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  1. Happy to hear this! Thanks all. Mom C
  2. We are flying into Miami a couple of days before the cruise, then will fly over on August 6 for a day before the cruise. American Airlines had some great times for us. Flying from Colorado which is a 5 hour flight, we decided to do it in two days. My husband is 88 so we have the time to make it easier on ourselves. We avoid the layover and having to go through customs all in one day. Mom C
  3. Does Crystal charge for internet usage? RSSC doesn’t, Seabourn does—just wanted to know if I will be using my shipboard credit to pay for internet charges.
  4. We are sailing on August 7 for two weeks. Never having flown into Nassau, I am unfamiliar with airlines flying between Miami and Nassau. I see that Bahamas Air flies there. What is that airline like? It looks like AA and Delta might fly there but those flights are not available right now. I would welcome your input since this is a total new experience for us. Mom C
  5. I know of no topic in the last 20+ years that has brought the amount of controversy as that of Covid. Could you just knock it off? I believe masks help, you don’t. Do we need to debate it ad nauseum? I trust the CDC, their scientific research. I trust my government to have my best interests at heart. I believe that being on a ship with others who have been vaccinated and who have tested negative within 72 hours is as safe as I can expect. Those are my opinions. If you disagree, fine. But do we really need to go on and on? I know, I know, some of you think there are other topics more
  6. It has been many years since we have cruised with Crystal. We look forward to our two weeks in the Bahamas. We are in a PH with balcony on deck 10. Just a few questions: Are there Keurig machines in the cabin? Can we order lattes by room service or from our butler? Is coffee made from syrup like some other luxury lines in the dining room or is it made with actual coffee grounds? Any idea where I might see a copy of the room service menu for penthouse cabins? Thank you for your expertise. You are always the best source of information. Mom C
  7. I have always been told that ships can sail away from hurricanes. Weather forecasts are very helpful in predicting where the hurricane will hit. Just booked back to back weeks in August. Can’t wait!
  8. Question: if I get my Covid test and results at my local health service and they send me my negative results via secure hospital site, will that serve as my proof? Not sure how to provide my results. Help! Mom. C
  9. Like bitob, I view this as a cruise to nowhere. I have even said that I would be glad to get on a ship and have it not leave the dock!! I miss being on a ship and being spoiled! This past year I have cooked more meals, run the dishwasher more, and played housewife more than at any time in my life. As the commercial used to say, CALGON, take me away. When we first started cruising 40 years ago, we were shocked that there were people who didn’t get off the ship in all of the ports. We are now those people! I wouldn’t mind a day at the beach club in Bimini, but I have snorkeled
  10. We have a Vantage cruise tour booked on the new Ocean Explorer in late October. While I think it is realistic that ships will be sailing by then, my question concerns whether the ship will be ready to sail. Cruises were offered in January, but we all know that they won’t sail—perhaps until late summer. How does one find out if the ship is ready to sail? I am always hesitant to book the maiden cruise or even the second as there are bugs to work out. It was being built by a shipbuilder in China. Is there any way to find out if the ship is finished and ready to go when the CDC cl
  11. We have booked cabin 6077 on the Eurodam with the ‘free’ inside cabin right across the hall for Alaska in late August. I am worried about this midship placement and the life boats. Will we be unhappy being just one deck above the life boats? I worry about our sight lines and the sound of life boats being lowered for ports where there is no dock and we have to tender in. Any advice, observations? Mom C
  12. WHOA! A big apology to all of you. I misread the post and thought it said March transatlantic. I just found it again and it was the NOVEMBER transatlantic. If I knew how to delete this thread, I would. Again, my apologies. Here is the thread for the post and name of poster. Cool Cruiser, All Cruises canceled through 30, November
  13. Someone posted on this board that their travel agent talked to RSSC directly. I didn’t question the veracity of the post. Maybe I should have. I was hoping to go on this cruise but saw all the waitlisting and thought oh well. I was hoping the Splendor might stay in the Caribbean longer if the TA was cancelled. Don’t panic if you are scheduled on this cruise. Cruise lines are reluctant to inform passengers of cancellation until other plans are in the works—or until CLIA and the CDC give the OK.
  14. What now? Will it stay longer in the Caribbean or sail to Europe crew only? Mom C
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