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  1. I am looking to book a cruise to Japan in 2025. I have narrowed my search to Oceania and Azamara. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks, Mom C
  2. I am looking to book a cruise which does Japan in 2025. I have narrowed it down to Azamara and Oceania. Any feedback would be welcomed. Thanks for your willingness to share your experiences. Mom C
  3. I will need a limo from the Coral Gables Hyatt Regency to the Miami cruise port on a Friday around 11:00AM. How long should that take, and could you recommend a reliable limo company? Thank you for your help. Mom C
  4. Thank you! Question answered.😊
  5. I know dress is country club casual, but are there any formal nights requiring cocktail dresses for women? Mom C
  6. Thanks for the update!
  7. Does anyone have definitive information about which cabins have definitely been renovated—not just fabric pieces? I thought I read on here last week that everything concierge and above got the refurbishment. When I called O the representative had no idea—put me on hold for 20 minutes—came back and said it was only the suites that were redone. All other categories just got new fabrics. Don’t have a lot of confidence in her answer. Seemed like the post last week was more credible.
  8. Thanks so much for the info. Sounds like I will be paying by the drink or hitting happy hour. I’m not a big drinker but I do like a pre-dinner cocktail.
  9. Call me stupid, but I can’t find the numerous prior threads about drink packages. I apologize. I am cruising this next summer and wonder what the Simply More drink package includes. Is there a list someone could send me? If not, I know beer and wine are included and see that a limited number of mixed drinks as well. So it is those that I wonder about. Thank you for indulging me. Mom C
  10. Thank you! I am tempted to hire a car and guide in these places and see it independently. There are three of us. Blue Puffin seems to be recommended often, but from their website, I can’t see if they are open in the summer. I need to contact them we are sailing from Oslo to Bergen, no train.
  11. I am sailing the Norwegian itinerary in July. It looks wonderful! I have already visited Oslo, Kristiansand, and Bergen, but I don’t know what to book for Leknes—( the Lofoten Islands); Hardstal, Alta, Honningevag—the North Cape,and Tromso. If anyone has visited these places and can shed some light on what are must-sees, I would really appreciate it. Excursions are EXPENSIVE so I want to make sure I see the best things. Thank you so much! Mom C
  12. I know European countries are instituting a visa policy in 2024. Does anyone know if islands in the Caribbean are also requiring them? I am sailing in March. Is there a site listing what countries will start to require them? And hopefully how we buy them. I am going to Norway in July. I assume I will need one there. Any information on this would be appreciated. Mom C
  13. I just booked the Marina for a 10 night cruise in Norway—sailing north to Tromso. It’s a bucket list trip for me and my first traveling solo. I think this cruise is sailing this summer. If so, could someone recommend excursions for some of the ports? They are EXPENSIVE but I am used to sailing on Regent which includes the excursions. You either pay one way or the other when you sail. I am not complaining but when looking up excursions, I don’t know the ‘must see’ places and experiences. One final question, the itinerary says the ship docks at 6 AM. I’m sure we won’t be able to disembark before 8 or 9. How far is the Tromso airport from where the ship docks? Thanks for your suggestions! Mom C
  14. Thank you for your responses. I respect everyone’s point of view. Guess I will just try to book inside six months. May not have the cabin selection as I would a year out, but I too prefer to have my money invested for the 6-12 months rather than have Viking investing it—or whatever.
  15. I have booked—-and cancelled—two Viking cruises. Why? Because they ask for final payment months before every other line. I need your help. Viking has a very loyal fan base so I want to know WHY Viking has this policy, and HOW do you justify paying it? I am not being critical, but I have always found CC subscribers to be savvy business people. Thus, giving money to the cruise line months earlier than other cruise companies mystifies me. I like what I see in Viking’s ships and itineraries, but I need your help with this policy that keeps me from booking—and sailing—Viking. Thanks for your help.
  16. I am seriously considering the port intensive Norwegian Fjord cruise for next August. After researching several cruise lines, their itinerary looks the best. It has many stops in small locations—I am sure to see the gorgeous coastal countryside. My question: can there be too much of a good thing? Based on experience from those who have sailed this, how would you answer the question about so many stops in small ports? Don’t get me wrong, I love nature and the beauty of the fjords. I have done another cruise that went up as far as Bergen. Loved it, want to see more. But… would love some feedback from those who have done this sailing.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. I will book a hotel right now and wait to see what the rate is with Regent to decide if the rate is worth it. I have to agree that cruise lines charge astronomical rates.
  18. I am sailing solo on the TA from Miami to Barcelona in March, 2024. Because I live in Colorado, I always fly in two days early during snow season. The airport has been known to close down when there is a blizzard. I know that I can’t probably find out the hotel they use in Miami this far out, BUT my question concerns the rate the cruise line will charge me. Will it be for one person or will I have to pay the double rate? Also, is there a place to find out the rate on the website? Thanks for your help. Mom C
  19. I have onboard credit and want to take a couple of tours which cost money. How do I book these using my credit?
  20. I am sailing from Miami to Barcelona on Regent. Can anyone tell me what hotels Regent uses in both cities? Also, I will be traveling solo, do they charge the double price for hotels—or is there a single charge? Thanks for your help with this. Mom C
  21. I am sailing from Miami to Barcelona on Regent. Can anyone tell me what hotels Regent uses in both cities? Also, I will be traveling solo, do they charge the double price for hotels—or is there a single charge? Thanks for your help with this. Mom C
  22. Thank you forbtaking the time to share these pictures. I sail in November and chose this cruise because of the new ship. Looks like there is much to love! I’ll drink to that!🥂🍸
  23. Just talked to my daughter. They are all OK but very shaken up since both a gun and a knife were brandished at them in order to get I phones, purses, etc. Considering how it turned out, they realize they were fortunate not to be physically hurt. Seabourn handled the bad situation very well, getting them to a safe place (a museum) as soon as the thieves left. From there they were escorted back to the ship where they were greeted by the captain and other officers and staff. The police took statements on board to document the robbery. Just a reminder that traveling anywhere in the world comes with certain dangers that are unavoidable. Thank God they were on an official ship excursion. They have done some private tours while on this cruise.
  24. I need help from anyone on the part of the world cruise in Africa. I just heard from my daughter that her tour group was robbed at gun and knife point somewhere in Africa today. Phones, passports, etc. stolen. I am traveling and her itinerary is in my suitcase somewhere between Amsterdam and the US. More information PLEASE??? Worried Mother!!
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