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  1. The least complicated way of handling it would send each kid a check in the amount you want to cover. Money is fungible. It doesn't matter if you give them some money or reduce the money in their onboard account. Either way they end up with the same amount of money in the end.
  2. What they brought us for 2 people was plenty for 4 people and that was with them not serving us one of the entrees (upon request). Almost all of the appetizer types are served per person anyway, so it's not like you'll be fighting over them.
  3. While I'm sure they make a profit on the internet costs (considering internet is a want for most except those whose paycheck continuing relies on them being able to connect), the ships have to use a more expensive internet system than a series of cell towers because they are in the middle of the ocean and must rely on satellites. They cannot take advantage of economies of scale like other systems do with hundreds of thousands of users. A ship has a few thousand passengers and crew, not all of which are going to subscribe. Your LTE has millions of people sharing the costs of infrastructure and connection, not a few thousand.
  4. Different people want different things included, so ala carte makes more sense.
  5. Data point: My last cruise planner cancellation was August 26th and the refund posted August 29th.
  6. And they obviously did not run this thing through accessibility and color contrast testing software: http://wave.webaim.org/report#/https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2595067-new-and-improved-cc/?page=11
  7. The content on short posts gets lost among all the other content in the post box. They need to add some background contrast to actually be able to distinguish the post from the rest.
  8. I used mine mainly to unlock doors (cabin, DL, CL). it was especially helpful when hands were full going back to the cabin not having to juggle to dig out a card. For purchases, I found it was generally easier to hand over the card.
  9. There is nothing the definition of the word "upgrade" that implies that it must be without additional cost. It is "an increase or improvement in one's service, accommodations, privileges, or the like".
  10. This argument does not make any sense. If you have the unexpected expenditure you'd have to pay it whether you have already paid for the cruise or not. You either have the money for both or you do not. I charge my final payment any point before the final payment date during the credit card billing cycle in which final payment is due. For my next cruise that's between Sept 26th and Oct 3rd.
  11. We're low maintenance, so I'll take the price discount off the cabin compared to the RCI site going through the online-only TA for my set it and forget it booking and make sure to trigger my final payment about a week early. They've been good for $350 or more off the price of the cruise our last 3 cruises we booked with them. They have been responsive to price drops and changes to the bookings.
  12. Solution... smaller ships, fewer ships. That's less overall berth nights available to accumulate points. :cool:
  13. I don't they'll hook you up with a caffeine IV.
  14. People feel differently about different ports. I'm 5 for 5 at Coco Cay. And I've been to Miami a few times. I'd rather go back to Coco Cay, even with the jellyfish. I can't stand Miami, but maybe that's because I grew up on the west coast of Florida. They need to add a "shrug" smilie.
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