afford to travel anywhere by air (with or without the kids). So after looking at the risks involved we decided that getting passports for a 4 day cruise wasn't worth it. The passport is certainly the king of travel documentation but that doesn't mean that they are for everyone. Everyone should analyze their situation and use the best travel document they can that meets their needs.
  3. That appears to be a very large gun barrel that he's staring down.
  4. I doubt that they can, that's one of the reasons plea deals are made- to keep the guilty plea itself out of a civil trial. (Of course I'm not a lawyer so there may be a way that RCI can use this, I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lately.)
  5. I think he also pleaded guilty because "there was no admission of fact", which means that RCI can't use his plea in defense in the civil suit. Had he been found guilty then that could have been used by RCI in the civil suit. (And he probably also realized that if it went to a jury it wouldn't be easy for him to avoid jail time.)
  6. As the OP said he has used his ON BOARD credit to purchase things pre-cruise on other cruise lines, so it's not as clear as one would think. I was pleasantly surprised to find this out when we sailed with Royal.
  7. That is true but the question was about excursions so I didn't even think to add this info, thanks for doing that.🙂
  8. Tapi's third paragraph nails it regarding the why of infant pricing. We haven't had to worry about sailing with kids for a while, but now we are looking at sailing with the grandkids and will be looking for the kids sail free promos that are offered.
  9. I have not read of this being possible, but I've always booked our excursions through the website. This was a pleasant surprise when we sailed Royal, they allowed OBC to be used to pay for shore excursions booked online. Each line handles it differently.
  10. What I'm hoping to do some day is decide with DW when we want to go on a cruise and buy the airfare when the price is right, then check the different cruise line prices in the 3 months leading up to the cruise to find a cruise/price point that works for that time frame. Worse case scenario if we don't find a cruise is that we have a Florida vacation. I was going to say that this won't be possible for a couple of years but actually there is nothing preventing us from doing this right now. Well, except the whole COVID thing, that will have to be settled somehow before we travel anywhere.
  11. Most of the world is closed right now so if it were me I'd wait on the passport book (especially since if it is issued at age 15 it is only good for 5 years and when it's time to renew you have to apply in person just as if you are a first time passport holder). OP, only you can decide what works best for you in your situation. My kids used their learners permits at 16 but as you note Carnival does accept school IDs (which they couldn't do if they weren't accepted by the US and the countries being visited).
  12. Thank you for the info. I don't see any customer being worth that in a cruise line's eyes.
  13. I have read several such stories on CC. And it's not a fee, it's a fine and if the cruise lines intentionally violate the law there might be other ramifications. The fine for a PVSA is $300 so for a couple that would be $600 and I doubt that any customer good will is worth that.
  14. I'll have to keep my eyes open for this, sounds like fun.
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