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  1. "They are giving others the opportunity to pay for my perks. Thats is what I have issue with. " From my perspective it seems you are paying for your perks by sailing with them for 20+ years. I have been sailing with RCCL for about 23 years and have only had a couple of minor issues which were handled promptly. I think some people (cruisers or not) get too worked up over small inconveniences and can't just go with the flow and relax.
  2. I am not accusing anyone of taking the drugs but am I the only one that wonders about the granddaughter stating her belongings were misplaced? To me that is a red flag , automatically placing blame on someone else. If pills were missing I'd think it would have been noticed while on the ship and should definitely been reported at the time.
  3. The $89 massages are usually on boarding day. This is when I book mine(only if it's 89) I've seen time slots as early as about 1pm and as late as about 8pm. If there are none available the allotted amount have been booked, keep checking though, I have seen them added back in. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
  4. SPOOKWIFE. I'm with you, I like the new mattresses. We were on Oasis for 2 weeks in June, I was disappointed there was a topper on the bed.My husband wouldn't let me take it off. I'm a side sleeper by the way. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
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