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  1. The transfer from FLL to Miami port for us there, that is all I will say about that. Check in at the port was fast but boarding was a little Staggard and I couldn’t hear the announcer. One thing I learned about port security. If you wear boots such as Work Boots or cowboy boots they will ask you to remove them to go through security and the boots go on the scanner. Boarding room was large and loud, no need to rush here before 11:30am boarding time. Keep your boarding pass until you get to your room and then they Seapass Room Key is in a sealed envelope at your door. Rooms not ready until 1:30pm. So the ship can be a little crowded and overwhelming. We found a nice quiet area on deck 12 behind the Movie screen to just chill. Bought some drinks and just enjoyed some people watching.
  2. Made it to Columbus airport. Checked in and ready to board our flight to Ft Lauderdale. My daughter Lydia found a Rubber Duck to bring along with us for “cruising with ducks”. Ended up having 1 checked bag. This is the first time I have ever flown Spirit Airlines. Checking in 1 bag took almost an hour 😕
  3. Last night's Surprise dinner went well. Sadly one sister did not make it. All us sisters live just 30 minutes apart and the last time we All made it together was 14 years ago for my moms 50th Birthday. Mom was very surprised to see us all for dinner, lots of tears and hugs. She was super excited about the cruise. My step dad Rod who has never flown or cruised before is getting very nervous about the trip. Some photos of my mom opening her gift, photo of me and mom, and my crazy cooky sister JoJo who is also taking her first flight and going on her first cruise. She is very excited. Got everyone checked in, APP downloaded, and printed out our Set Sail passes.
  4. Making plans to do a live blog from the Mariner of the Seas next week. I booked this cruise about a year ago as a Surprise for my mother's 64th Birthday which is also on December 17th. She still does not yet know about this cruise. We are surprising her this Thrusday, the 13th of December at dinner. 6 girls and the last time we all were together in the same room was 14 years ago on mom's 50th Birthday. So, hoping all works out and she is surprised about all of us being together for dinner, and then surprised with her vacation gift. Even more surprises when she learns her husband is also going on the cruise. He has never flown, and has never cruised so this is fun. My sister Erica, and her fiance are also going, first time cruisers and first time flying. Then myself, my husband, and my 15 year old daughter also. I am booked on the 12th deck by the Spa in one of the new Panoramic Oceanview rooms, excited about that. My sister has a balcony on deck 9, and my mom has an inside across from my sister. Praying all goes well as we are (gasp) flying down the morning of the cruise, ....AND (on Spirit airlines) I know, I know, it's some stressful stuff. But I am working Sunday until 6P so we couldn't fly out Sunday night. 😞 Yes, I have the insurance, but would rather have a vacation. Flight is scheduled to land in Ft. Lauderdale at 8:30A.M and we have reservations with Quality Limo Services ($80 one way). In Nassau, my family and I are doing the Atlantis since we have a full day from 8A to 12A in Nassau well worth the day. We booked through BahamasDayPass for $135 each. In Coco Cay, my daughter is hoping that we can go Parasailing. I've seen where the Mariner hasn't been able to Tender at that port the last week so that may or may not happen. We are still undecided on what to do in Miami after our cruise. Flight out of Ft. Lauderdale is at 8:00P.M so I'll need to figure that out. Fair warning to those that want to follow along. I type A LOT and I do not like abbreviating. I'm not a complainer and like to find the best in everything. Hoping to share lots of photos and those that are counting down to their own sailing, can follow along to build the excitement :)
  5. Love your user name, I am also a "Farmers Wife". He loves the farm, and I love to travel we have a great compromising marriage. We will be cruising on the Mariner next Monday, and I will get copies of the Daily Kids Activity schedules for you. I'm hoping to do a Live Blog here on CruiseCritic while I'm on the cruise, it helps me stay patient while I'm waiting for shows to start. I always get to the shows early to get the best seats 😉 We are cruising with my 15 year old daughter who is very hard to entertain.
  6. So excited, we are in that same cabin on Dec. 17th 4 nights :) I will be sure to get some photos and share.
  7. I booked online with this website called Resort for a Day. It included roundtrip transportation and lunch. $99.00 each http://www.resortforaday.com/Bob-Marley-Resort-Day-pass-p/nsnamrt.htm
  8. I just recently returned Saturday from my cruise, and Friday while in port, I spent my day at the Bob Marley Resort and Spa in Nassau. Off the Beaten Path excursion but I found it super cool. As a music and history lover I thought it would be worth checking out. I booked independently online, and they picked me up at the pier. It was about a 30 minute shuttle ride. This was like a private "Villa" for the day. Smaller courtyard when you walk in, and small reception area with a gift shop. After checking me in, they took me on a short tour and showed me around and gave me a little history of the family and property, then I enjoyed the Pools and beach area all to myself. There was a jacuzzi, and 2 small private pools. I've been to Nassau more than 10 times and was just looking for a different type of excursion. It's not a large "Resort" but it's something unique if you are looking for something different.
  9. Taxi fare from the pier to the Hilton is a set rate of $20 one way, so now your $60 would quickly turn into $100 with roundtip taxi fare included, and not all inclusive. Hilton Curacao is a nice smaller boutique style property with everything close together, and just 10 minutes from the pier. The Santa Barbara Beach Resort is about 30 minute ride from the pier, and more of a quiet large spread out luxury resort with amazing views all around. They have a beach but it's a lagoon style beach, not ocean or caribbean front. So, both options are great, and good values, it just depends on what you're looking for in your day. No wrong choice :) Enjoy your cruise vacation!:):)
  10. I agree, Santa Barbara Beach Resort was amazing! The included transportation was at the pier with a sign, so easy to find them. It was a bit of a drive to the resort, but I enjoyed being able to see more of the Island, and once you got to the Resort area it was beautiful. The beach is a lagoon style with a walking area that you can walk all around it, it was a shaded private beach area. The day I visited there was no one else on the beach. The pool was very large, and had a beach bar/grill that was more casual but all the staff was friendly. Also had lunch inside the restaurant and they were all friendly, pleasant, and lunch was delicious. I have visited many different Resorts on the Islands, and this one is my favorite. I would like to go back and play golf on their course.
  11. Iberostar beach is a limestone beach so a bit rough entrance, resort is gorgeous with many animal habitats to enjoy, but it can get a bit crowded. Occidental has a more adults only feeling and a very long walk from the entrance back to the pool and beach area, not many kids activities. If you have not yet checked out the Allegro, that might be a great compromise. The Allegro is right between the Iberostar and Occidental, they have many children activities, and a gorgeous white sandy beach. All Inclusive pass was $60 per each adult.
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