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  1. So let me understand. A 21 year old ship that is no longer good enough for Princess Cruises that will be 23 years old when it gets into service is good enough for Azamara, a so called “premium cruise line” . It’s kind of insulting to the brand. Cheaper cruise lines get brand new state of the art ships and Azamara gets the scraps. and the crowd erupts in applause! Most of the Azamara passengers I have talked to about the ships were wondering how long Azamara could sell us the old ship kool-aid before we woke up. I guess everyone here loves old slippers and is w
  2. Probably right. Old habits die hard.
  3. The mere fact you stated that no one has inside knowledge is interesting. Is that assumption based on fact or is that your opinion? I prefer to show respect for those with credible track records. The beauty is that all our posts are available in our history. When people make predictions and they come to fruition, Is that luck, inside knowledge or expertise? I like discussions that test our ability to think outside the box and really have no use for mediocrity. I am not looking for an I told you so, however a little respect for people who challenge and push the bounds would be nice
  4. Could be. Problem for me is that if the second largest cruise company in the world could not make it fit, how is it that Sycamore can? Seems that a lot of benefit of the doubt is in play here where common sense would lead to other conclusions. The only thing that is being taken for granted is that they got a good deal. We don’t know what liabilities is being assumed by the new company other than deposits and paid cruises. Will those deposits be placed into a trust account or is the liability being offset to lower the cost per vessel? So much risk for FCC holders during uncertain times and for
  5. How many times has Azamara changed its name and loyalty program name? It’s like they never really could make it fit.
  6. Sorry, my apologies. There are a few people on this thread who do attack. You are not one of them. i believe every possibility is on the table. I like to discuss those possibilities based on past experience and fact. There is a possibility and for good reason that RCG could enter this space again and not to far off which could be the end of Azamara. In my opinion RCG not making Azamara equal in its growth strategy (new ships) was a mistake. I believe they are doing the right thing today and we may be surprised tomorrow.
  7. I am in the “reality camp” not the “let’s attack anyone who is not positive like us” camp. On one hand you say “no way” and the next sentence you say “Maybe...in 5 years”. I can’t comprehend contradiction at the expense of potential business focus and shift. You mention profitable? Please provide some facts around this claim. Much appreciated.
  8. Perhaps RCL knew Azamara was done and the time was right to cash out any money and write if off, with future plans of starting a new cruise line with newer ships to cater to the premium market. RCL has the experience to start another cruise line to compete directly with Azamara and their 3 maybe 4 - 20 year old ships? RCL would never be stupid enough to sign a non-compete for that segment. This could be a smart move. Some Azamara customers will move to Silversea and some are ok with Celebrity. Yes some will not. New Azamara owners have a lot to consider how they tackle all of this.
  9. Yes! if they spend more effort and money to do this, then the mere act will shape the company ideology which in return will be the single largest contributor to their long term success. This will define their success. You can spend millions attracting new customers to old ships or solidifying your loyal relationships if the past to save your future. They will be competing against RCL who has the experience and customer database that used to move customers up the food chain to Azamara. Many of those future customers will now go to Silversea
  10. Silversea - Its owners invested in buying 100% - new ships over the past few years and new ship builds Azamara - Its owners dumping it at a loss (impairment charge) put minimal money into refurbishment over the past few years with no new ship builds.
  11. Wow! I don’t get it. If Azamara was a stand alone company with 20 year old ships with little support from its owners who really don’t care about the future of the company, and it was bought by RCL or Carnival, the opinions would be very different. Most people would be relieved saying how the expertise of the new owners with the huge amounts of available Capital to inject (maybe new ships) is great news. I remember some people saying last spring how there was no way RCL would part with such a profitable and great cruise line. Well they did. Must not have been as profitable and great as they tho
  12. You may not be complaining, however many others have. Everyone has their own level of acceptance in regards to what is acceptable and what is “wow”. Azamara has no Wow like new ships have. As time goes on, this will affect more and more it’s offering and they cannot sustain asking premium fares on aging ships. Fares go down and thus the quality of the offering. The shrimps will get smaller and they will be in the shell. They won’t change out the cheap shower curtains as often and things start to smell.
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