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  1. We did it many years ago and it was fantastic. We got to tube further down the river than the ship tours which meant we didn't have to hike back. Transportation was good and everything was as expected. Had a great time.
  2. Update, we ended up finding that the price worked out better to just pay the $25/day parking at the port and stay at a Comfort Inn the night before about an hour from New Jersey. It probably saved around $100 going that route. I guess the added perk is no waiting for shuttles.
  3. I just know that you declare fresh foods through customs. They are responsible for all imports. Obviously it's for agricultural concerns but customs and border control are the regulatory bodies when you land and have to declare foods in general. Hence using the term.
  4. We are going out of New Jersey with our first stop in Port Canaveral. I was going to take some sandwiches etc off the ship to enjoy on our excursion for the day. Normally this is not possible due to customs issues and bringing in fresh food to other countries. Since this is a US stop on a cruise from the US, would we be allowed to do this?
  5. Any chance they had wifi available? I'm guessing not buy worth the ask lol
  6. We are booked on Anthem of the Seas on March 12, 2023. We will be driving from Southwestern Ontario which is about 8.5 hour drive. Since the drive is so long, I'm looking to drive out the day before and stay the night in a hotel. I have been looking around at Park/Sleep/Cruise deals but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for packages like this. Or, parking and hotel recommendations separately. Honestly, I don't need anything fancy. We just need a clean bed for the night and a safe spot for the car while we're on the 8 night cruise. Any recommendations? I've been trying to search through threads but haven't found what I'm looking for within somewhat recent posts. I'm worried digging too far back won't be accurate with everything that's changed the last few years. Thank you!
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