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  1. WHOA! A big apology to all of you. I misread the post and thought it said March transatlantic. I just found it again and it was the NOVEMBER transatlantic. If I knew how to delete this thread, I would. Again, my apologies. Here is the thread for the post and name of poster. Cool Cruiser, All Cruises canceled through 30, November
  2. Someone posted on this board that their travel agent talked to RSSC directly. I didn’t question the veracity of the post. Maybe I should have. I was hoping to go on this cruise but saw all the waitlisting and thought oh well. I was hoping the Splendor might stay in the Caribbean longer if the TA was cancelled. Don’t panic if you are scheduled on this cruise. Cruise lines are reluctant to inform passengers of cancellation until other plans are in the works—or until CLIA and the CDC give the OK.
  3. What now? Will it stay longer in the Caribbean or sail to Europe crew only? Mom C
  4. I know that getting a passport renewed is harder now because of the world situation. Does anyone know approximately how long it is taking? Does the more expensive expedited process really help during this time? Thank you for your willingness to share your insights. Mom C
  5. Oh you can trust all right! Trust that the virus will get us unless we wear the masks, keep six feet apart, meet outside, avoid crowds as well as indoor restaurants and hotels—-and sadly cruises. I did not plan on spending my golden years like this. Thank goodness for past travel and great memories. Any creative suggestions for alternative luxury entertainment? We had booked the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs and the Four Seasons in Vail—canceled both when our cases in Colorado started going up. Netflix has been our savior. I have worked on two puzzles and read 20 books since March. Online bridge and a couple of Zoom classes have been happy escapes. Other suggestions?? Mom C
  6. I spent from 8:00-11 am this morning attending the Carnival Corporation and the World Travel and Tourism Council Summit on Coronavirus. With leading experts from Harvard, Duke, Stanford, Brandeis, the Cleveland Clinic, and a former Surgeon General ( those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head), this all star panel of 12 experts was separated into three groups of four each to deal with: how the virus spreads, the science behind prevention, and how to live in this time. Notice there was no component on cruising or any travel, which was very disappointing, but boy do I know the Coronavirus in depth. It was worth 3 hours of my time. Carnival acknowledged that they chose not to include travel in this presentation, but promised another symposium on cruising and travel. They are to be commended for organizing this program and the leading experts serving on the panel. Takeaways: 1. our failure to have a national policy on this is a real detriment to our handling the spread of the virus. A uniform, centralized testing method is needed and the money to fund it. States deciding which method to use has led to multiple types of testing with varying degrees of efficiency. The federal government needs to provide the money to do therapeutic, asymptomatic testing. Then designate precision quarantining for those who have the virus and their contacts. 2. Simple advice for all of us: stay home if you can; properly wear a mask at all times when you leave the house; practice the 6 feet of social distancing; meet outdoors if you can, and remind someone you are meeting to wear a mask. If they won’t then ask them to call you on the phone. This is no time to be shy about doing the smart thing. From this, would I cruise in the next 6-12 months? It kills me to say this because I have cruises on Crystal and Regent booked in the next 6 months, BUT I wouldn’t and I won’t. When you board a cruise ship, even with negative testing before boarding, you risk those who have been infected while traveling to the ship. A second test in day 5 will identify who, if anyone, then shows the symptoms. But you have been exposed for those five days.😩😩 I hope this has helped. I took four pages of notes. I am very happy I learned, along with 17,000 others from around the world. I am a much better educated citizen and I can make informed decisions. Mom C .
  7. No reason to mention a competitor, but Seabourn appeals to the same clientele. If this turns out to skew toward mega ships, I will stop watching. I hope to never again have sail with 3000+ people. I’ll let you know either way. Let’s hope I can at least glean a few nuggets of advice or wisdom for all of this.
  8. I received an invitation from Seabourn to view their three hour panel discussion tomorrow on cruising and measures being taken during this time. What makes it unique is that the panel will be scientists and doctors from nationally recognized health organizations as well as researchers from universities such as Stanford. This discussion will allow questions at the end—I had to submit mine last week. I will take notes and share relevant observations from the cruise company and the medical and scientific experts. I see this as a step up from the cruise companies telling us their steps of preparations. Mom C
  9. Am I the only one who finds statements from those who say that there aren’t 130,000 deaths but only like 10,000— alarming? While I believe in science and the CDC, what I believe in most is the sanctity of life. When is only 10,000 deaths any less alarming than 130,000 deaths? If it were your mother, father, grandparent ,child or grandchild, you wouldn’t say it’s only one death—no reason for alarm. Quit quibbling over the official number of deaths, these people are DEAD and their family wasn’t there to help them pass. I have only lived 74 years, but In my lifetime, I have always found the CDC reports to be in my personal interest. Polio? aids?—all CDC reports were believed to be in the interest of American citizens. I am sorry that many of you question the veracity Of this agency. I wonder who put that doubt and suspicious in your heads?
  10. Sorry Bissel, but you must be unfamiliar with the meaning of a ‘first world problem’. I was trying to add some levity — perhaps the better term would be perspective—to the dilemmas that many of us face—those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to not only travel, but those who can also afford to go on luxurious cruise lines. No lecture intended, I am just so saddened by the coronavirus situation in our country. To me it means disappointment about cruise cancellations. To many (137,000 families) it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, (millions) and all of the manifestations that come from this pandemic. I, too, ask questions on this wonderful site, but today I am devastated and frightened by the state of our country. Mom C
  11. I’m always embarrassed to say this, but it’s true. Yours is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. Sometimes we need to step back and realize that our problems are so trivial when considering our country’s problems today. That being said, I have chosen the Splendor since at our age (and past travels), the ship is our destination! Mom C
  12. Gbphipps— when I look at the roll call for Serenity Oct 29, all I see are posts about the original itinerary from Canada. Where can I find your new roll call??
  13. Thank you. Your suggestions are very helpful. Mom C
  14. Thank you. Your suggestions are very helpful. Mom C
  15. Because of the great deal being offered on the October Serenity out of Miami, and because our cruise from Montreal to Miami in October was canceled so we got a 125% future cruise credit, we have booked a suite and a back to back Miami to San Juan and back to Miami two week cruise. (that was a run on sentence). My first time having a butler. Would some of you who have experience in this area please give me some suggestions on what a butler can or will do for me? Thanking you in advance for your insights. Mom C
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