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  1. Yummy! I also really like that shirt the guy is wearing. He must have good style 😉
  2. There are many recent threads on here about what will happen to the Infinity. It’s all speculation, no one knows on here. Seeing that the Infinity was dry docked to make her suitable for sailing to Antarctica, I would think Celebrity has no plans to get rid of her. But again, this is just my logic.
  3. Thanks for the info. And no problem, I hijacked a thread about Bermuda to ask a kinda irrelevant question.
  4. I probably don’t want to know the answer to this, but I am sailing on the Breakaway in November and NOT going to Bermuda. Will I receive a deep nasal swab for testing at the pier or will the swab go up my noise about 1 inch?
  5. Long time NCL cruisers who tried Celebrity over the summer for the first time. With the exception of theater shows, Celebrity beats out Norwegian in every category. I have FCC I need to use up and then after that I’m most likely done sailing with NCL. Too many small things that have added up over the years has left a sour taste in my mouth for the brand. I have been blown away with how accommodating Celebrity has been both pre and during the cruise. I never understood why people said Norwegian nickeled and dimes you until I sailed with Celebrity.
  6. You know someone in the main office thought this 60% off sale was a genius idea and the executives all sat around a table laughing about the potential number of people they would trick into a booking.
  7. What did you upgrade from and what did you upgrade to? If you took a free at sea offer and upgraded it to unlimited, the unlimited I believe only applies to one device. So if your girlfriend wants unlimited as well, she needs to pay the full price since you took the free at sea offer and converted it to cover the cost of your unlimited internet.
  8. Yes there is. Please read full post by OP.
  9. Yes it’s included in the package. It’s a relatively cheap dinner so most people pay a la carte and save the dining plan for something more expensive.
  10. Oh God. These Haven reviews are not good at all😞.
  11. You could probably make a 9am flight but if there are any delays between the ship and the airplane gate, the probability of making it on time goes down.
  12. Completely agree with you. Used the concierge once and he was extremely put off that I asked about making reservations. It turned me off from the whole experience and haven’t used the service again.
  13. It sounds like you are already setting yourself up for disappointment, by setting the tone that Celebrity is a “premium line.” I’m a bit curious why you booked this cruise...
  14. How are you able to rebook and not pay cancelation fees? I’m trying to do the same thing.
  15. Where does it say NCL requires a covid test before leaving home? Only thing I could find was that it is encouraged if you want assistance from NCL should you test positive at check-in.
  16. I’ve done a lot of research between the Star and the Celebrity Infinity in South America for December 2022 as well. The original itinerary I chose was the Star because it had underwent a huge dry dock in 2018. The Infinity was suppose to have the same happen to her but it was postponed due to Covid. On the Star, I didn’t really like the idea of disembarking on New Years Day and it was kinda nagging away at me so I decided to do a lot of comparisons between the itineraries and ship. Through a whole bunch of googling I was able to track down some of the Celebrity Today’s from the Eclipse when it did SA in 2019. The amount activities was right on par with any traditional cruise sailing the Caribbean with some extra things added in to fit with SA, Cape Horn, etc. On my previous cruises with the two lines, the amount of options for nightly entertainment is about the same. I personally think NCL does a far better job with their shows and I find the types of activities and types of music to interest me more. Even with that being said, I ended up switching from NCL to Celebrity. The port times I thought were a little better and I can enjoy myself on New Year’s Eve and not have to think about leaving the ship on 1/1/23.
  17. You might want to add a little more context to your next post. But I think you are trying to say you purchased a multi night dining package and in your cruise planner it appears on day 1. Yes, you can book your meals whenever you want.
  18. If I have a nice room, hours. Did you ever go through the Panama Canal? The aft balconies offer great views from your own mini private deck. Or how about getting room service delivered for breakfast as you watch the locks open and close. It’s quite a different experience compared to those who book an inside.
  19. Well me personally I’m nowhere near 75 but I certainly wouldn’t like it if some of the ATV excursions had an age limit cap set at 30. I do agree there are probably many ways to get around this. Like if you’re cruising with anyone else, have them buy the ticket and then swap excursions.
  20. So wrong. Plenty of 75 y/o who are more active and fit than some people in their 30s.
  21. Depends on cost and which ship. To me, the newer the ship, the better the Haven experience. I love outdoor dining and only the newer ships offer that. For cost, I would look at it per night rather than the total amount. You can get some really good deal right now on some ships and on others, the prices are extremely high. If you search the forum you will find some very recent threads about this.
  22. Is that what NCL said? I wonder if the technical difficulties had to do with unlocking the performer’s cabin doors. 🙄 FYI- Burn the Floor dancers were required to have a 2nd quarantine. NCL is something else.
  23. You will need to call to use a Captain’s Club discount. I’m assuming you have ‘always included’ and you want to upgrade to streaming. If that’s the case, make sure you say on the phone you want to upgrade you internet from surf to streaming.
  24. Oh I completely understand. And I expect nothing less from NCL. Just showing a contrast between the two brands and how they handle a similar situation.
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