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  1. Thank you for your quick reply!
  2. When I am able to make dining reservations, I want to coordinate the time with the shows. If anyone currently on the ship could answer this question, I would appreciate it. Also, are they allowing you to join tables which are not in your party? Thanks! Mom C
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows what pre-Cruise hotel Regent will use for those of us qualifying for a “free” pre-Cruise hotel stay. We want to add a night to that stay and want to see where it is. Thanks, Mom C
  4. I just ‘chatted’ with a rep on the Bahamas website. I told him I had filled out the visa form, paid for it and printed out my form. I asked if I could just bring my printed version of my test results or if I had to go in and enter the results. His response: they weren’t sure on that but would know by the end of the day. We are getting tests today anyway just so we know we are negative before heading there.
  5. We didn’t switch our embarkation because the Hotel Bah Mar wouldn’t give us our money back ($700+)—even though we booked through Crystal & it was still 9 days out. This according to our Crystal rep. It sounded a little fishy to me, but didn’t have time to fight it because of airline rebooking, etc. I have had time to adjust my attitude about non vaccinated passengers who might be boarding in Miami. We will be extremely vigilant in protecting ourselves by mask wearing and keeping an eye out for red wrist bands or no bands. We have been self-isolating this week and are being tested the day before we leave in hopes that we won’t test positive when we are about to board. Nothing will ruin our cruise experience that is within our control. It’s been a number of years since we sailed on the Serenity. Can’t wait to enjoy everything, and meet new friends. Thanks for your bon voyage wishes! Mom C
  6. Does anyone know if Crystal provides masks in our cabins? Can’t find this anywhere. I ask so I know how many to bring with me.
  7. Thanks for the infirmation. One less thing to worry about😀
  8. THEY put the wrong return date on our applications and have us coming back one day earlier. I need to call to get this fixed.
  9. We are scheduled to sail out of Nassau on August 7 but would rather board in Miami August 9. Has anyone been able to make that switch? Seems easy to me but I have been waiting 36 hours for an answer. Lots of moving parts to coordinate if we can change,
  10. Just off the phone with a Crystal consultant—NOT MY PERSONAL CONSULTANT—she e mailed my person who is not in yet—she copied his supervisor. I should hear back today. But did learn that vaccinated passengers will wear turquoise wrist bands and unvaccinated will wear RED. Easier to enforce with everyone wearing bands. Would I book this cruise today with these changes? NO. Will I cancel and lose money, probably not. This completely taints the whole experience even if we end up going.😩😩
  11. I would never have booked this cruise and the one following if I hadn’t been told all staff and guests will be fully vaccinated. This is on CRYSTAL since they didn’t have to change their itinerary and go to Miami. This is not the cruise I was sold. While I realize Crystal will try to keep unvaccinated passengers away from those of us who followed the rules, this only works if they are honest and wear their bracelets. They are on their honor, and they have proven they don’t honor CDC recommendations. Or as I like to say, they have no honor. This is a deal breaker for us. I will be calling to cancel and get my money back first thing tomorrow. I am furious and this has changed my opinion of this cruise line. Yes, I am furious—I have looked forward to this cruise for 6 months Mom C
  12. FINALLY, I have registered each of us on the Bahamas website and paid for our test vouchers—and printed them off. Is there anything else I need to print off? How do I know I am done?..😩😩. Do I need to carry a printed copy of every page or will my passport number pull up my Visa when needed? THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR PATIENCE
  13. Any update from Crystal about the two passengers from the last cruise who tested positive?
  14. I wonder how these two positive cases have not reached the press or social media. I’m glad they haven’t, but I would like more official information from Crystal. What happened to those two people? Was it true positive result or a false positive? It seems a letter from corporate should have followed that initial letter. Can someone who just got off or someone who has just boarded give us follow-up information on this announcement?
  15. Don’t blame you for being upset. First, Crystal is not a child oriented cruise line and second those children are not vaccinated and put others at risk. Hopefully, they were tested at embarkation. If I wanted a child friendly cruise, I would book RCCL or NCL—lots of choices out there for families! 😠
  16. Are any airlines doing curbside checkin at the Nassau airport?
  17. What does a private Crystal transfer cost? Our flight is at 3:00. What time would you recommend that we arrive at the airport? Flying AA.
  18. Thanks, Keith! Do you “rent out” for cruises? I want to have you sailing with us since you know everything we ask!😊
  19. We are staying at the Bahamas Mar the night before the cruise. It’s my understanding that we will walk to the convention center for testing. Is there wi fi available in the convention center? Do we have to wheel our bags to the convention center ourselves? Mom C
  20. We are going to be in a penthouse with veranda on Serenity. I like to put on my make up sitting down at the table(desk). Is there a free standing make up mirror or only one in the bathroom attached to the wall? If there is one, is it lighted? Thanks for your help. Mom C
  21. Question about Graycliff lounge. Do they limit the number of passes so that there will be a place for everyone to sit? Are there timed tickets?
  22. I would bring a wrap of some sort. I never get cold on any ship, but most do. Take something you can put over your shoulders and arms. Long sleeve or shawl will do. I have some bolero short sleeve tops that I wear with sleeveless dresses. (My upper arms aren’t pretty any more😁).
  23. Keith, My terminology may be wrong, but do I accomplish that by attaching the photos??
  24. One more question. Is there WiFi where we wait to get our test results so I can log in with my I Pad? Or should I have them sent to my I phone? Again, thanks for your help and experience.
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